Best Pole Spears: Quick Buying Guide + Reviews for Beginner [2021]

Are you a beginner in spearfishing? Having the best pole spear will give you a head start into the sport. Is it a lion-fish slayer or a mini pole spear? This fishing gear will help you stalk and catch fish in its natural habitat. Now, as a novice, you’ll first rely more on your equipment as you perfect your skills.

In this guide, we’ll give you a review of six of the best pole spears for beginners. Then we’ll highlight the must-have features of these products. Finally, we’ll address the common questions that beginners ask about the gear. This read is a sure way to start your sport on a high note.  Let’s get started!

Our Top 6 Pole Spears Reviews and Recommendations

1. Scuba Choice 5' Two-Piece Fiber Glass Pole Spear

Scuba Choice 5'


The Features

Dimensions: 32 X 2 X 1 Inches

Weight: 1.1 Pounds

Length: 5' (60 inches)

Pole Spear Material: Fiber Glass

Design: 12" Stainless Steel 3 Prong Paralyzer tip with barb, 8 mm diameter thread

Accessories: Black Rubber Sling, Carry Bag

It comprises a fiberglass pole, which is a heavy but bendable material. Indeed the pole offers you a firm grip. Plus, it makes a more significant impact on hitting the fish. Also, it is less prone to breaking. In turn, it is quite stable, allowing you to hunt and hold on to groupers with precision.

Are you a beginner on a tight budget? Then consider the Scuba Choice 5’. This pole spear is quite flexible, converting to two poles of either 12 inches or 24 inches paralyzer tip. Due to this adjustable trait, the pole spear will fit in your 24-inch fishing bag hassle-free.

Next, the Scuba Choice 5’ reloads quite fast after making a shot. Still, you ought to be at most 5 feet away from your target, or else, it will not be as effective as you want. Plus, there is nothing much at the tips to hold back the fish from falling off after a shot.


  • Robust poles that can endure misfires ending  up on rocks or corals
  • A sturdy fiberglass and stainless steel design
  • Quite stable for big game fishing
  • Disassembles into three portable pieces
  • Retails with a convenient storage bag and sling
  • Great value for your money


  • Ideal for short shots only

2. Scuba Choice 6' One Piece Fiber Glass Pole Spear

Scuba Choice 6'


Dimensions: 80 X 1 X 1 Inches

Weight: 0.95 Pounds

Length: 6' (72 inches)

Pole Spear Material: Fiber Glass

Design: 12" Stainless Steel 3 Prong Paralyzer tip with barb, 8 mm diameter thread

Accessories: Black Rubber Sling

The 6' Scuba Choice is another fiberglass pole spear from Scuba Choice. It is a stable, bendable, and impact-resistant fishing gear measuring 6 inches long. In turn, this pole spear gives you a long-range for capturing fish spread out far and wide. Yet, this length is not adjustable. So, it can be cumbersome when you need to pack and move your gear to remote fishing spots.

The 6' Scuba Choice uses a replaceable 3 Prong stainless steel paralyzer tip with a barb. This tip restores quite fast after hitting a rock or a hard surface. Also, its rubber sling provides a comfortable grip for a beginner


  • Retails from a reliable brand
  • A sturdy construction
  • Uses an extended pole length
  • It uses a bendable fiberglass pole that is impact-resistant
  • Retails with an extra rubber sling
  • Great value for your money


  • Length not ideal for travel

3. JBL Breakdown Travel Pole spear

JBL Breakdown Travel Polespear


Dimensions: 16 x 4 x 4 inches

Weight: 1.8 Pounds

Length: Assembled 6 Feet, Collapsed: 26 inches

Pole Material: Tempered Aluminum, Hard Gold Anodized

Design: 3-piece Poles, a Single Barbed Paralyzer Tip

Accessories: Adjustable Rubber Sling

This pole spear uses a three-piece pole with each part measuring 24 inches long. In turn, it unfolds to a length of up to 72 inches. This fold-able nature makes this pole spear ideal for all types of spearfishing. That is short-range, long-range, or medium-range spearfishing. 

The collapsible poles are of tempered aluminum and hard gold anodized. This blend is robust and rust-resistant. Besides, its adjustable rubber sling gives the user a firm grip needed to hold on to the catch. This sling is easy to replace and adjust to the current thrust.


  • Light and portable
  • Easy to operate, assemble,  and disassemble
  • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant design
  • A firm rubberized grip


  • It retails at a premium price

4. JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber 7'

JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber 7'


Dimensions: 36 x 4 x 4 inches

Weight: 2 Pounds

Length: 7 Inches

Pole Spear Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Design: Hybrid 3-piece, Unidirectional Carbon Weave, Nano Technology, 6 mm Spearhead Threads

Accessories: 890 Break-away Tip, Carry Case

The 7-inch JBL Shaka Pole Spear has features ideal for a veteran spear-fisherman. Still, it fits a beginner who doesn’t want to compromise on his favorite sport. For, this pole spear uses nanotechnology making this a heavy-duty fishing gear. Hence, it is durable and convenient to use, carry, and store.

The pole spear consists of a 7 inches long, 3-piece pole that won’t bend or break when it hits rocks or coral. Such a design is suitable for the big fish spearfishing. In turn, despite the hefty price, this unit is worth the investment.


  • It uses nanotechnology for a tough, unbreakable, and unbend-able.
  • Optimal energy control and transfer to the tip
  • 890 Break-away tip ideal for big game fishing
  • Delivers precise shots
  • Durable design
  • Suitable for all types of spearfishing
  • Easy to use, assemble, and disassemble


  • It could be stronger

5. MAKO Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear

MAKO Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear


Weight: 1 Pound

Length: 6' 7"

Pole Spear Material: Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Design: 3-piece, 5-Prong Paralyzer with Barb Tip

Accessories: Latex Power Band           

The MAKO Speargun is a 6' 7" long pole spear that retails in a three-piece design. This pole spear folds to a 27.5" long gear for ease of storage and movement. Hence, you can customize its length to suit your type of spearfishing. That is a 2-piece medium range, or a 1-piece lion-fish hunting.



