6 Best Semi Dry Snorkels In 2022

Snorkeling is fun until the water gets into the tube or you are short of breathing. Semi-dry snorkels have an amazing ability to deflect water from the top and clear water from the inside. So, they are a great choice for any sort of water sport, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Let’s review some of the most popular semi-dry snorkels and judge them on build quality, design, effectiveness, and comfort. This guide will help you choose the best semi dry snorkel for your next water adventure.

How to Use a Semi Dry Snorkel?

Semi-dry snorkels are great for beginners and experts alike. Here are the right ways to use a semi-dry snorkel to enhance your underwater experience.

  • Check the target age of the snorkel you are buying. Adult and child snorkels will have differently sized mouthpieces.
  • To use the purge valve, exhale slowly, and the excess water will be purged.
  • While taking a breath, do it slowly as some water might be left inside the tube.
  • Don’t swim at high speeds. The valve might move due to sudden movement, and water can get inside the tube.

Types of Snorkel Tubes

Three types of snorkel tubes are commonly available: wet snorkels, semi-dry snorkels, and dry snorkels. Let’s discuss the types briefly.

Wet Snorkel

This is also known as the classic snorkel. The build of this snorkel is pretty simple. You have a J-shaped tube attached to the mouthpiece. There isn’t generally any purge valve in wet snorkels, so you might have difficulty clearing the water from the tube.

If you are an experienced snorkeler and looking for the best snorkel for spear fishing or free diving, the wet snorkel is the right equipment.

Semi-Dry Snorkel

A semi-dry snorkel is a snorkel with purge and splash guard. The splash guard prevents water from getting into the tube. And the purge valve helps you purge the excess water collected in the reservoir by exhaling forcefully.

Dry Snorkel

Along with the flex tube and purge valve, dry snorkels have a float valve at the top of the tube of the snorkel. When the tube is completely submerged, the float valve will be closed and prevent water from getting in.

Dry Vs Semi-Dry Snorkel

The biggest difference between dry vs. semi-dry snorkel is the float valve. Dry snorkels have a float valve at the top with a splash guard. When the tube is submerged, the float valve will seal the top so that no water can infiltrate the tube.

But semi-dry snorkels don’t have such float valves. As a result, water might still get into the tube from splashes, rogue waves, etc. Beginners will find dry snorkels very easy to use. But they aren’t that good for free diving or scuba diving.

Semi-dry snorkels are more versatile than dry snorkels, so you can use them in many activities, including free diving, spear fishing, and scuba diving.

Comparison Table of Semi Dry Snorkels

Before getting into the details let’s have a deep look in the main differences of the products.



Splash Guard Design

Purge Valve Design



Cressi Adult Semi-Dry Snorkel

Cressi Adult Semi-Dry Snorkel

Angled and Slit


160 g

TUSA SP-170 Semi Dry Snorkel

TUSA SP-170 Semi Dry Snorkel

Straight with Rectifying Plates

Curved with Container

240 g

Scubapro Escape Semi-Dry Snorkel

Scubapro Escape Semi-Dry Snorkel

Angled and Slit

Deep Container

180 g

Phantom Aquatics Semi Dry Snorkel

Phantom Aquatics Semi Dry Snorkel

Angled and non-slit

Deep Container

170 g

Atomic SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel

Atomic SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel

Curved and non-slit


226 g

IST Semi-Dry Soft-Flex Silicone Tube Snorkel

IST Semi-Dry Soft-Flex Silicone Tube Snorkel

Curved and slit

Straight with Deep Container

226 g

Top 6 Picks for the Semi-Dry Snorkel

It is exhausting to pick the right semi-dry snorkel out of many options available. We decided to compare the style, quality, and features of some popular snorkel sets to help you choose the best semi dry snorkel. Here you go.

1. Cressi Adult Semi-Dry Snorkel

Cressi Adult Semi-Dry Snorkel

This semi-dry snorkel is a brilliant piece of equipment for scuba diving, snorkeling, and free diving. The Italian design of this snorkel includes a flexible silicone tube for the best adjustment and a lowered purge valve for more convenience.

A splash guard is there on the top of the tube to prevent water from getting in accidentally. The mouthpiece is also made of soft silicone, which is easy to hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

Cressi has designed an elliptical bore to trap more air inside the tube for easy breathing. The mask strap will help attach the tube to the mask. You will get this snorkel in many different colors. I love the all-black design, but there is a combination of transparent tubes and other colors.

The mouthpiece is angled perfectly to reduce jaw fatigue. And the whole thing weighs just 160g, so you will easily be able to hold the snorkel without feeling a lot of loads.


