Best Full Face Snorkel Mask + Quick Buying Guide

Wondering if you could have the best full face snorkel mask for a great time on the water?

Well, full face snorkeling masks are a popular trend among professional swimmers and amateurs as well.

These masks are, basically an improvement of the traditional snorkel masks which are usually prone to water leaking in, limited breathing via the mouth, and poor visibility.

While full face snorkel masks are costlier, they do away with a lot of issues brought about by ordinary snorkeling masks. They are made to improve your experience under water.

There are so many snorkeling masks available in the market, and it is crucial to know what you should look for before you purchase one.

In this article, we give you an ultimate guide on how you should identify the most suitable full face snorkel mask.

We look at the features, price, and performance of some of the best products in the market to help you make a buying decision.

Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews and Recommendations

1. Seaview 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask- Panoramic Full Face Design. See More With Larger Viewing Area Than Traditional Masks. Prevents Gag Reflex with Tubeless Design (Sky, S/M)


Size: XS, S/M, and M/L.

Lens Quality: Comprises shatterproof poly carbonate and provides 180° field of view.

Skirt: Made of silicon.

Go Pro Mount: Allows you to easily attach a Go Pro camera to capture all your adventure moments and view them later with your friends and family.

Defogging: the fog-resistant design has a separate breathing chamber that forms an airflow away from the major viewing visor, thus helping in eliminating the fogging and keep you snorkeling for a longer time.

Straps and Buckles: the Seaview mask gives a snug and comfortable fit and is pretty easy to adjust due to the wide straps that do not get tangled in your hair.

Dry Snorkel Technology: Blocks salt water from penetrating into your mouth and prevents gagging.


  • 180-degree field of vision ensures that you won't miss a thing.
  • Breathing is much more comfortable compared to that of a regular snorkel mask
  • Anti-fogging design keeps the air out from the primary viewing visor to keep it clear of any condensation.
  • It is Go Pro compatible which lets you mount a camera on it to capture images.
  • User-friendly enough to be used by both adults and children.


  • In spite of the good qualities, there have been some complaints about some water leaking into the mask and the construction quality. Some users have also said that the size made for kids doesn’t always fit well.

2.Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Marine life becomes more accessible with this device, as this full face mask has a unique breathing chamber for normal breathing through your mouth or nose.

The Tripord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask delivers well as advertised, whereas many in the market do not come out of the box as claimed.

Its efficient breathing apparatus, anti-fog design, and wide field of view will give you a comfortable snorkeling experience in action.


Size: XS for children, S/M for women and youth, ML for men and L/XL for people with longer faces.

Lens Quality: Made of shatterproof poly-carbonate for added safety and provides a 180 degrees field of view.

Skirt: Snorkel top can be viewed up to 4 times the distance of a traditional snorkel mask.

Go Pro Mount: Sad, but true that it doesn’t come with a camera mount.

Defogging: Unique breathing chamber prevents condensation from fogging up the mask window.

Straps and Buckles ensure you have a comfortable fit.


  • Mask window is composed of top quality poly carbonate which is shatterproof and impact resistant for increased safety.
  • Does not fog up.
  • Efficient breathing apparatus.
  • Available in many sizes to fit a diversity of face shapes.
  • Broad and clear field of view.


  • Some users have complained that this tends to leak when submerged in water and may be very uncomfortable that it causes sore spots. Other than these, it doesn’t have any significant downside.

3. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask


Size: L/XL(generally for men), M/L, S/M and XS(junior size for kids).

Lens Quality: Aria mask has the most extensive field of view.

Skirt: Made of silicon. The dry top keeps the water out, and the ball float system prevents water from entering the snorkel when it is submerged in water.

Go Pro Mount: It comes with a dock to mount cameras for recording underwater scenery.

Defogging: Breathing circulation in the frame of the mask guarantees no fogging.

Straps and Buckles: The straps are elastic and do not get caught up in your hair.

Colors: Available in a variety of bright colors.


  • Comes with an optical lens support.
  • There’s a drain valve in the chin area that drains any water that enters the mask.
  • The clever design ensures there’s no fogging in the mask.
  • Breathing in this mask is natural and easy.


