What to Wear Under Rash Guard: 3 Things To Know When Buying

This is an era where people are willing to do anything to make themselves comfortable on every occasion. Now, if you are a swimmer, you must be familiar with rash guards. And boy do they come with incredible comfort!

Now, it seems that many people do not know what to wear under a rash guard. As a result, they end up wearing inappropriate clothes under it looking a bit weird. If you don’t know about the right thing to wear with a rash guard, then you won’t feel comfy with it.

So, we are here to help you look nice and feel comfortable by covering this topic. Read on to improve your style sense.

Things You Can Wear with the Rash Guard

Those days are long gone, when only toddlers used to wear a rash guard under a wetsuit. In this modern age, people have found out a way to wear this awesome thing irrespective of age and gender. It would be unfair if adults couldn’t enjoy the benefits of wearing rash guards.

Now, how should a rash guard fit? You see, not all the rash guards come with tight fits. There are loose designs as well. Also, you will find these products in the market in both long and short sleeves.

You need a tight-fitting rash guard during surfing. For, a loose-fitting one will offer nothing but harm in that situation. But, when you aren't taking on the waves, you might want to wear a loose one for the comfort it offers.

Either way, you shouldn't go to the beach without wearing a rash guard. As UV ray isn't a thing you want to mess with. It will damage your skin and cause some serious diseases at times.

Another question that is often raised is, can you wear a rash guard as a shirt? Yes, you can if it’s stylish enough.

Now, let’s talk about the things you can wear under your rash guard.

Rash Guard for Men

Do you wear anything under a swim shirt? I know that men are tough and do not mind having a bit of rash every once in a while. But, if you can protect your skin wearing this comfortable clothing, why suffer from a rash for no reason.

You can wear swim trunks under this thing. You will find that a rash guard for a swimming pool is designed in a way so that it won’t look awkward at all with the swim trunks. You will enjoy even more knowing that you are protected from any potential harm caused by UV rays.

Another thing that goes quite neatly with a rash guard is the swim brief. This will be the best thing to wear under this garment when you are surfing. For, during surfing, you need clothes that will stay perfectly attached to the body. And a swim brief is just the type of cloth for that.

There are other things one should wear with rash guards. You can wear shades to protect your eyes. Also, flip-flops are quite useful too. 

Now, if you are a hiker, you will find this cloth just as useful. But, make sure to wear a moisture-wicking short with it. This way, you won't break a sweat from wearing an extra garment. It will keep you cool and fresh.

And if you are into climbing, you shouldn't forget to wear a rash guard to protect your skin. It won't annoy you in any way. Instead, it will make the climbing experience more fun.

Rash Guard for Women

Women need to wear a rash guard more than men for cosmetic purposes. It's prevalent to find a woman who's not sure about what to wear under the wet-suit. Well, it’s a must to wear something under this cloth.

Now, do rash guards have built-in bras? I’m afraid, no. But, it's not difficult to find a proper cloth to wear under a woman's rash guard. For, it is designed in a way so that it looks perfect with any garment. For example, while you are swimming, you can wear a bikini or sports bra under a rash guard.

Also, if you are more comfortable with a bathing suit, you can go ahead wearing it. And I suggest that you wear a swim skirt as well, just in case. Also, board shorts can be a good option.

Rash Guard for Kids

Now, when it comes to kids, it’s cool if they don’t wear anything under. But, if the parents want to raise their baby modest, they can make him wear an underwire rash guard.

Final Words

We are done with the article. We could help you understand what to wear under the rash guard.

Since designers know very well that you have to wear something under these garments, they design them accordingly. So, you won't have a problem with finding a rash guard that will allow you to wear garments under it.

You might want to check out the best rash guard for snorkeling

to see what the market has to offer.

Please share your concerns with us in the comment section below. We will be happy to catch up.

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