  • Both flex tube and mouthpiece are made of soft silicone
  • Wide bore ensures better airflow
  • Splash guard prevents water infiltration
  • Purge valve is lowered for easier water removal


  • The angle might not be perfect in a face-down position

2. TUSA SP-170 Semi Dry Snorkels

TUSA SP-170 Platina Hyperdry II Scuba Diving Snorkel

TUSA’s semi-dry snorkel looks premium at first sight. The splash guard is designed with Hyper dry technology to give the snorkel a distinct look and several advantages.

It eliminates the risk of water getting inside the tube. As a result, you can dive into the water more comfortably and avoid the risks of splashes, sprays, rain, or waves. The flex tube is made of silicone for better movement and adjustments.

Having a high flow purge valve helps you remove water with the slightest force. The purge valve is designed to quickly purge excess water out of the tube while making a separate way for air bubbles. As a result, the chance of accidental water intake while breathing is reduced.

You get this snorkel in a vast array of colors. Though the mouthpiece is made of soft silicone for comfort, we think it should be positioned at an angle for less jaw fatigue.


  • High flow purge valve ensures quick removal of water
  • Angled valve keeps air bubbles separate
  • Flexible neck is easy to adjust
  • Splash guard has rectifying plates to protect against rogue waves


  • Mouthpiece could be angled for better comfort

3. Scubapro Escape Semi-Dry Snorkel

Scubapro Escape Semi-Dry Snorkel

We loved the simplicity and effectiveness of this semi-dry snorkel. It has a two-tone build that looks attractive. The splash guard on the top is designed to keep water out of the tube, no matter how fierce the splash is.

So, everything will remain under control as long as you have the snorkel on. There is a clip on the middle of the tube for attaching snorkel to the mask. The flex tube is positioned at the lower half, which is a corrugated silicone tube.

And the lowermost part has the mouthpiece and the purge valve. Both of them are positioned at an angle. So you won’t feel exhausted even after holding the mouthpiece for a long time.

The snorkel weighs only 180g and is available in four different colors. Choose whichever you like and go scuba diving like a pro without worrying about the water getting inside.


  • Flexible tube for less water resistance while moving
  • Angled splash guard for increased splash protection
  • Corrugated flex tube for easy adjustments
  • Mask clip to attach the strap easily
  • Angled mouthpiece for better overall comfort


  • Mask attachment fails pretty often
  • There could be some rattling

4. Phantom Aquatics Semi Dry Snorkel

Phantom Aquatics Semi Dry Snorkel

This is the best snorkel for free diving with its cutting-edge design and high-quality components. The uniform bend in the tube ensures great airflow and helps you breathe much easier than other snorkels of this class.

It has an angled splash guard to protect waves or splashes from entering the tube. As a result, the tube will remain drier than other snorkels. The mask clip has a quick release buckle so that you can attach or detach the tube with just one hand.

Look at the mouthpiece of this snorkel. It is positioned at the most comfortable angle to be comfortable no matter what your face direction is. The purge valve has a large chamber to collect excess water.

Though the flex tube looks sturdy, it is very flexible and keeps the snorkel away while scuba diving. It is available in different colors, so you have many options to choose from.


  • High-quality flexible and wide tube for better airflow
  • Protective splash guard to eliminate waves or splashes
  • Easily detachable mask clip with quick release buckle
  • Quick water removal with high flow purge valve
  • Perfectly angled mouthpiece for comfort


  • There can be some water inside even after removal

5. Atomic SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel

Atomic SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel

You’ll love the excellent design of this semi dry snorkel set from Atomic Aquatics. They make this snorkel with a vision of keeping water out of the tube in mind. So, it will provide great protection against splashes of waves.

The splash guard of this snorkel has a streamlined design with the top. This blending of the splash guard makes this snorkel look a lot sleeker than its competitors.

There is a clip to attach to the mask strap in the middle. You can easily operate this clip with just one hand while the other hand is busy. The flex tube has a corrugated design to make it convenient to adjust.

While maneuvering underwater, the mouthpiece will be easy to hold with your mouth. The purge valve is also in line with the tube, so there will be no extra container for collecting the water.


  • Sleek and modern design for efficient performance
  • Streamlined splash guard is at the right angle
  • Durable yet flexible tube for easy adjustments
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece for longer diving sessions
  • Allows you to breathe easily


  • Purge valve has no container

6. IST Semi-Dry Soft-Flex Silicone Tube Snorkel

IST Semi-Dry Soft-Flex Silicone Tube Snorkel

Take a look at the last snorkel on today’s list. Doesn’t it look like something from the future? The gray snorkel looks dope with its angled splash guard at the top. It prevents water splashes or sprays from getting inside the perfectly curved tube.

