Best Prescription Snorkel Mask for Glasses wearers Reviews 2022

Do you like snorkeling or scuba diving? Well, know that for the best experience you must have a clear view underwater.

What if when you have an eye problem? Does it mean that you will not snorkel?

Nope! There is a solution to everything if you know how to snorkel with glasses.

Today, there is a prescription snorkel mask for both farsighted and nearsighted. They all come in wide ranges, and you will not miss one that suits your eye problem.

However, these kinds of snorkel masks come with lenses of varied specifications, and you need to be keen on choosing one for your needs.

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the things to consider along with the top and recommended products that you can get on the market.

Best Prescription Snorkel Mask Comparison Table


Lens Quality


Where to Buy

Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel Snorkeling Scuba Diving Combo Set, Green

Promate Prescription  Mask

 lens is tempered glass

Fish eye Design

IST Prescription Snorkel Mask

Made from tempered glass

Unique Shaped Design

Scuba Black Dive Mask Nearsighted Prescription

Tempered glass material

Panoramic Style

Scuba Blue Snorkel Mask Farsighted Prescription RX Optical Full Lenses

Tempered glass material

Uniquely Designed Buckle

Scuba-Choice-Blue Snorkel Mask Nearsighted Prescription RX Optical Corrective Lenses

Tempered Glass Lenses

Panoramic Style

Our Top 5 Prescription Snorkel Masks

We all have limited time to search around while shopping for prescription snorkel mask. Making a selection among many available products can be time-consuming.

But with this article, worry less as we have selected for you the best five prescription snorkel mask that you can consider.

1. Promate Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel

We are opening our list with a mask from promate. Many refer this sometimes as a purge mask. It accompanies a color co-ordinates snorkel that is designed to work fully underwater.

It is a two window mask that has an inbuilt purge and channel located at the bottom of the skirt which drives away bubbles that cause fogging. So, there will be no fogging in this mask.

The mask also has an easy to adjust straps that are attached to the skirt. They can be used to set the perfect fit as per the user's head size. Thus, it is a very comfortable mask designed with a low profile.

For its prescription lenses, they will suit both far or nearsighted user and range between -10 to 4.0.


Adjustable Strap : Regardless of size or shape of the head, you will have a comfortable fit from these adjustable straps.

Fish eye Design : The fish-eye design will give you a full view of the underwater world.

Swivel Buckle : It has a swiveling buckle with adjustable straps that can be adjusted to give a required fit and comfort.

Low Profile Design : With the low profile design, you will not feel like you are carrying anything on your head.

What We Liked About It

  • Very clear lenses that are good for underwater viewing
  • Fantastically build for high quality
  • The top dry technology makes it a dry mask
  • Comfortable fit from an easy to adjust buckles

What We Liked About It

  • It does not accompany a carrying bag or case

2. IST Prescription Snorkel Mask

Have you been searching around for the best prescription snorkel mask to include in your gear bag? Today, I have one for you. With IST mask, you will be very close to diving in style.

The mask comes with a wide range of tinted prescription lenses that can be found either in blue or yellow color.

The mask is also lightweight and comes in a compact design that makes it easy to pack, transport or store. You will get a tight fit that is comfortable and leak-free. From Its 100% hypoallergenic liquid-injected silicone skirt that has a feathered edge.

It also has an adjustable swivel buckle that can be adjusted to suit different user’s preference. It will fit you regardless of whether you have a wide or narrow face.

Below read about some of the key specs that make it stand out among other prescription snorkeling mask.


Available In Multiple Colors : You can get this mask either as a blue, yellow or black option. So you will have a choice over colors.

Swiveling Buckles  : It has a rotating buckle that will allow you to set the strap to an angle you are comfortable. Adjusting the buckle straps will also be easy.

Wide Silicone Split Strap : You will have no painful binding or uncomfortable head squeeze as the wide silicone split strap will spread the pressure across a greater surface area. You will also get a snug fit with no discomfort.

