Best Flotation Belts for Snorkeling And Swimming [2021]

Flotation belts are a fantastic tool that can help to make your vacation snorkeling experience more enjoyable. You no longer need to feel excluded even if you are not an experienced swimmer. Having the best flotation belt in your arsenal will up your game and help you enjoy the tranquility of water without worrying about drowning.

With a flotation belt, you can have underwater adventures with your friends and family despite your inexperience on your next vacation near the sea. For seniors or disabled people, this is a lifesaver as the energy spent in swimming and keeping the body afloat might be too much for them.

In this article, we will look at some of the best flotation belts that you can buy on the market for when you are out swimming or snorkeling. So, without further ado, let us dive in.

Our Top Flotation Belts For snorkeling and Swimming

Our Top Picks

Budget Friendly
AQUA Fitness Deluxe Flotation Belt for Water Aerobics, Pool Exercise Equipment, Aquatic Swim Belt & Resistance Training
  •  Best for balance and comfort.
  • Best combo of price and performance
Best For Beginner
TRC Recreation Super Soft Buoyancy Belt, Small/Medium
  • Comfortable For Non-swimmers 
  • strap doesn't stay wet

Our Recommended Best Flotation Belts for snorkeling, swimming 

When choosing a tool that essentially helps you survive unknown elements, you should never go cheap. But not everyone has the option to spend over the top amount for a flotation belt. So, to find the balance between cost and value, we have selected five best flotation belts that will give you the best bang for your buck.

1. onyx m series Flotation belt pack manual inflatable life jacket

onyx m series belt pack manual inflatable life jacket

The first product on our list is the Onyx M-16inflatable snorkeling float from the M series of the brand. This unit is known for its low-profile lightweight design and easy to use functions. It is highly popular for beginners as much as it is for professionals. Because of its affordability and simple nature, it is one of those units that give you the most bang for your buck.

Despite the lightweight design, it is built-well and meant to last. It features a durable 200 deniers nylon oxford protective cover to prevent any tears on the fabric. The fabrics protect the unit from any sort of cutting or impact punctures that might lead to deflation.

Additionally, this unit features a small D-ring attachment to attach small accessories such as a flashlight. The 1-inch body belt and buckle are comfortable to use and does not feel too tight. Its 16-gram CO2 charge gives you 17 pounds of buoyancy, but it can provide additional buoyancy of up to 26.5 pounds through an oral inflation tube if you need it.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Durable construction
  • Additional buoyancy option4r5


  • Velcro quality not that good

2. TRC Recreation Super Soft Buoyancy Flotation Belt

TRC Recreation Super Soft Buoyancy Belt, Small/Medium

If you want a flotation device that offers therapeutic support along with your recreational swimming or snorkeling, then this might be the right tool for you. This soft buoyancy belt comes with support for the lower back to give you relief from any pain you might be suffering from as well as help you float freely.

The great thing about this tool is how soft and subtle it is in its application. It is an invaluable asset to any person who is going for underwater workouts. Thanks to the added buoyancy, you can use this unit in any sort of marine activities from snorkeling to water aerobics without any trouble.

This belt features an internal strap system and adjustable buckle fastener that allows you to get a comfortable yet snug fit on your waist. It comes in two different sizes; one range for waists of 26 to 34 inches, and the other one ranges from 34 to 44-inches.  It is a versatile product that is perfect for non-swimmers who wants to take part in swimming activities safe from harm.


  • Soft and lightweight belt
  • Lower back support
  • Great tool for a workout in and out of water
  • Adjustable buckle system


  • Not suitable for children of small waist sizes

3. Aqua Jogger Classic Flotation Belt

Aqua Jogger Classic Belt - Blue

Finding the best snorkeling belt on a budget can be a challenging task. But this unit by Aqua Jogger tries to break the price boundary by offering a premium product at a fraction of what you would pay for the quality it provides.  It features a simple design that is effective at doing its job correctly.

The shape of the belt is ideal for people of lean stature. That is why it is more suited for women and lightweight men instead of someone bulky. Its 48-inch woven elastic belt can be adjusted with the strap to fit your waist snugly. When worn, your body will remain suspended in the water vertically at a comfortable level.

This unit comes with everything included in the package to give you a helping hand when starting. It comes with an informative guide on basic workouts that include an instructional DVD. The device is quite durable because of its resilient closed-cell foam that resists water absorption and chlorine damages.


  • Simple and low-profile design
  • Durable
  • Suspends body at shoulder level
  • Adjustable strap


  • Not suitable for bulky people

4. AQUA Fitness Deluxe Flotation Belt

AQUA Fitness Deluxe Flotation Belt for Water Aerobics, Pool Exercise Equipment, Aquatic Swim Belt & Resistance Training

For people on a budget, this deluxe flotation belt brings quality over price. Serving as a piece of training equipment regarding aqua fitness, it is a tool worthy of its name. It features the perfect amount of buoyancy to suspend your body vertically while you exercise in shallow or deep water.

