Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews And Buying Guide [2018]

Wondering if you could have the best full face snorkel mask for a great time on the water? Love to do snorkeling with whale sharks, sea turtles or humpback whales?

Well, full face snorkeling masks are a popular trend among professional swimmers and amateurs as well.
These masks are, basically an improvement of the traditional snorkel masks which are usually prone to water leaking in, limited breathing via the mouth, and poor visibility.

While full face snorkel masks are costlier, they do away with a lot of issues brought about by ordinary snorkeling masks. They are made to improve your experience under water.There are so many snorkeling masks available in the market, and it is crucial to know what you should look for before you purchase one.

In this article, we give you an ultimate guide on how you should identify the most suitable full face snorkel mask.
We look at features, price, and performance of some of the best products in the market to help you make a buying decision.

Best full face snorkeling mask for money - Top ten Comparison Table


Go pro Mount


Lens Quality

Where To Buy

1. Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask



shatterproof poly-carbonate

2. Seaview 180° full face Snorkel Mask


  XS, S/M, M/L

shatterproof poly-carbonate

3. Ocean reef aria full face snorkel mask



shatterproof poly-carbonate

4. Head Sea Full Face Snorkel Mask


Available in all sizes

shatterproof poly-carbonate

5. Easy Snorkel Mask Full Face Snorkel



full 180 degrees 

6. WSTOO 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask



shatterproof poly-carbonate

7. EasyDoo 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask



full 180 degrees 

8.Shark's Tooth Snorkel Mask Full Face



Rainbow mirror lens

9. X-Lounger Full Face Snorkel


S/M and L/XL.

Flat lens

10.Sharklens Prescription Full Face Snorkel




full face snorkel mask Reviews and Recommendations

best full face snorkel mask

1.Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

The Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask by Subea is an innovative snorkel mask that facilitates you to view and breathe underwater just like you would on dry land.Marine life becomes more accessible with this device, as this full face mask has a unique breathing chamber for normal breathing through your mouth or nose.

The Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask delivers well as advertised, whereas many in the market do not come out of the box as claimed.Its efficient breathing apparatus, anti-fog design, and wide field of view will give you a comfortable snorkeling experience in action.


Size: XS for children, S/M for women and youth, ML for men and L/XL for people with longer faces.

Lens Quality: Made of shatterproof polycarbonate for added safety and provides a 180 degrees field of view.

Skirt: Snorkel top can be viewed up to 4 times the distance of a traditional snorkel mask.

Go Pro Mount: Yes, with a optional camera mount piece you can record your underwater scene.

Defogging: Unique breathing chamber prevents condensation from fogging up the mask window.

Straps and Buckles ensure you have a comfortable fit.


  • Mask window is composed of top quality polycarbonate which is shatterproof and impact resistant for increased safety.
  • Does not fog up.
  • Efficient breathing apparatus.
  • Available in many sizes to fit a diversity of face shapes.
  • Broad and clear field of view


Some users have complained that this tends to leak when submerged in water and may be very uncomfortable that it causes sore spots. Other than these, it doesn’t have any significant downside

2. Seaview 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask

Seaview 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Seaview 180 degree snorkel mask is manufactured by the Wildhorn Outfitters company, which has been producing high-quality items for a long time. This company made the Seaview 180° some years back, and to be honest; it is still amongst the best snorkel masks in the market.

Its 180-degree full face design makes it easier for you to breathe comfortably via your mouth or nose as you snorkel underwater.
The mask and snorkel give a 180-degree viewing area to ensure that you get to view more sea creatures.

This innovative snorkeling mask is designed to make breathing through your nose or mouth more comfortable and easier while you are snorkeling. Once you use the Seaview 180° you will realize how snorkeling is much better with a full face mask!


Size: XS, S/M, and M/L.

Lens Quality: Comprises shatterproof poly-carbonate and provides 180° field of view.

Skirt: Made of silicon.

Go Pro Mount: Allows you to easily attach a Go Pro camera to capture all your adventure moments and view them later with your friends and family.