  • 3-piece interchangeable design
  • Ideal for small and medium-size fish spearfishing
  • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminum pole
  • Uses a 5-Prong Paralyzer tip for precise grip
  • Uses a Latex Power Band for a firm grip on lion-fish
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • The tip may be too short for some users

6. EIGHT'ER Hybrid 2-Piece Pole-spear

EIGHT'ER Gatku Hybrid Polespear


Length: 8 Feet, ½ “ Diameter

Pole Spear Material: Carbon Graphite and Aluminum Hybrid

Design: 2-Piece

Accessories: One Standard Band, Extra Bands

The EIGHT'ER Gatku Hybrid Pole-spear is an 8-foot pole spear. Its poles blend the lightweight carbon and aluminum materials. Even so, it breaks into two sections, adjusting to a shorter range. Hence, you can customize this pole spear to your skill level and fishing conditions.

The pole spear is excellent in catching various types of fish. These include the snapper and the hog fish. For, its tips neither bend nor break during misfires. Besides, EIGHT'ER has versatile add-ons for your pole spears. Get them to make your spearfishing experience more satisfactory. Hence, it is an ideal option for practice.


  • 2-piece lightweight design
  • Robust hybrid construction
  • Moves fast
  • Easy to maneuver, assemble, and disassemble
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Impact-resistant ends
  • Longer poles for a more prominent range


  • The heads retail as a separate unit

What to Look For In the Best Pole Spear For a Beginner


A pole spear can be of aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or wood materials. Each of these materials varies in weight, resilience, flexibility, and durability. In turn, their stopping power and speed are not the same.

First, aluminum is a denser element. It moves at a slower pace in water and delivers high stopping power. Aluminum pole spears use heavy bands, which can cause fatigue to a beginner. Hence, these poles are best for the pro-divers. Second, carbon fiber is a sturdy, corrosion-resistant substance. Carbon fiber spears are fast, generating ample stopping power to capture small fish.

  In contrast, fiberglass is quite bendable, offers a firm grip, but is the weakest of all the materials. Again, fiberglass will not corrode in saltwater.  There are hybrid pole spears that combine the benefits of one or more elements. Hence, choose a pole spear that ranks high in the attribute you want the most.


A standard pole spear's length varies between 5 feet and 9 feet. It is this size that will determine the success of your shots. That is, it can limit or broaden your shooting range. A long pole spear has a more extensive reach. Yet, such pole spears are not easy to manage. In contrast, shorter gear is the best pole spear for lion-fish. They are lighter, hence travel and penetrate faster.

Divers choose the pole spear distance to match their skill level and where they plan to use it.  Hence, a beginner should opt for a pole spear measuring between 5 feet and 7 feet. As you experiment with varying gear, opt for those with an adjustable length. Such collapsible equipment is also convenient when traveling.

Convenient Design

A pole spear for beginners should be of a lightweight, portable frame. Such equipment includes the 2-piece and 3- piece design.  Second, consider the depth of the water. For, shallow water is clear, and the fish can see you and hide. Here, opt for long pole spears that you can use without getting close to the fish.

Third, your choice should be easy to use, clean assemble, and disassemble. Finally, opt for pole spears with adequate accessories. They'll help you experiment with various styles as you master your spearfishing skills.  For starters, the Evolve pole spear accessories are quite robust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do pole spears do?

A. A pole spear is the foremost fishing tool used by divers in spearfishing. It comprises a pole, a tipped spear, and a rubberized loop. Indeed, the standard pole spear is between 4 feet and 10 feet long. It can be of aluminum, carbon fiber, wood, fiberglass, or graphite make.

Scuba divers and snorkelers use pole spears as a recreational gear in spearfishing. They hunt and catch all types of fish, including lion-fish, flounder, and sheepshead. Such kind of fishing takes place in shallow waters, rocky corals, or near harbors.

Q. How does a pole spear help in fishing?

A. The following are benefits of using pole spears in spearfishing: -

  • Pole spears are easy to use and manage
  • They help beginners to master their close-quarter work abilities
  • They reload faster than other spearfishing gears
  • They retail at an affordable price that is ideal for training. You can get your best pole spear under $100
  • They work best in shallow waters    

Q. Are there any setbacks in using pole spears?

A. Yes. Pole spears have a limited shooting range. Hence, they may not be effective in deep waters. In such waters, divers lack the adequate range to hunt and capture the fish. Also, being a lightweight gear, they have minimal thrust power.

Q. Why is the 6 mm thread popular with divers?

A. Most divers prefer the 6 mm thread since it is easy to find pole spear tips to match this thread. Yet, there are concerns about this thread’s strength.

Q. What are the safety risks of using pole spears for beginners?

A. As a beginner, you need to learn how to manage the line, Also practice the way you hold on to the brake. Master these two skills with the mini pole spear before you go for the big ones. For, if not careful, you can get tangles, which can cause severe injuries to your hands. Worse still, the fish can pull you deeper into the water where you risk getting drowned. 

Final Words 

Your pole spear choice is the most vital gear in spearfishing. It is a deadly tool that will guarantee you a big catch more often. But, not every pole spear you see is perfect for you. It ought to have the right design, material, and convenience to catch your dinner. Thus, as you master your skills, ensure you select the pole spear that fits the bill. We hope that this guide will make your purchasing decision a well-informed one. Happy fishing!