Best Fish Hook Removers Reviews And Quick Buying Guide

One of the challenges that anglers face during fishing is extracting hooks from fish. You can boost your experience by choosing the best fish hook remover.

The joy in fishing is in having complete control over the activity. Without the necessary tool, you may hurt your fingers or even kill the fish. Research reveals that the rate of fish surviving thanks to the use of a fish hook remover tool is high. 

You can help save the lives of as many fish as possible by removing the hook and returning the fish into the water. If you are finding it hard to choose from the different models available, we can help you out.

We will review some of the quality fish hook removers available at the market to simplify your search. Enjoy!

Reviewing the best fish hook remover

1. Crazyshark hook remover - our top pick

CrazyShark Hook Remover Aluminum Fish Hook Remover

If you need a lightweight yet tough fish hook remover, then you need to consider this model. The manufacturer utilizes stainless steel to produce a durable and corrosion-resistant fish hook remover that you can enjoy for years.

Crazyshark hook remover is 9.6 inches long. It comes in an ideal length that allows you to remove a hook even if it penetrated to the gut of a fish without the risk of injuring the fish. You also get to protect your hands from the sharp teeth of the fish.

You can use this fish hook remover on any size of fish. It comes with an internal spring and is designed with pistol grips that promote single-hand use. These features ensure that you can get rid of the hook without harming the slime coat or jaw of the fish.

Most anglers also find this fish hook remover quite comfortable to use due to the incorporation of ABS plastic handles. You can even use this tool for extended periods without experiencing any grip issues.


  • Great for large fish species
  • It is durable
  • Has a lightweight body


  • Has a learning curve

2. RUNCL Fishing Hook Remover- Runner Up

RUNCL Fishing Hook Remover

The unique design of this fish hook remover is the first thing that most people notice about it. It contains a wide handle that makes it comfortable to use. The anti-slip strips give you a firm grip even when your hands are wet.​

This fish hook remover has a hollow-out handle, which enhances its strength so that you can easily use it on any size of fish. You will not have to worry about it being heavy since it is well made.

You only need to use one hand for you to remove the hook from a fish. This is possible due to the inclusion of the spring-loaded mechanism in its making. Most anglers reveal that this is a convenient and easy to use the fish hook remover.

You can use it even in saltwater environs without worrying about your fish hook remover rusting after a short while. Since it is built from stainless steel and aluminum, the tool is corrosion resistant and cannot be affected by excess salt in the water.


  • It comes with a rounded hook
  • You can enjoy a solid grip
  • Has a long nose design


  • You have to get used to it first

3. Booms Fishing R08 Fishing Hook Remover

Booms Fishing R08 11

Do you often fish medium-sized or large fish? You need to get a good fish saver hook remover that allows you to eliminate the hook safely. Booms fishing rob can make your fishing experience more enjoyable and safe.

This comes in a two curves design that makes removing the hook from a fish a breeze.
It measures around 11 inches thus can go deep down the gut of a fish to remove a hook that has been swallowed.

 The handle is also long enough so that your hands and fingers are always safe regardless of the size of the fish you catch. You will also like the T-shape of its handle, which makes it easy to use and improves your grip.

It also ensures that your hands and fingers are far from the hook. Like the models we have mentioned above, this fish hook remover is also made using stainless steel. You can use it on any water-body without the risk of corrosion. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Contains solid plastic grips
  • It is lightweight


  • Some people reveal that this fish hook remover is not durable

4. Berkley Stainless Steel Hook Remover - Best For Budget

Berkley Stainless Steel Hook Remover

Extracting a hook from large species of fish can be a great challenge when you only have pliers. Replace your simple tool with this fish hook remover that is capable of removing hooks within a few minutes.

Berkley is a substantial hook remover that works well on fish such as salmon, pike, or halibut.
Its tank-line design makes it stand out among the rest of the fish hook removers.

For you to use it, you should compress the handle so that you can activate the pincher style haw. It also comes with a spring-loaded mechanism that enables you to remove the hook with one hand. If you want to use it for years, ensure you rinse it every time you subject it to saltwater conditions.

Some people also like the versatility of this tool and use it for other tasks such as picking up nails or gardening. Berkley also comes with serrated grip surfaces that enable you to lock in the hook with ease and extract it.

It is also prolonged enough to reach deep into the mouth of a fish without injuring it. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Durable construction


  • Some anglers reveal that it is not precise

MadBite Lighted Hook Remover

MadBite Hook Out Fish Hook Remover

If you prefer night fishing, you need to choose a fish hook remover that can enhance visibility. Madbite is one of the most efficient fish hook removers for night fishing.