Defogging: the fog-resistant design has a separate breathing chamber that forms an airflow away from the major viewing visor, thus helping in eliminating the fogging and keep you snorkeling for a longer time.

Straps and Buckles: the Seaview mask gives a snug and comfortable fit and is pretty easy to adjust due to the wide straps that do not get tangled in your hair.

Dry Snorkel Technology: Blocks salt water from penetrating into your mouth and prevents gagging.


  • 180-degree field of vision ensures that you won't miss a thing.
  • Breathing is much more comfortable compared to that of a regular snorkel mask.
  • Anti-fogging design keeps the air out from the primary viewing visor to keep it clear of any condensation.
  • It is Go Pro compatible which lets you mount a camera on it to capture images.
  • User-friendly enough to be used by both adults and children.


In spite of the good qualities, there have been some complaints about some water leaking into the mask and the construction quality. Some users have also said that the size made for kids doesn’t always fit well.
However, the solution to the latter problem is to buy the proper size and adjust the mask accordingly before getting into the water.

3. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask, manufactured by the Ocean Reef company, is a snorkeling mask that provides a wide field of vision for shallow dives and surface snorkeling.In fact, the unit boasts the widest possible field of vision even if the volume of it isn’t substantial like most other counterparts.With its bright colors and reliable features, you will love this full-face snorkel mask. It allows you to breathe through your nose, and no water enters in it regardless of the waves and splashes underwater.

The Ocean Reef Aria is a well-designed full face snorkel mask that is made of high-quality materials. The transparent-colored silicone gives you the best view possible to allow you to have a great time in the sea


Size: L/XL(generally for men), M/L, S/M and XS(junior size for kids).

Lens Quality: Aria mask has the most extensive field of view.

Skirt: Made of silicon. The dry top keeps the water out, and the ball float system prevents water from entering the snorkel when it is submerged in water.

Go Pro Mount: It comes with a dock to mount cameras for recording underwater scenery.

Defogging: Breathing circulation in the frame of the mask guarantees no fogging.

Straps and Buckles: The straps are elastic and do not get caught up in your hair.

Colors: Available in a variety of bright colors.


  • Comes with an optical lens support.
  • Has a wider variety of accessories available.
  • There’s a drain valve in the chin area that drains any water that enters the mask.
  • The clever design ensures there’s no fogging in the mask.
  • Breathing in this mask is natural and easy.


Whether it is a regular snorkel mask or an Ocean Reef Aria full face mask, water will get in if there's hair between the skirt and your skin. Therefore, you have to make sure that you do not have a beard or long hair falling on your face. Also, it is designed for surface snorkeling only.

4. Head Sea Full Face Snorkel Mask: Best for Large Face

Head sea full face snorkel mask is the apt snorkel mask for going underwater and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Experience a natural breath through your nose and mouth while your face is fully immersed underwater.

No matter the waves or splashes, water will not creep into the mask. You can worry less about getting your face wet as this mask covers your face fully giving you the needed dryness. You can also be assured of a perfect view as the head sea full face mask is safe from fogging.

The efficient breathing circulation therein will give you the unobstructed view you need. The anti-fog nature and the ease in breathing give you the answer to the best full face mask you sought. It is also modified for diverse faces and, especially, a large face will fully fit in.


Size: fits for children, S/M for the middle-aged and youth, L/XL for a large face..

Lens Quality: Composed of shatterproof poly-carbonate and has a 180-degree field of view.

Skirt: Silicon-made. Its top can accommodate a view four times more than traditional snorkel masks.

Go Pro Mount: Allows you to attach your camera with extra clip for an underwater view. 

Defogging: Assured of no fogging. There is a unique chamber for breathing that serves to prevent condensation from beclouding the mask window. Straps and buckles also assure you of a comfortable fit


  • The poly-carbonate of the topmost quality constitutes the mask window. It is shatterproof and highly resistant
  • It is fog-free.
  • Highly efficient breathing apparatus with a unique chamber for breathing through your nose and your mouth.
  • Available in different sizes to accommodate diverse faces.
  • Field of view is clear and broad. It has a 180-degree field of view


No pronounced downside. Personal complaints may, however, exist according to various customer choices. Leaking complaint can also arise, and this may largely be due to obstruction as a result of the beard, so you better take note of this.