  • Whether it is a regular snorkel mask or an Ocean Reef Aria full face mask, water will get in if there's hair between the skirt and your skin. Therefore, you have to make sure that you do not have a beard or long hair falling on your face. Also, it is designed for surface snorkeling only.

4. WSTOO 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask Panoramic View For Adults And Kid 

A user-friendly 180° Full Face Snorkeling mask from WSTOO made to fit around your face with a clear silicon material, which is anti-allergic, making it comfortable and healthy for your skin.

This mask is folded and reinforced to ensure that the snorkel doesn’t fall during use and the longer breathing tube allows you to stay for longer underwater and enjoy the marine life.

When the WSTOO 180° breathing tube is submerged in water, its floating balls float up and block the inhaling tube to obstruct the entry of water. Soon as the breathing tube rises above water, the floating ball falls and opens the inhaling airway to allow you to breathe freely with your nose or mouth.

WSTOO full Face snorkel mask is a great buy. Breathing is easier, and the fit is comfortable. The revolutionary design, build quality, convenient field of vision and breathing duct make this a great choice for adults and children above 12 years of age.


Size: S/M and L/XL.

Lens Quality: 180-degree lens has been constructed and refined to offer optimal visibility and a maximum field of vision.

Skirt: Made of anti-allergic silicone material.

Go Pro Mount: Allows you to connect your Go Pro Camera to capture those exciting moments and share them with others.

Defogging: The anti-fog design features double airflow channels; inhaling and exhaling separate channels construction prevents air mixture and fogging problems to allow you to see more clearly under water.

Straps and Buckles: This snorkel is folded and reinforced to ensure it doesn’t fall off during use. The buckle connection is well-sealed to prevent leakage.

Unique Exhalation Air Breathing Duct: Lets you snorkel freely like a whale. The unique air duct within the mask makes breathing more comfortable and free via the oral cavity or nose.


  • Better sealing performance because it is fold-able.
  • The longer breathing tube is convenient as it allows you to stay for longer in the water.
  • The 180-degree lens gives a maximum field of vision.
  • Uses a high-quality anti-allergic silicon material that is comfortable and doesn’t harm the skin.
  • Unique exhalation air-breathing duct lets you snorkel freely on the water.


  • This mask is not designed for use in free diving, scuba diving, or strenuous swimming exercises. It is better suited for a surface swim(under 10feet). Also, it is not intended for use by kids under 12 years of age, so it should be used properly under adult supervision.

5. EasyDoo 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

With the evolution of full face masks, you no longer need to use regular snorkel masks. The EasyDoo 180° full face snorkel mask, produced by EasyDoo company, allows you to breathe normally and calmly via your mouth or nose.

It empowers you to have a great time underwater. Its free breathing design takes away the issue of holding a snorkel in your mouth.

Therefore, you can breathe inside it naturally through your mouth or nose. And, this is a major plus that many masks lack to provide.

Breathing chambers in the EasyDoo 180 degrees mask and innovative dry snorkel lets you breathe effortlessly and generally via your mouth or nose. This is a great buy.


Size: XS, S/M, and L/XL.

Lens Quality: Full face mask that provides a full 180 degrees view of the sea world.

Skirt: Keep Dry Technology ensures that no water enters the top of the snorkel.

Go Pro Mount: It has a removable camera mount piece to let you connect your camera and save images.

Defogging: This snorkel mask offers and Anti-fog design that prevents the mask from fogging up and making it hard to see.

Straps and Buckles: The Easydoo 180 degrees snorkel mask comes with soft adjustable snorkel straps, to ensure you can easily put the mask on and off.


  • Field of vision is incredible.
  • Allows for normal and easy breathing through the mouth or nose.
  • Not prone to fogging.
  • Dry snorkel technology prevents water from entering the mask.
  • Comfortable fit.


  • Since this is a full face snorkel mask, you cannot use it for free diving or strenuous swimming. The wrong size of a mask can make the water leak in, so you should get the appropriate size and adjust the straps.

Concluding Thought

In this article, we have showcased you a full face snorkel mask review to help you perceive the best products on the market.

Full face masks are very convenient in shallow snorkeling, and a defog snorkel mask is definitely ideal when you want to have better visibility.

Whatever snorkel mask you choose, be sure to practice caution while using it.