Rash Guard vs Compression Shirt. (The answer might surprise you!)

We frequently come across the terms Rash Guard and Compression Shirts, yet most of us are unfamiliar with them and are perplexed by them. The debate over Rash Guard vs. Compression Shirt has raged on for far too long. Let's get to know them before we go any farther.

To begin, a rash guard, which is a form-fitting top worn under a wet suit, is used for underwater activities. The rash guard shields the user's skin against rashes and the sun's harmful UV rays. A compression shirt, on the other hand, applies pressure to your body and allows for more oxygen flow.

However, this information alone is insufficient to make an informed purchasing decision, so let's dig deeper.

Features of Rash Guard

If you enjoy water sports but do not own a rash vest or rashie, you might consider investing in one. A good quality rash guard might be a lifesaver if you have sensitive skin, aside from its comfort and style.

Here’s How

UV Rays Protection:

If you are frequently sunburned, then exposing yourself to UV rays is perhaps the most significant matter here.

The majority of the rash guards have a 50 UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating, which is tremendous. A 50 UPF rating is the highest achieved by mankind when it comes to fabrics. It blocks 98% of the UV rays trying to penetrate through the fabric, saving you from the harmful rays.

However, don’t forget to find a proper cloth to wear under rash guard for better protection.

Drying Power: 

Rash guards are created from fabrics with the best drying mechanism available in the fabric industry. Whether you're surfing or swimming, the drying process begins as soon as you step out of the water.

However, do not use a dryer to dry rash guards because it may permanently harm the fabric. Instead, leave it to nature.


 There isn't a single sport for which rash guards don't have a suit. They provide everything from long sleeve rash guards to short sleeve rash guards and further individual suits for surfing and water skiing.

Rash guard for men and rash guard for women is the same thing for the rash guard brands and not left gender-biased. Individual rash guards are available for both men and women for different sports.

Features of Compression Shirt

Even if you're not a water athlete, many other sportsmen wear compression shirts regularly. As you can see, a compression shirt is designed for more than only underwater activities. It may also be used for other sports.

Furthermore, a compression shirt has been proven to be an automated workout system that is extremely beneficial to your health without ever working out. Let’s find out how!

Health Benefits:

 Whether you're wearing stylish men's compression shirts or elegant women's compression shirts, a compression shirt will always fit snugly against your skin. The fabric adjusts to your skin to offer you a tight fit, which improves blood flow in your body.

You are unintentionally working out as the under armor compression shirt stretch continuously applies pressure to a certain section of your body. Your body strives to respond with the same pressure.


The shirts help a lot with an athlete's performance since they keep the muscles warm to reduce muscle strain and remove sweat. It accomplishes this by allowing for improved muscular movement and faster muscle healing.


The lovely soft fabric is more comfortable than any other shirt you wear daily, and the constant compression and reaction of your body are also beneficial to your mental health. In the end, it leads to a more relaxed state of mind and the reduction of anxiety.

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Rash Guard Vs Compression Shirt: What Are The Differences?

Now let’s know the difference between these two to grab your suitable wear as people watch the  Rash Guard Vs Compression Shirt fight.

Perfect Fit

The compression shirt is believed to feel more confident and has better muscle movement than a Rash guard since it has a tighter fit. The Rash guard isn't as tight as compression shirts, but it doesn't imply it's baggy clothing.

Body Temperature Control:

A hot weather compression shirt isn’t the best option when you intend to go underwater. Rash guard’s fabric is specially designed to keep you comfortable on both cloudless and cloudy days.

Dries Faster

There’s no doubt that both of them dries faster than your average wedding suit but who dries faster is the real question. We may have to declare rash guard suits the winner in this case. The drying ability of rash guard has been demonstrated to be unrivaled, thanks to its modern textiles.


Both of them are capable of achieving a variety of goals. Rash guard suits are multi-purpose suits that may be used for a variety of underwater sports.  On the other hand, Compression suits have earned a reputation for being effective in any sport.

Rash Guard

Compression Shirt

More comfortable

Better muscle movement

Adapts in both warm and cold climate

Best at warm climate

Good fit

Tighter fit

Most of them have a UFP rating of 50

Most of them have a UFP rating of 30

Dries Fast

Dries not so fast as Rash guard


Now that we’re done comparing, in this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is it okay if I wear a compression suit all day?

Yes, there’s no problem wearing a compression suit all day even if you are not a sports guy. It provides good health benefits as well as keeps you good-looking.

How do I know my rash guard size?

Measure the size of your chest and shoulders with a measuring tape or any measuring apparatus. The website has a chart of the sizes available; pick the closest one.

Can I work out in a compression shirt?

Yes, it’s recommended. Compression shirts heal muscle soreness quickly and are recommended to wear 3-4 hours after a workout.

Are compression shirts worth it?

If you live in a hot climate, there is no better alternative than a compression shirt.


Even though the debate of rash guard vs. compression shirt continues, there's no arguing that both shirts offer excellent benefits that are essential for any athlete. However, they each excel at different things, so it's entirely up to you to decide what you want for your physique.

If you are someone who looks more towards comfort then go for rash guards. However, if you are a competitive person who always thrives for better performance than compression shirts, it is.

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