5. Easy Snorkel Mask 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask

Get a panoramic view of the sea using the 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask from Easy Snorkel. Sea visibility is significantly improved, it prevents gag reflex with its Tubeless Technology and offers a wider field of view than traditional snorkeling gear.‘Float-Tech’ stops water from penetrating into your mask, and drastically increases the amount of time you will spend in the water.

More so, the mask allows you to breathe through your nose or mouth freely and naturally.

Easy Snorkel Mask 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask is a good buy. It comes with all the quality features expected in a full face mask to ensure that you have a comfortable and fruitful experience underwater


Size: L/XL is generally suitable for most men and S/M is for most women and teenagers.

Lens Quality: 180 degrees underwater view is completely unrestricted letting you view more marine life.

Skirt: Made of durable silicone.

Go Pro Mount: You can connect your GoPro Camera to record your favorite images.

Defogging: This mask does not fog up.

Straps and Buckles: Adjustable straps offer a comfortable fit.


  • Enables you to breathe freely underwater
  • Provides a wide field of view to let you enjoy the marine life.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to use and works well
  • Does not fog up and no water enters the mask.


Intended for surface snorkeling; it cannot be used for diving activities. Men who use this mask should not have long beards because the hair can let the water in.

6. WSTOO 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask

A user-friendly 180° Full Face Snorkeling mask from WSTOO made to fit around your face with a clear silicon material, which is anti-allergic, making it comfortable and healthy for your skin.This mask is folded and reinforced to ensure that the snorkel doesn’t fall during use and the longer breathing tube allows you to stay for longer underwater and enjoy the marine life.

When the WSTOO 180° breathing tube is submerged in water, its floating balls float up and block the inhaling tube to obstruct the entry of water. Soon as the breathing tube rises above water, the floating ball falls and opens the inhaling airway to allow you to breathe freely with your nose or mouth.WSTOO full Face snorkel mask is a great buy. Breathing is easier, and the fit is comfortable. The revolutionary design, build quality, convenient field of vision and breathing duct make this a great choice for adults and children above 12 years of age.


Size: XS,S/M and L/XL

Lens Quality: 180-degree lens has been constructed and refined to offer optimal visibility and a maximum field of vision.

Skirt: Made of anti-allergic silicone material.

Go Pro Mount: Allows you to connect your Go Pro Camera to capture those exciting moments and share them with others.

Defogging: The anti-fog design features double airflow channels; inhaling and exhaling separate channels construction prevents air mixture and fogging problems to allow you to see more clearly under water.

Straps and Buckles: This snorkel is folded and reinforced to ensure it doesn’t fall off during use. The buckle connection is well-sealed to prevent leakage.

Unique Exhalation Air Breathing Duct: Lets you snorkel freely like a whale. The unique air duct within the mask makes breathing more comfortable and free via the oral cavity or nose.


  • Better sealing performance because it is foldable
  • Longer breathing tube is convenient as it allows you to stay for longer in the water.
  • 180-degree lens gives a maximum field of vision.
  • Uses a high-quality anti-allergic silicon material that is comfortable and doesn’t harm the skin.
  • Unique exhalation air-breathing duct lets you snorkel freely on the water.


This mask is not designed for use in free diving, scuba diving, or strenuous swimming exercises.

It is better suited for a surface swim(under 10 feet). Also, it is not intended for use by kids under 12 years of age, so it should be used properly under adult supervision

7. EasyDoo 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

With the evolution of full face masks, you no longer need to use regular snorkel masks. The EasyDoo 180° full face snorkel mask, produced by EasyDoo company, allows you to breathe normally and calmly via your mouth or nose.
It empowers you to have a great time underwater. Its free breathing design takes away the issue of holding a snorkel in your mouth.

Therefore, you can breathe inside it naturally through your mouth or nose. And, this is a major plus that many masks lack to provide.
Breathing chambers in the EasyDoo 180 degrees mask and innovative dry snorkel lets you breathe effortlessly and generally via your mouth or nose. This is a great buy.


