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Spearfishing is a popular sport that is both recreational and competitive. But before the arrival of speargun and other means of diving, it consisted of just a man and a pole spear against the underwater elements. Using a good quality pole spear to spearfish is a rewarding experience that teaches discipline and patience.

In this article, we will take a look at how to use a pole spear and break it down into helpful bits to help you digest all the information. Although there is not much to understand about the device itself, the skill that you need to master is vast.

How to Use A Pole Spear?

Before we get to how we need to understand the basic mechanics of this device, it utilizes simple physics and comes with three simple parts; the shaft, tip, and band. The band is what drives the spear. It is elastic when released thrusts the spear into your target. Without the band, it is just a basic spear.

In order to use the device, first, you need to hold the band between your forefinger and thumb. Now pull your hand along with the elastic band and place it near the upper end of the shaft. You will feel the tension of the band which will tell you how hard the spear will travel.

The next step is pretty simple. All you need to do is let go of your grip and watch the spear thrust across the water towards your target. A word of caution, though, remember to hold tightly onto the band. Otherwise, you might lose your spear if it misses your prey.

Perfecting Your Skill

As you can see, using the device is not that difficult. Mastering it is where things get complicated. You need to practice your aim and power before you can hope to hit anything. There are three steps to perfecting your art of pole spearfishing. They are: Prowling, Shooting, and Securing the kill


Prowling is the process of stalking your prey. However, hunting above water and underwater are two different things entirely. On the ground, you can be quite by tiptoeing or crawling around cover. But in the water, you do not have that luxury. So, prowling underwater can be a bit challenging at first.

Since the spear pole does not cause too much buoyancy, it does not seem threatening to fishes. You need to move smoothly without causing too much disturbance if you want to become the perfect hunter. Try to get as close as you can to your target before releasing the spear.


The most crucial element of spearfishing is learning how and where to shoot. Learning to aim properly underwater is vital to you mastering this sport. A pole spear is lightweight and can be loaded in a moment’s notice. So, you should not be moving around with it cocked all the time.

You would be better off saving that energy for prowling. Another thing to know is where you want to aim. For a kill shot, you should aim for the base of the spine of the fish. It is located in the north of the gill above its eye. However, hitting any part of the spine will limit the fish’s movement, leaving it at your mercy.

Securing the kill

The final step to mastering spearfishing is learning to secure your kill. You have stalked your prey, got a good shot in, but right when you start to reel it in, the fish breaks free and runs away. It is a common occurrence in the life of any novice spear fisher who does not understand how to secure their hunt.

 It is crucial that you not only catch the fish but also push the spear deep into it. You can secure the fish to the pole by angling it towards the surface. It will also allow you to continue hunting since the fish is safely tucked in your spear.

Extra Tips For Spearfishing

Now that you know the basics of how a pole spear works, naturally, you would consider jumping into it. We understand your excitement and to enhance your experience, here are a few tips to help you underwater.

Find the perfect spot

Scoping out your fishing spot is the first challenge you must overcome. The ocean is vast and it can get quite confusing if you are not careful. So leave your pole spear behind at first and figure out your location. It will allow you to find the best spot for hunting.

Calm your nerves

Keep in mind that you are out of your element under the water. It is the natural habitat of your prey where you are the unwelcome alien. Any unnatural movement or disturbance caused by you will trigger the survival instincts of your prey and cause them to flee.

So, you need to stay calm and keep your movements as smooth and precise as possible. Do not rush headfirst into the first fish you find. Scope out your surroundings and look for the best target before you dive into it.

Use Your Eyes

Keep your eyes straight and focused when swimming underwater. Do not turn suddenly with your head or body. Instead, you should use your peripheral vision to find small movements in your surroundings. When shifting your direction, keep your eyes locked on the target and turn slowly.

Be resourceful

Our final tip for you is to get creative with what you have available to you. Since you are out of your element under the water, you need every advantage you can get. Boulders or the underwater poles of the pier can be used as great covers to hide when stalking your prey. You should not hesitate to use them if you need them.

Final Thoughts

Using a pole spear to catch fish is an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you are snorkeling or free diving like the pros, you need to be handy with your weapon and make split-second decisions. It brings a rush of adrenaline to your body when you catch a fish, which makes it quite addictive.

We hope this informative guide gave you a clear idea of how to use a pole spear and could be helpful in finding success in your next hunt.

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