How To Attach Snorkel To Mask : Quick Tips For Beginners

Snorkeling is always considered an easier sport when compared to Scuba Diving. It has got fewer efforts to put in, easily learned even by the kids and the beginners.

The activity has got its own plus points to be indulged about when talking about underwater.

While showing you the breath-taking views from the world under water, it provides with a sense of safety that you are not drowning in the abyss of the ocean and the surface is there to the rescue whenever you choke on your breathing.

However, the same pursuit can be materialized only when you know as to how to attach snorkel to mask.

Out of the three main parts a snorkel gear consists of, i.e., diving mask, snorkel tube, and swimming fins, the main trick remains in the part where you assemble the mask and the snorkeling tube.

To stay underwater comfortably, the main thing is to be able to breathe properly in there.
If you are constantly distracted by something uncongenial within your own body, it is unlikely that you will see the worth of either putting the efforts in the sport or any beauty under the oceans.

Instructions: Attaching A Snorkeling Mask

For beginners, especially who are not swimmers, it becomes essential to understand the whole process of snorkeling, and of course, about which part of the equipment is helping them to do what while performing the activity.

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A shallow understanding of the functions of parts of snorkel gear leads to a poor experience underwater, depriving you of the real beauty you went looking for.
Non-swimmers are usually not even aware of controlling their breathing in and out of the water.

For them, it is more important to first practice the activity in a highly supervised environment to learn the key factors about swimming in oceans.

For example; adjusting with waves and currents on the surface, and to understand the roles of each and every part of the snorkeling gear they are made to put on for the activity.

The process starts by attaching your snorkel to the mask. Now, that only is probably the main task to be accomplished and rest everything is widely taken care of.

You can follow the steps given here to assemble your snorkel to your diving mask. It should eliminate the risks of any unpleasant consequences to a large extent.

Step 1:  Don your snorkel mask.

Step 2: Put the mouthpiece of the snorkel tube in the mouth. Keep the position of the smoke tube as it will be during use in the water.

Step 3: Adjust the clip of the snorkel tube to meet the strap of the diving mask.

Step 4: Now, take off the mask and the snorkel tube, and untie the strap of the mask

Step 5 : Thread in the snorkel clip in the mask strap and tie it back to the mask.

Step 6: Put the assembly on and adjust the position of mask strap and snorkel clip to fit in your face completely sealed and comfortable.

Following the above procedure should make sure there are no hurdles in the way when you go for snorkeling activity.

The perfect position of mask and tube on your face will take care of any leaking issues if to come.

Although the above-mentioned process is traditionally followed for the snorkeling activity, the sport has evolved, and new techniques are there in the market to make the experience more pleasing for people.

One major revolutionizing improvement in the snorkeling area is full face snorkeling mask. It relieves you of all the troubles that can be caused by the combination of snorkeling tube and diving mask.

By using a full face mask, there is no hassle of assembling the parts, fixing them in position, facing unpleasant results of not assembled properly, etc.
Some of the merits of a full face snorkeling mask are briefed below;

  • A full-face diving mask comes in conjunction with the snorkel tube. No need to fit in separately.
  • The mask covers your face from eye to chin level, so keeping it dry all the time you are submerged in water, enhances the comfort level therein.
  • The full face mask allows you to breathe from both nose and mouth.
  • They come specifically designed for prompt air circulations known as dual air circulation technology and give sufficient space for breathing. This aid leaves no space for discomfort under water.
  • The top end of the snorkel in full face masks are fitted with a smart valve to restrict the entry of water into the tube. And in case the water leaks in, it is drained out fully and efficiently through the valve mechanism, leaving your breathing space inside the mask and the tube comfortably dry and capacious.
  • These full face snorkeling masks come in varying sizes, fitting the needs of all type of faces.
  • They fit the face in a manner that renders them perfectly leak proof and hardly give any way to fogging.

Owing to all the above advantages, full face snorkeling masks are rapidly capturing the market now.

They are easy to put on with no extra efforts and rocket science required to assemble the parts, especially the mask and the snorkel tube.

Their use makes the snorkeling experience more enjoyable without a doubt.

Although care should be taken to go for good quality, branded full face masks only lest you run the risk of paddling on a harmful experience.

Anyways, to buy the best mask, check out our picks reviewed on full-face snorkel mask.

Final Words

Basically, the question here is not only about how to attach the snorkel to mask, but the main concern is to keep a person healthily alive and to breathe underwater.

Someone with issues of holding breath underwater can find the sport of snorkeling not worth giving a shot at all.

But it is all about how you go about performing the activity and how well is your equipment assembled so that it delivers its functionality in an appropriate and satisfying manner.

So the word goes as, have the knowledge about whatever you are up to. Knowledge is power. It will save you from life-threatening dangers all the time. Period. 

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