Tempered Glass Lenses : Its lenses are made from tempered glass, material that is resistant to scratch, offer a panoramic view and give maximum protection to the eye. Tempered glass lenses will last quite long.

Flexible Feathered Edge Skirt : Its feathered edge flexible skirt will give a watertight seal that will be comfortable on your face.

Hypoallergenic : Does not affect those with sensitive skins.

What We Liked About It

  • Durable lenses made from tempered glass
  • Accompany multiple lenses good for different people
  • Their lenses give a wide angle of view

Why It Can Suck

  • Very small in size and will not fit those with a big head

3. Scuba Black Dive Mask NEARSIGHTED Prescription

At number three, we start to remember those that are nearsighted. The scuba black dive mask accompanies a wide range of lenses of 0.5 increments ranging between+1 to +4. This is a certainty that regardless of the condition of your eye problem, you will find the lens that best suits you in case you are farsighted.

Don’t let the poor vision prevent you from enjoying the real experience of snorkeling. The solution is these Scuba Black Dive mask designed knowing that there are nearsighted people.

You will find it comfortable to wear this mask. Its skirt and strap are made of silicone. This gives it a tight and flexible design with few chances of water leaks. Moreover, it has easy-to-use buckles and getting a tight fit from it will not be time-consuming.


Multiple Lenses : This mask comes with a wide range of lenses for nearsighted users. You will select one that suits your prescription and start to enjoy the marvelous underwater world.

Tempered Glass Lens : The tempered glass material is known for its durability and high resistance to fogging and scratch. This implies you will have a long-lasting mask that will not demand the sooner change of lenses. Maybe when your prescription changes.

Silicone Facial Skirt : Silicone is a very a comfortable material and will give a tight fit that will cause no water leaks.

Well-Designed Buckles With Adjustable Straps : You will use the adjustable strap on buckles to set a comfortable and required fit. The buckles are very thin, and you will not feel them while snorkeling.

Panoramic Style : This will give you a clear and wider view of the underwater world while snorkeling.

What We Liked About It

  • Lenses are made from scratch-proof and durable tempered glass
  • Greatly designed buckles with an easy-to-adjust straps
  • Accompanies a wide range of corrective lenses
  • Has a silicone facial skirt that is leak-proof

Why It Can Suck

  • The mask fogs when underwater

4. Scuba Blue Snorkel Mask FARSIGHTED Prescription RX Optical Full Lenses

If you have been searching around for the best-farsighted prescription mask that is leak-proof, then the blue scuba dive is an ideal buy that you should make.

The mask accompanies a wide range or corrective lenses that suit farsighted snorkel enthusiasts. This will help improve the underwater experience for the farsighted fellows.

It has been highly designed to give a clear underwater vision that will guarantee a better experience. It causes no fogging or blurred vision.


Multiple Lenses : It accompanies a wide range of lenses for farsighted people. You will need lenses that range from +1.0 to +4.0 with 0.5 increments.

Silicone Skirt : It has a well-designed silicone skirt that will give a watertight seal that will also be comfortable on your face.

Uniquely Designed Buckle : It has a well-designed buckle with adjustable straps for setting the required fit with feeling that you are squeezing your head.

Tempered Glass Lens : Tempered glass is a very strong and durable material that is also resistant to scratching. So the need to replace the mask lenses will not be too soon. You will only be required to change the lenses if your prescription changes.

What We Liked About It

  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt that is very comfortable
  • Costs less and has better quality than its counterparts
  • Accompanies a wide range of lenses to fit different needs
  • Designed to be fog-proof and leak-proof
  • Lenses are made from durable tempered glass

Why It Can Suck

  • It does not fit those with a smaller nose

5. Scuba-Choice-Blue Snorkel Mask Nearsighted Prescription RX Optical Corrective Lenses

Are you nearsighted and thinking that you are not getting the best underwater experience during your snorkeling activity?

Here lies the solution. With this scuba prescription mask, you will overcome the poor underwater vision because of nearsighted eye problem.

