Snorkel Mask for Beards – Start Snorkeling With A Beard!

Beards are popular right now, not just with hipsters but also for gentlemen like us. If you want to keep that cool looking beard, keep that rustic look and go for a dive, well guess what? That beard can be a problem.

Imagine that you have just been invited by the lively marine life to tour a vast aquarium of the size of a football field. That is what a snorkeling experience is for those who have never experienced the natural feel that snorkeling offers.

Nevertheless, you do realize that to experience this you need to have a full-face snorkeling mask. But what if you are bearded?

Beards and mustaches don’t get well with the seal of the mask, but there is a solution and this article is all about that.

Would you give up on your beard and enjoy the wonders of the ocean or would you rather keep the beard and enjoy the same?

Well, you need the best snorkel mask for beards. In this wordy piece, we are going to see some of the recommended snorkeling masks for those with beards.

Do Full Face Snorkel Masks Work With A Beard?

It is clear that you cannot apply any lensed full-face snorkel mask when you are thickly bearded. Do you know why?

Most full–face snorkel mask has a silicone skirt lining that forms a watertight seal against the face of the user. When you have beards, they make it impossible for a watertight seal and this can lead to the inlet of water.

Nevertheless, for those who don’t have a thick beard and instead have a little scruff on their face, that can work out. But again, what about those with thick beards?

If you are one of them, you don’t have to worry. There is also a way for you to experience the pleasure of snorkeling. That indicates, there exists a solution for you people.

The Solution for Bearded Fellows – Half Face Mask

For a half face mask, the sealing surface of the skirt conforms to the portion of the face, which includes the areas located between the nostrils and the upper lip. Below it passes through the cheekbone area on both sides of the face.

This brings about the watertight seal that is leak free, and you will be ok when snorkeling with a beard.

Our Recommended Best Snorkel Mask for Bearded Snorkelers

There aren’t many choices when you look out to snorkel with a beard. And so, it is obvious that you don’t have much options to check and trust. However, here are the top three picks as per our market research based on customer feedback

1. Atomic Aquatics Frame-less Mask

As we all know that the atomic is a brand of the product known for their qualities; this vemon frameless mask is no different. This frameless mask is the latest scuba snorkel mask for those with beards. It comes with tempered glass lens designed from Schott super write UltraClear.

It has distortion free large single window lens which is unlike other typical masks that let in light only of between 80 and 90 %, this lets in 96 % of the available light. You will notice that this mask is quite different from other typical masks on your first dive.

Moreover, it features a medical grade silicone known as “Gummi Bear UltraSoft.” This contributes to the comfortable feel and softness on your face when worn. It also adds to a leak-free seal. Indeed, this can be the best scuba mask for those with thick beards.

Its skirt is made with a double layer of silicone. The thick silicone material around the lens gives you required support as opposed to thin and too flexible silicone materials for the seal around your face.

This mask will sit close to the face as it is a frame less mask, and you will get better visibility and easier equalization.


  • Double-layered silicone skirt offers the required support
  • Comfortable feel from medical grade silicone
  • Offers a clearer view


  • The tempered glass lens is highly affected by fogging

2. Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit Scuba Snorkeling Mask

If you have been walking around looking for the most comfortable snorkel mask for those with beards, then rest your case and look no further. Here is a snorkel mask for bearded men with two unique two-skirt systems.

The thin, soft and flexible skirt that makes it fit your face and the outer skirt that goes around the mask to provide rigidity and support. These two skirt works to provide superior comfort and leak free coverage.

Unlike others, that when worn for an extended period, forms a red ring around the face, this one will not. Imagine a mask that will not leak or form a red ring around your face, even if you have a thick beard. Why not buy it?

This as well will allow the mask to fold almost entirely flat and will make it easy to pack or carry when going snorkeling. Moreover, this mask will give you excellent visibility in sunlight conditions, and you will have less eyestrain as it is equipped with reflexive free lenses.

On the other hand, this implies that the mask is only for sunlight diving and not for night diving, but it remains among the best choice for who those want to snorkel and have thick beards.


  • Leak free mask for bearded bros
  • Easy to use and quick release buckles system
  • Offers excellent visibility


  • Only applicable during the daylight

3. Scubapro Synergy 2 Single Lens Snorkel Mask

We all know that a superb snorkel mask must give an extensive field of view as well as keeping it dry and all in all, adequate comfort. The Synergy2 TRUFIT comes with all these performance features and furthermore works even to those with thick beards.  The SCUBARPO’s Trufit technology manifests itself by its unique ribbing texture.

With the new generation, Trufit technology made skirt is what plays a major role in its comfortability. This mask has two skirts that work to make sure it is comfortable and dry.

The outer skirt, which is designed from a firmer silicone, gives the required support and rigidity while the inner skirt made from soft, thin and flexible silicone to give excellent fits and feels comfortable against the skin.

The dual-skirt design has shown to be ultra-comfortable as well as provides a watertight seal. Apart from the comfort, the synergy2 Trufit single lens design gives an excellent field of view, and it has buckles that are easy to use.

It has painted frame that looks good. The SYNERGY2 will make you experience the underwater environment from its unique ribbed system that molds to the contours of almost all faces.


  • Small yet workable
  • Comfortable mask ideal for thick-bearded people
  • Fits fantastically and is leak free


  • It needs to be broken in to prevent fogging like any other new mask

Concluding Thoughts

So with the above three products, snorkeling will not be a problem even if you have colossal beards, though make sure that when you're trying your first snorkeling, do it when at least one helper is nearby. It is so easy to get addicted and forget to see where you are or where you are going.

 If it is very windy or very choppy, forget it, unless you are experienced. The visibility will not be excellent, and there is a chance that you will be drinking a lot of water if your mask is not well fitted