This unit features a contoured cut and soft fabric to make a comfortable experience. It comes with adjustable straps that allow you to have a custom fit according to your waist size. Chlorine resistant EVA foam, belts, and buckles will enable this unit to be highly durable even when exposed to extended periods in the water.


  • Universal fit for waist
  • Great for low impact water exercise
  • Durable construction
  • Highly affordable


  • May not stay in place

5.TYR Aquatic Flotation Belt

TYR Aquatic Floatation Belt, One Size

Finishing up our list, we have this highly affordable yet amazingly built flotation belt by TYR Sport Inc. For such a fantastic price, you would be hard-pressed finding a better product. It features high-quality EVA foam that feels soft and comfortable on your skin.

This unit can cater to waist sizes ranging from 27 to 52 inches wide effortlessly. Whether you are lean, muscular, or bulky, you can reliably wear it thanks to the adjustable belt and clip system. For beginner snorkelers and swimmers, this product is the perfect and most affordable way to get started.


  • Highly affordable
  • Stable experience
  • A comfortable and soft EVA foam
  • Universal waist size support


  • Not highly durable

Things to consider before buying a flotation belt

When choosing the best snorkeling belt, there is a wide range of factors you must consider. For such a simple device, it is very easy to overlook a simple feature that could lead to you ending up with a mediocre unit. In this section of the article, we will focus on a few factors you should consider before you invest in a flotation belt.

Size of your body

The first thing you need to consider when you are buying your buoyancy belt is to look at the structure and density of your body. Are you lean or muscular? Will it be worn by an adult or a child? These questions are essential to ask before you go out and spend your money on a device that does not fit.

Your muscles and fat directly impact the type of belt you would need for yourself. With more muscles and less fat, you would need belts that offer more floating support or buoyancy, while with more fat and fewer muscles, your belt will provide less support.

Another thing to consider is the age factor. The belt that is designed for adults will naturally be loose for a child. Hence there is a risk that it might slip off while underwater. It is good practice to check the fit carefully before you decide on your selection to get the most out of your purchase.

Choosing the right type of belt

There are three distinct types of flotation belts that you can find on the market; even-buoyancy, uneven-buoyancy, and adjustable belts. Each of the straps supports your body in a different way when it comes to floating. Your choice of the device must match your needs, and for that, you need to understand each of the belt variants.

Even-buoyancy belts are the easiest to use that spread out the effect throughout your body. These units are perfect for seniors and newcomers. Uneven-buoyancy belts are meant for athletic snorkelers and tend to be a bit more buoyant near the back. It requires good muscle coordination to use effectively.

Lastly, adjustable floating belts are perfect if you want a personalized experience. It allows you to set up the buoyancy of the unit according to your liking, whether you are swimming recreation-ally, or performing water aerobics. IT does hold your hand to some degree but gives you the option to match the device to your needs.


Your personal comfort should never be compromised for a feature when it comes to choosing the best flotation belt. Regardless of your age or ability, you would likely use this tool for a long period under and above water. For a device that you wear for such an extended period, comfort is a crucial element.

Find a belt that matches your waist contour. You must pay attention to the fit of the belt. If it is too small, it will make you feel suffocated, and if it is too loose, it might fail to fulfill its purpose. Comfort, ergonomics, and fit are important factors that directly affect your experience with your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a swim belt used for?

A swim belt, also known as a flotation belt, helps keep your body floating on the surface of the water. It is a helpful tool for individuals who are not very experienced swimmers and also used in many other activities.

Water aerobics and snorkeling are two common applications for this device, as well as water-based workouts.

Do I need to wear a flotation belt while snorkeling?

It depends on your experience and skill as a swimmer. If you are not a good swimmer, using a flotation belt will help you balance your body in the water. Many people who can swim well also use this product to let them focus on other factors while snorkeling. If you want more versatility then we highly recommended to check our buying guide of snorkeling vest  .

What is water aerobics?

Water aerobics or sometimes referred to as aquatic fitness is basically a set of exercises done in shallow waters. Water bodies, such as swimming pools, are ideal spots to perform this activity. It has many health benefits, such as heart rate regulation, muscle fitness, stress relief, etc.

Do I need a flotation belt for water aerobics?

A flotation belt essentially frees your arm when you are taking part in water aerobics. You can use this extra freedom to perform challenging exercises without fear of drowning. It is especially useful when it comes to practicing resistance training.

Final Thoughts

If you are a newbie at swimming, or afraid of the water, having a flotation belt can help you get comfortable around water. It is an invaluable tool for snorkelers and water fitness practitioners to make the experience more enjoyable. We hope our guide on the best flotation belts could help you find the right product for your requirements