It comes with a wide range of prescription lenses ranging from -1.0 to 10.0, and this makes it best go for the nearsighted snorkel enthusiasts.

Other amazing features that it has include silicone skirt, and great buckle design.


Multiple Lenses : It accompanies a wide range of prescription lenses. You will not miss one that suits your problem and enjoy the fantastic underwater world.

Tempered Glass Lenses : Its lenses are made from strong and durable tempered glass that is resistant to scratch. Tempered glass lasts long.

Crystal Silicone Skirt : The crystal silicone facial skirt will give a watertight seal that is comfortable to your face.

Uniquely Designed Buckles : It has uniquely designed buckles with adjustable straps that make it easy to wear or take off the mask. Buckles adjustable straps will also allow getting the required fit that is comfortable

Panoramic Style : The panoramic style guarantees a clear underwater view. So you will enjoy wide and clear vision while snorkeling.

What We Liked About It

  • Lenses are made from scratch-proof and durable tempered glass
  • Greatly designed buckles with an easy to adjust straps
  • A wide range of lenses that will fit different needs
  • Silicone skirt that gives a tight seal for leak-proof

Why It Can Suck

  • It may result in unclear views as it fogs

Things To Consider While Shopping

There are a few things that you should first consider before you decide to buy a prescription snorkeling mask. In this part, we have covered some of them.

1. Lenses That Match Your Problem

The lenses are the first things you must consider before you buy. They are what make that mask a prescription one.

And with the fact that you need a mask that can help counteract your eye problem, considering the lens specifications is a must. There are several sorts of lenses that can suit nearsighted or farsighted users.

Though lenses are not must to match your prescription, they should be close to what you need.

2. The Fitting Of The Skirting

It is not only essential to consider lenses, but how the mask will fit you is also another important thing. What you have to know is that even if you choose the best mask with the best lenses and it doesn’t fit, it will be wastage of cash.

To choose the best fitting mask, look for one with silicone skirting as opposed to PVC. Silicone is a flexible material and will give a better sealing that will result in no water leaks. Furthermore, it is more comfortable compared to PVC.

3. Quality Of Straps And Buckles

One thing that you should as well not forget to consider is the straps and buckles. Do its buckles come with adjustable straps? It ought to be if looking for the one which can be adjusted to a give a tight fitting.

Also, choose the best mask with the best clips that will hold the strap around your head while you snorkel in water.

4. Price

Finally, you should also consider what you are able and willing to spend. The economy is not on our side, and we must intend to buy the quality product with amazing features but pay less and save more.

It is not always right that when you pay a high price, you receive something of high quality. You can get cheap masks with qualities you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the queries from our readers and those willing to buy a prescription mask for their snorkeling.

1. How can I know if the lenses in the mask match my problem?

Though there are many different lenses made for a different eye problem, when placing your order, you are the one who sets what you require. You know your condition best. Be reminded that if you give wrong information, most companies will not provide a refund.

 2. Are the lenses on prescription mask replaceable?

Yes, they are replaceable. However, if you intend to replace them, be sure to use the right procedure not to damage them or leave the mask unsealed.

3. Why should I buy the prescription snorkel mask?

If you need to have an excellent underwater experience but you have an eye problem. Prescription snorkeling mask comes with lenses to solve the problem. They come in new designs that will make your snorkeling more fun because you will be having a clear view thus relax and focus on the beautiful underwater creatures.

4. Where can I get the best prescription snorkeling mask for my problem?

The best deals can found online. Through online, you can search and browse various dealers, see what they are offering before placing an order.

5. Does prescription snorkeling mask cost more than ordinary snorkeling mask?

Not so high. Their prices are just reasonable. What make them different are the included prescription lenses.

Wrapping Up

All the items that we have featured in this review were based on desired qualities such as hypoallergenic silicone skirts, adjustable straps, and great buckles among other attributes.

Be free to consider the above items based on your eyesight condition, style, preference and what you are willing to spend. They are all meant to be comfortable, give a clear view and make your snorkeling experience great. So, you can consider prescription full face snorkel mask.