Size: XS, S/M, and L/XL.

Lens Quality: Full face mask that provides a full 180 degrees view of the sea world.

Skirt: Keep Dry Technology ensures that no water enters the top of the snorkel.

Go Pro Mount: It has a removable camera mount piece to let you connect your camera and save images.

Defogging: This snorkel mask offers and Anti-fog design that prevents the mask from fogging up and making it hard to see.

Straps and Buckles: The Easydoo 180 degrees snorkel mask comes with soft adjustable snorkel straps, to ensure you can easily put the mask on and off.


  • Field of vision is incredible.
  • Allows for normal and easy breathing through the mouth or nose.
  • Not prone to fogging.
  • Dry snorkel technology prevents water from entering the mask
  • Comfortable fit.


Since this is a full face snorkel mask, you cannot use it for free diving or strenuous swimming. The wrong size of a mask can make the water leak in, so you should get the appropriate size and adjust the straps.

8. Shark's Tooth Snorkel Mask Full Face

Make your vacation special with a quality full face mask from Shark Tooth. All the design details in this item have been well-thought through. Unique respiratory mask construction lets you breathe calmly and naturally.

It comes with a longer and wider tube to allow you to remain in the water for as long as you want. The distinct respiratory construction lets you breathe freely and naturally.

A cool addition to its lens is the UV protection feature. It helps protect your eyes from sunlight throughout.
In general, the Shark Tooth’s Full Face 180 degrees mask is an excellent product. The notable features which include the distinct adjustable straps and rainbow lenses make it stand out.


Size: S/M and L/XL.

Lens Quality: Bright and appealing Rainbow mirror lenses HD provide you with a view filled with bright colors. Underwater picture through these lenses is sharper and better than those of polycarbonate lenses.

Skirt: Anti-leak design obstructs water from entering the mask.

Go Pro Mount: Yes, it comes with a mount to connect your Go Pro Camera to capture exciting moments and share them with others.

Defogging: Anti-fog mechanism ensures that your breath will not cloud the rainbow lenses.

Straps and Buckles: It has adjustable silicon straps. On the back part of the full face mask, there’s a clasp with 4 separate straps to assist you in fitting your mask. As a result, it hugs every part of your face flawlessly to provide an airtight seal.


  • External breathing chamber unit prevents the formation of fog.
  • Rainbow lens provides an HD view.
  • Embedded UV-400 rating protects your eyes from the sun’s rays.
  • Comfortable and secure fit.
  • Doesn’t need to be readjusted constantly.


Despite the quality design, the button on the clasp can be difficult to push, making it hard to remove. To solve this issue, do not go snorkeling alone, have someone to help you take it off.

9. X-Lounger Full Face Snorkel Mask

Go snorkeling with the fold-able full-face snorkeling mask from X-Lounger. This is a high-quality product that comes with excellent features like a detachable camera mount, earplugs, and an adjustable headband.

The frosted surface does not scratch easily. Plus, removable waterproof earplugs protect your ears from the salt water. You can just wash it clean with plain water and cleaning agents. 

It is equipped with longer and broader tube which makes breathing via your nose or mouth easier. So, you can breathe as you feel convenient.
The X-Lounger fold-able Full Face mask is an excellent snorkel mask that comes with newer and better features. After using this item, you will probably never go back to the traditional snorkel masks.


Size: S/M and L/XL.

Lens Quality: Flat lens offers you a wide panoramic view.

Skirt: Made of silicone. Dry top drain valve prevents water choking.

Go Pro Mount: Is detachable and has an extender to enable you to record images from more angles with your camera.

Defogging: Sports a dual Anti-fog design.

Straps and Buckles: Comes with an adjustable headband buckle to keep it tight.


  • It is a fold-able snorkel mask which makes it easy to carry around.
  • More reality flat lens is comfortable and offers a wide panoramic view.
  • Comes with earplugs
  • Breathing is easy and free.
  • Anti-fog design is very convenient.


Since it is a full face snorkel mask, it is not intended for use in diving or strenuous swimming. You should use it for shallow snorkeling only.