This comes with an LED bulb to help you remove the hook from a fish conveniently, even when it is dark. It is not only a durable fish hook remover but also quite lightweight. You will also like the affordable price tag attached to this fish hook remover.

The producer gives you the option of choosing this model from two available sizes. You can either go for the 9.7" or the 13.6" inch hook remover, depending on the size of the fish you catch.

Both of the sizes are powerful enough to simplify the process of removing the hook from a fish without injuring its jaws. For you to use this tool, you need to squeeze and twist it so that you can remove the hook safely.

Unlike fishing pliers, which tend to be heavy, this fish hook remover is quite lightweight. 


  • The molded grips increase comfort during use
  • Ideal for both salt and free water bodies


  • The light is not well positioned

Things To Consider Before Buying A Fish Hook Remover

From the above reviews, you can tell that the market offers different models of fish hook removers. Before you go shopping, you should know the crucial factors to look for so that you choose the right one. Some of them include the following:

Shaft length

Fish hook removers are available in different sizes, including the shorter and longer models. Short models are suitable for small-sized species, while longer fish hook removers are ideal for large fish. Choosing the wrong shaft length can make unhooking a bit awkward. You should, therefore, have in mind the size of fish you often deal with when comparing the shaft length of this tool.


The material used to make a fish hook remover can determine how durable it is. Most of the quality removers are made using stainless steel or anodized aluminum. If you choose a fish hook remover made from stainless steel, you should rinse it well when you use it in salt water since it is not entirely corrosion-proof. Those that are made from anodized aluminum are not only corrosion resistant but also lightweight. Though this is not a very tough material, it does not rust even when you use the tool in saltwater.


The fish hook removers that are being made today are better than older models due to a difference in the mechanism. Older models consisted of a long rod and a curved hook on one of the ends. Anglers used to pry the hook out manually. This is different from what we have today since the latest fish hook removers are designed with a spring load mechanism. You can, therefore, enjoy operating these models using a single hand. Choosing such a model enables you to enjoy its simplicity and versatility.

You can either choose a fish hook remover that makes use of the pistol or T-style grip. Both of the style grips allow you to remove the hook from a fish with one hand. If you need a compact fish hook remover, then look for one that utilizes the T-style grip. It not only occupies minimal space but is also highly effective. Pistol grips, on the other hand, stand out when it comes to precision.

Extra features

Though every fish hook remover has basic features, some models come with some additional features. Assess if you want a tool that contains some extra features based on your needs.


Do fish feel pain?

If you are conscious about animal suffering, thinking about this concept makes sense. Fish have some neurons which can easily detect potential harm. When a hook sticks to the body of a fish, it stimulates electrical activity, which surges towards the part of the brain responsible for impulses and reflexes such as pain. This means that a fish can feel pain.

How can you treat a fishhook injury?

Fishhook injuries are common, especially when anglers do not use the right tools. Such an injury can puncture your fingers, face, scalp, or even ears. Try to stop the bleeding before you cut the fishing line. If you have some ice, you can apply it to the affected area. Clean the surface to prevent it from getting infected and determine if the scar needs some stitches. Bandage it to prevent it from contaminants

What happens if you leave a fishhook in the mouth of a fish after catching and releasing it?

According to experts, a hook can stay in the fish's mouth for a long time. Some people tend to assume that the hook can rust after a short period inside the mouth of a fish. As long as you cut the hook as close to the fish's body as possible, the fish will eventually spit it out.

What is a disgorger?

This is not different from a fish hook remover. It is the tool that is mainly used to get rid of the hook from the mouth of a fish. Sometimes, it is impossible to remove a hook that is located deep inside a fish with mere fingers. Some of the fish species can also be hostile and can injure your fingers if you don't use this tool. You need to learn how to disgorge a fish correctly to avoid such incidences.

Can you use a fish hook remover in a saltwater environment?

It depends on the construction of the model that you choose. While some of the models are not affected by concentrated salt solutions, others can rust easily if not cleaned well with fresh water after use. Ensure you focus on the material of your fish hook remover and know how to maintain it well for it to give you service for longer.

Final words

Whether you are a beginner in fishing or an experienced angler, you can avoid making some costly mistakes by choosing the right tools for your hobby. One of the necessary tools that you should consider getting is a fish hook remover. It can prevent you and the fish from injuries as you remove the hook. We have reviewed some of the best fish hook removers for easy comparison. Apart from focusing on the specific features of such tools, you should also understand their merits and demerits to avoid frustrations in the future.