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Underwater world has got a fascinating appeal to it. Given a chance, each one of us wants to go exploring the life flourishing inside the oceans.

That ecosystem which is enabling the species in water to breathe and be alive, those beautiful and colorful ridges of rocks and sand glorifying in the wake of sunlight, everything calls us to come and get mesmerized.

To have all that is mentioned above, we have this thrilling sport called Snorkeling!

Available for all, easy to practice, no training required – everyone can go for snorkeling whenever planning a vacation in tropical resorts.

But wait!! There is one problem. How to snorkel with glasses on?

How to Go Snorkeling with Glasses On?

Wearing spectacles is nothing unusual nowadays. Every three in ten people around is having prescription glasses or contact lenses, as per the latest survey.

This record includes all ages, from snorkeling with kids to grandparents. Even, there are people who put on glasses as a fashion sense, owing to such a wide range of varieties of attractive glasses available in the market.

So now the question arrives, can we go snorkeling while wearing glasses or contacts?

Because as far as we understand, snorkeling requires a leak-proof mask sealed to your face so rigorously that it is sometimes difficult to adjust your nose in the mask, forget about a whole spectacle with earpieces.

The difficulty does not get eliminated with contact lenses too, as while exploring the wider range of view underwater from inside the mask, your pupils may lose the lenses in an effort to gain more perspective.

So are there any solutions to the problems of nerds out there, which will enable them to go snorkel as freely as a fish in the water?

To all of our relief, yes there are plenty of solutions available.

First of all, let’s just eradicate the options which are not possible.

Wearing the glasses inside the diving mask is not possible at all. With hardly any space inside the mask to adjust your facial features, it is going to be impossible to fix a spectacle there.

The moment you put spectacles and wear the diving mask, the proposition will make way for the leakage from the sides.

Even if you remove the ear supports of your spects, it is not going to work, since then there is no support left for your spects to hang on in the correct position in front of your eyes.

Although, people with only slight vision problem do not need to worry about the whole spects and the contacts thing or how they will see the world under water without them.

Water has the property of magnifying things with the phenomenon of refraction. In most cases, you will already be seeing things underwater bigger than they will usually look like on dry land.

So there is no point of worry in case of slight vision problem of course.

Now let us have a look on the options available for people with more than slight vision problems.

Getting Prescription Diving Masks

One of the many ways available in the market to overcome the vision problems underwater for glass wearers is that they can purchase the diving mask and get the glass lens of the mask customized to the power of their eye.

There are plenty of diving shops available which can ensemble the arrangement for you. The process costs you good money. Therefore you have to make sure the whole set of accessories fits perfectly on you.

Like the mask should fit your face perfectly, it should be leak proof and not prone to fogging.

Then the prescription for the power of your eye has to be accurate while being given to the diving shop. In case there is any misunderstanding about the above points, it will ruin your experience underwater.

But once set for your face and your eye, the process is worth the money. It is going to be long-lasting and will allow you to move as casually in water as you move on land.

The best part is, the technique is benefiting all age groups. You can go snorkeling with your kids or your parents.

Snorkeling for beginner to the world of water or experienced pros; everyone with prescription glasses can opt for this solution.

The prescription snorkel mask will provide you with 180 degrees of view without you even realizing that you are wearing some sort of aided mask.

Wearing Contact Lenses with Diving Mask

Wearing contacts is also an option for snorkeling, but there are precautions to be kept in mind.

You should go for the texture of lenses which is comfortable to your eyes when wearing inside a diving mask.

Usually, soft lenses are preferred in the case. Hard lenses or lenses sensitive to gas contact are to be avoided totally. They create hazy visions and are painful to your eyes, especially in such confined and high-pressure environment under water.

In any case, you have to take care that in case the water floods in your mask, you have to close your eyes lest you run the chance of losing them with water.

Use of disposable lenses can also be an option here. They can be disposed off after using once or in case of any irritation in the eye. Only make sure that you carry a couple of pairs of them, just in case.

Other Options?

Now there are some cheaper options too but with lesser durability and no guarantee about how your snorkeling experience will turn out to be with them.

Like you can stick the lenses from your glasses in your diving mask with superglue, attach magnifiers in the diving mask, bounded lenses cut to the shape of the mask and stuck in.

But as stated, the risk of using these options lies totally on you. They can prove to be effective aids, and at the same time, they can come out as total disasters.

Nonetheless, if you are well acquainted with snorkeling, there is no harm in trying these options too.

To conclude

there is no need to worry about how to snorkel with glasses, when the market is full of solutions to all your problems.

With the increasing glass wearers, the techniques to overcome the vision problems are also evolving at the same rate. So on your mark, get set & go.

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