The SharkLens Prescription full face prescription mask, produced by the Sharklens Company, is specially designed to suit people with myopia. It allows the shortsighted individuals to view the marine life clearly without having to wear spectacles or contact lenses.

180-degree field of vision will enable you to see more marine life. Plus, it lets users breathe naturally underwater via the mouth or nose.

Overall, the unique full-face design of the SharkLens snorkel mask lets you breathe naturally underwater. It offers a 180 degrees field of vision and a special feature to mount a Go-pro.

This is an easy-to-use full face mask, and once you use it, you will never want to go back to using a traditional mask again.


Size: S/M(less than 14 cm) and L/XL(equal to or more than 14 cm).

Lens Quality: Corrective lenses that range from -1.00 and -6.00.

Skirt: High-quality silicone gives a watertight seal that takes the form of all face shapes and sizes.

Go Pro Mount: Lets you mount your Go Pro camera to save your underwater experiences.

Defogging: Dual airflow technology is embedded to prevent fogging.

Straps and Buckles: Adjustable straps give a secure and comfortable fit that is suitable for long time application.


  • Being a full-face mask, it lets the user breathe naturally through the nose or mouth.
  • Offers a 180-degree field of vision.
  • Made from top quality silicone to prevent leaks.
  • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.
  • Comes at an affordable price.


On the downside, the SharkLens Prescription snorkel mask is not meant for free diving. Therefore, if you love to free dive, this mask is not for you.
[Moreover, the lens may not be large enough for prescription glasses and may scratch the plastic lens. As a result, if you wear glasses and love snorkeling you may not be able to use this snorkeling mask.] 

Full Face Snorkel VS Traditional - Comparison 

Traditional snorkeling gear consists of goggles, a snorkel tube, and snorkeling fins. The mask is designed to cover the wearer’s eyes and nose to protect them from any water leakage. Regular masks come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

The major flaw of traditional masks is the mouthpiece which brings a lot of problems. Beginners usually find this gear very annoying due to the strong gag reflex.Another issue is choking on the water while the person resurfaces. This occurs because the snorkel tube tends to be hollow and water enters it when the snorkeler is submerged.

Full face masks have revolutionized the design of the traditional masks. They got rid of the mouthpiece and created a more natural underwater experience.
A full face mask combines the goggles and snorkel tube innovatively to cover and protect the whole face. Advantages of full face masks include;

  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • An excellent way to introduce kids to snorkeling
  • 180 degrees panoramic view,
  • Clear visibility and anti-leak
  • Dry snorkel technology
  • Drain valve drains water automatically when the diver resurfaces
  • They do not fog up easily

On the downside, these masks are not suitable for free dives or intensive swimming because there’s no way to equalize the ear pressure which increases as you go deeper.
Also, the masks tend to be quite hot, and it may be difficult to get a full breath of fresh air while wearing these full face masks.

How does a dry top snorkel works?

dry top snorkel works

Dry snorkels are made to prevent water from entering the breathing tube while the snorkel is being used. They have existed for many years in different forms and have undergone numerous changes to become the way they are today.
The dry snorkel boosts the confidence of most beginners because it keeps the water out of the mouth.
The function of the dry top varies according to different manufacturers, but the principle is generally the same;

  • 1.When the snorkel’s top is submerged in water, the dry top mechanism seals the breathing tube to stop water from leaking into the mask.
  • 2.When the snorkel’s top goes above the water, it opens again to allow free air movement.
    Some snorkels have a float ball design to achieve this. The dry top mechanism also has a plastic shroud surrounding it which functions as a water deflector/splash guard.
    The idea of this design is to stop water from penetrating or splashing while the snorkel is in use.
    However, having a dry snorkel does not necessarily mean that no water will ever enter your tube. Manufacturers have considered this aspect by creating a one-way purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel to drain any leaked water.