The tube is made of soft silicone to make adjustments easier. Its mask clip design is more efficient than other snorkels at holding the mask straps. The corrugated flex tube ensures the snorkel getaway when you don’t need it.

Though the tube looks sleeker, it will allow ample air to pass through for easy breathing. And the purge valve will work efficiently to remove excess water from the tube. The mouthpiece is fitted at the right angle so that you can hold it comfortably for longer.

You will find a lot of color variations to choose from. The snorkel will be suitable for beginners and experts alike, no matter the color.


  • High-quality material with a sleek design
  • Extended splash guard works excellent
  • Quick-release mask clip helps in easy adjustment
  • Flexible corrugated tube makes maneuvering easier
  • Soft and comfortable mouthpiece


  • Snorkel tube isn’t very wide

Best Semi Dry Snorkel Buying Guide

Before you buy a semi-dry snorkel, you need to consider several factors. These are crucial to ensure you invest in the right equipment for water sports or other purposes. Let’s get into it.

Splash Guard

It protects the snorkel tube from getting filled with water from splashes, sprays, or waves. The splash guard is an angled part of the tube that deflects water from the top.

Splash guards with angled slits work excellently in semi-dry snorkels. So, if you want to keep the inside of the tube dry, you need to choose a snorkel with an effective splash guard.

Flex Tube

The flex tube is located in the lower half of the snorkel tube, and it is often corrugated for better flexibility. It is usually made of soft silicone so that you can adjust the position of the snorkel tube while maneuvering.

Another good thing about the flex tube is that it swings away once the mouthpiece goes off your jaw. Choose a snorkel that has a flexible and durable flex tube.

Purge Valve

This is crucial to clear excess water from the tube. The purge valve needs to be positioned lower than the mouthpiece so that the water can go down easily. Some purge valves have containers to hold excess water so that you don’t accidentally intake the water while breathing.

The valve should require some force to act. Otherwise, it can be opened accidentally with a sudden movement, and water can go inside the tube. Keep an eye on that while buying.


It is the part you hold with your jaws. The mouthpiece is usually made of soft silicone so that you have no problem holding the part for a long time. But if the mouthpiece isn’t positioned at the right angle, you will have difficulty under water with a lot of jaw fatigue.

Check for a mouthpiece that is slightly angled with the tube. This way, the mouthpiece will be comfortable to hold, no matter your face direction.


The whole snorkel should be flexible and ergonomic to go with the flow easily. If the build is brittle, the tube can crack under extreme pressure. Check the softness of the material while buying if possible. It will protect you from hassles afterward.


Don’t miss the answers to some frequently asked questions to know more about semi-dry snorkels.

What is a semi dry top snorkel?

Semi-dry snorkels are also known as semi-dry top snorkels because of the splash guard located on the top of the snorkel tube. This design makes the tube prevent water from letting in.

Are there snorkels that don’t let water in?

Yes, a dry or semi dry snorkel won’t let water inside the tube. But as the top float valve in dry snorkels get closed when the tube is submerged, you can’t breathe underwater with dry snorkels.

Can you dive with semi dry snorkel?

Semi-dry snorkels are great for scuba diving. As the splash guard on top prevents water from getting inside, you can easily dive with a semi-dry snorkel. But if the tube is completely submerged, water can go inside.

How do snorkelers breathe underwater?

Breathing underwater while snorkeling is a tricky task. If the snorkel tube is completely submerged in water, you can’t breathe through the tube. You must need to surface yourself to breathe.

How do you clear a semi dry snorkel?

Semi-dry snorkels have purge valves at the bottom of the tube with a water reservoir. The excess water can be cleared from the tube through the purge valve. If you exhale strong enough, the force will open the purge valve and let the excess water go out.


With the increasing popularity of amateur scuba diving or other sports, snorkels are getting very common nowadays. Among different types, semi-dry snorkels work the best for any individual regardless of their skill levels.

As semi-dry snorkels have splash guards on the top, the tube usually remains dry even after large splashes of water from waves. The purge valve is helpful for easy clearing of excess water collected at the bottom. Such simplicity of semi-dry snorkels is the main reason behind their popularity.

We tried to go over the best semi dry snorkel in the market and show you their features in detail. Some of these snorkels are built with effectiveness and durability in mind. And they come at a highly affordable price so that even a beginner can get these as their first snorkels.