Things To Consider When Buying The full face snorkel

While buying full face snorkeling masks, there are some significant features you need to consider prior to choosing one.
The ideal mask fulfills the standard aspects of convenience, practicality, quality, and personal preferences. Below, you will have some of the traits to consider

1. Find your comfort

Why will you buy a snorkel mask? Of course, for being comfortable under water. Then why don’t go for something which is more comfortable? Which snorkel mask is comfortable? It varies. You may like a mask which I don’t like. So, why will you take the chance?

Go for something which is comfortable for you. before buying the mask use it once. From outside you can’t ensure the comfort. Maybe, the product has everything which you want in your snorkel mask. still, I highly recommend you to put it once on your head. Then, you won’t feel any confusion or problem in future.

2. Choosing Your Appropriate Size

The fitting mainly depends on the straps. You should ensure that the mask fits you well.
In spite of the technology and continuous fine-tuning of the construction, there’s still a slight possibility of water penetrating through. So, make sure that the fit is appropriate before you make a purchase.

It is also important to note that a mask that fits on too tight will yield the same result as having a loose one.
You are better off with a manufacturer that provides a range of sizes for you to test them out.

If you have planned to introduce your child to snorkeling, look for the best-sized kids full face snorkel mask. Doing some research on some detailed reviews can help you in making a decision.

3. Lens Quality

Visibility is yet another major feature of a full face mask. A 180-degree snorkel mask gives you a great view and is safe as well.
You need to pay attention to the material that has been used to make the mask window. The best material is tough, transparent polycarbonate. It is perfect because it is shatterproof and is highly resistant to impact. This provides maximum protection to your eyes.

4. Skirt

The skirt is probably the essential part of your snorkel mask because it plays the role of making the seal around your face.
Cheap masks have masks that are usually made out of plastic. These tend to have less flexibility, form an inefficient seal on your face and are not durable.

What you should buy is full face mask that has a skirt made out of silicon. Silicone lasts longer, forms an efficient seal on your face, and is more flexible.Most of the silicone snorkel mask skirts are clear, but you can also find some that are black.

The purpose of the black ones is majorly for photographers who do not want the problem of unwanted light penetrating the sides of their masks, making it more difficult to view the camera screen.

5. Go Pro Mount

If you want to record what you see underwater, then you should look for a mask that comes with a GoPro mount to attach your underwater camera.

Most full face masks tend to come with GoPro mounts, but it is probably better to choose one with an extender as this will put the camera in front of your mask to let you record underwater scenes

6. Anti-fog Properties

Perhaps, one of the most bothersome things that occur while snorkeling is the formation of condensation on the mask which obstructs your vision.
A lot of full face mask manufacturers claim that they have solved this problem by providing solutions such as streamlined airflow systems and an anti-fogging coating applied on the mask window.

You can never be absolutely certain until you test it yourself. A defog snorkel mask is the best. Also, ensure that whatever features the mask sports to reduce the formation of condensation is also applicable in cold water.

7. Straps and Buckles

When the fit of a traditional mask is not perfect, you are made to fiddle multiple times with the straps to make them work well underwater.

This is quite similar to when you’re trying to make your snorkeling vest fit properly.
The fit of full-face snorkeling masks is easier and quicker to adjust with less hassle.

Those mentioned above are some of the things you should look at while purchasing your mask. Always remember that the price doesn't always equate to the quality.

8.Basic knowledge

Before going for a mask and sea diving, just keep in mind that-

  • check
    You can’t talk during the sea dive with the mask
  • check
    Your long beard can be disadvantageous for you in underwater with a mask
  • check
    You can’t do free diving, it is only surface diving

how to use full face snorkel mask

Using a full face snorkel mask can’t be less exciting than trying a cup of tea getting up from the bed. How am I connecting them? It is because; they both are very much fun and refreshing. But you will enjoy them only if you prepare and use them in right way. Of course, you can’t enjoy your tea without the perfects sugar! So let’s know how to use full face snorkel!

1. Ensuring the defogging: Obviously, you may have some option that your full face snorkeling mask can get foggy under water. But I know you won’t love it. So, how to get rid of it? Nothing much. Just go get some lubricant or use anti-fog spray and use on the lenses. Otherwise, you can use a candle too. it will make your lenses black and then it will be defogged permanently.

2.Adjust the straps: After that, your mask will be ready for snorkeling. But wait, you have to focus on some other parts too. Your mask can be loose or tight for your face. So, make it just perfect through adjusting the straps of it. If you haven’t checked it during having from the market, it can make problems for you. But try your best. I hope, it will fit your face.

3.Check it underwater: Before going underwater with the mask, check it properly. Is there any malfunction? Is there anything which you need to make proper? Maybe your mask leaks. But get it know before getting with it underwater. Thus you may feel that it will work fully underwater

4.Leaking: Most of the snorkel masks leak. Some leaks a little, some leaks much. What about your one? You don’t know till now? That can create a problem for you. So, put it on your face and drown in the water. A very little amount of water may come inside and automatically removed. Then, it is okay. But if the water bothers you then it won’t be OK. Then, just check the mask and go get a new one.

5.Take breathing time: At first, you won’t feel like breathing properly through the mask. Then, what you will do? Nothing! Just take your time. It is something new and will take some time for you. But don’t get panicked and stay beside the shore and enjoy yourself as long as you don’t get normal with it.

How to attach Go Pro camera 

People who are not used to with the full face snorkel mask or Go Pro camera on snorkel mask, it may be a problem to them. Yes, attaching a camera sometimes create confusion and problems for the beginners. So, let’s take a look at how to attach your camera with your snorkel mask.

Step 1: Firstly, take the screw of your mask. You will find a place for the upfront of the mask. There place the screw in the half. Then take your Go Pro camera and place it on the place through which the screw is going on.

Step 2: After that finish the work you were doing with the screw. Make it move again and make it tight. But before that, take the bolts given with the mask and place on the other side of the place in which you put the screw. Now, twist it and make the two things tight.

Step 3: Check whether your Go Pro camera is OK or not. See whether the camera is there sitting tightly or not. If it rotates, then you may give some more twist on the screw.

For more, you can see full face snorkel mask review too. After the total thing will end up, you will be able to click your memorable moments in the water!

How to clean and care your full face snorkel mask

From the chair you sit to the device, through which you are now reading this article, everything should be taken care of. Care is better for everyone and everything. The same line goes to your full face snorkel mask too. Now, how to take care of it? Let’s focus on those points.

  • 1
    Every time after you finish your snorkeling, get the salt cleaned (it any salt deposits) from the snorkel mask.
  • 2
    Keep a fog washer with spray with you. After you are done with your diving, wash it through some spraying.
  • 3
    Whatever you do with your snorkel mask, don’t touch the inner part of it with your hand. Otherwise, it can create a problem for you.
  • 4
    Before using it for the first time, as you were told to use Baby shampoo to defog it, maintain the process. 
  • 5
    In the snorkel, there is a floating system and must free to move, if it doesn't move rinse it with lot of water  . 
  • 6
    After you finish your snorkeling rinse all pieces, including a strap with clean water, let dry in its in bag avoiding sun contact.

With all those tips you should be able to use your snorkeling mask for a long time

Pros and Cons of full face snorkeling mask 

The first kind of full face snorkel mask to be produced was the Tribord Easybreath back in 2014. Since then, numerous brands have come up till today.
There is a manifold of perks that come with using these masks and some disadvantages as well.

What we liked

  • For first-timers, a full face snorkel mask feels very helpful. There isn't any learning curve, and the breathing is reasonable and natural.
  • These masks are highly suited for people who have problems with sore jaws or mouth caused by holding on to a mouthpiece.
  • Via an innovative airflow system, these masks do not fog up.
  • Full face masks offer a wide unobstructed 180-degree view to let you see the marine life better.
  • They have a built-in dry snorkel that prevents water from entering.

What we didn't like

  • A notable disadvantage is the fact that you cannot dive with this gear. This is because there’s no way to equalize the ear pressure that increases as you dive deeper.To equalize the pressure, you have to hold the nose and blow air into the ears. Obviously, this is not possible as you do not have access to your nose in a full face mask, like in a traditional mask
  • Therefore, if you like to free dive down to get a closer view of the marine life, don’t use these masks.
  • The masks can become uncomfortably hot because of the warm breath enclosed in the mask.
  • It is difficult to acquire a full breath of fresh air while using a full face mask. Manufacturers warn that it is not possible to get sufficient oxygen if you use one of these masks for intensive swimming exercises. They are designed to be used for casual surface snorkeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which is the best full face snorkel mask?

Answer:The most recommended are the original Tribord Easybreath Mask, Ocean Reef Aria and the Seaview 180°.

Question: Can I do free dives with a full face snorkel mask?

Answer: Definitely not. These masks are not designed for diving, only use them for shallow snorkeling.

Question: Are fold-able full face masks better?

Answer: Yes, because they are easier to carry around compared to the non-fold-able ones.

Question: Are full face snorkel masks appropriate for children?

Answer: Children seem to be more comfortable in comparison to adults with the full face snorkel masks. If your kids can swim with the traditional masks and mouthpiece, they will face no problem when using the full face mask.
These snorkeling masks are known for the huge impact that they have on snorkeling, and they have allowed kids to overcome the different pitfalls.

Question:  Are full face snorkel masks safe?

Answer: Full face snorkel masks are not considered to be completely safe. This is because we need oxygen for breathing. When breathing while wearing a full face snorkel mask, you cannot exhale deeply and push the carbon-dioxide out of your mask.
When this happens, you are actually breathing in the carbon-dioxide. This can lead to dizziness, unconsciousness, and headache.

Question: Is it worth buying a full face snorkel mask?

Answer: Yes, it is. It does not matter if you are an experienced snorkeler or it is your first time, you should definitely consider purchasing the full face snorkel masks. You can get an uninterrupted 180° view with the help of these masks, and you do not require frames for altering your view.These masks are capable of sealing around your face, thereby decreasing the chance of water entering your mask. In addition, you can breathe naturally.

Question: Can I use a full face snorkel mask with facial hair?

Answer: It is difficult to use the full face snorkel masks if you have facial hair. This is because, the seal will not form, and water can enter your mask. This can be hazardous when you are under the water. And, these masks function best with no facial hair.

Question: Can you breathe underwater with a full face snorkel mask?

AnswerWhen you are using a full face snorkel mask, you can breathe naturally. That is, you can exhale and inhale with the help of your mouth or nose. This helps in keeping you relaxed and calm when you are under the water.
However, there are chances of breathing in excess carbon-dioxide, which can lead to dizziness and unconsciousness.

How does the snorkel prevent the water from coming in?

Answer: Snorkels act like a seal on your face and keep the water from entering your mask. However, excessive movement, like laughing, can break the seal, allowing the water to enter.

What size of snorkel mask will fit me?

Answer: The snorkel masks are available in various sizes from extra small to extra large. The very first thing that you have to consider is your age. If you are someone with a small and narrow face, you can try the adult-sized masks.
Try to seal your mask by exhaling and inhaling out. If you see that the mask falls off, this is not for you. If it does, test the visibility by trying to look around without moving your head. If you get a proper vision, this is the mask you should go for.

Can I have a beard or long hair while wearing a snorkeling mask?

Answer: Long hair or beard can break the seal. This can allow water to enter the mask.

 How do I let water out of the full face mask snorkeling mask in case it leaks in?

Answer: There is a safety valve present near the bottom of the mask. If water enters your mask, you can look upwards, and the valve will allow the water to drain automatically. You do not need to take off your mask.

Why is my breathing sometimes blocked?

AnswerIf your breathing is blocked, there are chances that you have leaned your head forward, or you may have swallowed water. However, the valve will allow you to breathe normally again.

Concluding Thought

To get the best full face snorkel mask, just ask yourself that what type of mask you want and what should be the qualities of the mask? Compare between your old mask and the would be one. Obviously, you had certain things in mind during putting the old mask in your head and that’s why you are searching a new one.

In this article, we have showcased you a full face snorkel mask review to help you perceive the best products on the market.
Full face masks are very convenient in shallow snorkeling, and a defog snorkel mask is definitely ideal when you want to have better visibility.
Whatever snorkel mask you choose, be sure to practice caution while using it.