Sharkskin Vs Lavacore: The Ultimate Comparison

When it comes to scuba diving, the wet suits appear to be out of date. Under 10 feet, the 7mm wet suit seems more like a 2mm. Well, it's largely for the compression underwater, which the standard suits can't handle and compresses as a result of the pressure.

Sharkskin and Lavacore are to thank for making underwater activities more exciting. Only Sharkskin and Lavacore have succeeded in developing innovative garment technology that allows your 7mm to feel like a 7mm even while submerged in 100 feet of water.

Regardless, Sharkskin vs Lavacore is an ongoing battle between the divers. Let's look at the differences between these two to determine which diving suit is flawless for you.

Is Buying Sharkskin or Lavacore Worth It?

The problem is that wearing only wet suits is inconvenient while diving deep since they compress. Purchasing a usual rash guard will not be a bad idea if you simply want to have some fun diving on a beach. However, if you're ready to go the extra mile, one of these brands' three-layer thermal protection is a wise choice.

Both Sharkskin and Lavacore are made out of three-layer materials that support the wearer to stay at a temperature that is not too cold or hot.

The outlooks on each of these, however, are not the same. The majority of Sharkskin childproof has a zip system on the front that allows changing how much of your chest is exposed. The Lavacore prefers to keep their thermal wear fixed in places where there are no zippers. Moreover, the Lavacore wet suits are comparatively cheaper than the Sharkskins but do not dry off as fast as the childproof ones.

Is Sharkskin a good brand?

sharkskin wetsuit

For quite some time, Sharkskin has been a well-known brand all over the world. Neptune-Sports owns the corporation, which is situated in Australia. In 1971, they began focusing more on sportswear, which they discovered to be a huge success.

 By offering clients high-quality clothing and the most up-to-date material-based technologies, they were able to climb to the top of the best-fabrics lists

Pros of Sharkskin

Sharkskin wetsuits have a comfortable 3mm fabric that makes them easy to wear or even take off after a spectacular dive. The fabric is touted to be machine washable and indestructible, and it may be washed as much as you like using fabric cleaners. So you won't have to clean that heavy suit with your hands and look new every day.

Is Lavacore a good brand?

Lavacore Full Men's Wetsuit

Huish Outdoors' sub-brand Lavacore is based in the United States. The Lavacore brand was developed to cater to sports products in a new era. From the beginning, Lavacore has been focused on the sports sector.

The best part is that they have a separate division in their company dedicated to underwater sports, which explains why their neoprene is so outstanding.

Pros of Lavacore

Polytherm Tri-Laminate is used to make Lavacore garments, which are suitable for both cold and warm water. Furthermore, its design is said to be the greatest for underwater movement due to its distinctive designs.

Lavacore has challenged all other athletic brands to match their suit lightness. That means their lavacore pants or lava suits are the lightest of any of the brands available.

Sharkskin Vs Lavacore: What are the differences?

Both companies claim to provide the best weather resistance and durability, which they do. They are, without a doubt, the most popular neoprene brands. However, we can always look at the other essentials in a suit to discover who offers more and is worth your money.

The Sharkskin vs Lavacore war shall officially begin.

Hard to Clean

Both Lavacore and Sharkskin maintain the quality of their suits and guarantee that they will look brand new after three years of use. The novelty, though, comes with its own set of terms and conditions. To clean their underwater products, you must follow their cleaning instructions.

Following the reading of both guidelines, it has been determined that Sharkskin is easier to maintain than Lavacore. Sharkskin is as good as new with just a few everyday cleaning chemicals.

Drying Power

A good approach to compare these two wetsuit brands is to see who dries faster. It's enjoyable to get wet until you're on an exciting diving ride, but after you're out of the water, it's no longer fun but a hassle. The Sharkskin gets the prize for its quick-drying capability, with a drying time of roughly three hours, and your suit is dry as a dessert.


For any aquatic sportsman, underwater movement is really important. Lavacore being the lighter one, has the complete advantage over Sharkskin when it comes to better movement.

Price Point

These neoprene suits are already three times the price of standard suits. The quality is the reason for the high price. If you want to acquire these neoprene suits but don't want to spend a lot of money on them, go with Lavacore. They maintain quality as well as keep the price points lower than Sharkskin.


Both of them come with three-layer protection, about which we’ll talk a bit more later on. Nevertheless, being made of premium materials, they are both highly durable and can last you years with care.

To top it all off, both the companies offer a one-year warranty. Hence, you can rely on both of these in the long run.

To sum it all up, we provided this comparison chart below:



Easier to clean

Cleaning can be troublesome.

Dries off within 3 hours.

Takes longer to dry off.

Slightly heavier than Lavacore.

Super light, offering greater movement.

Expensive but offers premium materials.

The best value for money.

Durable with one year of warranty and three years of worry-free use.

Durable with one year of warranty and three years of worry-free use.

What are the benefits of the three-layer protection?

The suit's three layers set it apart from other casual wet suits. The technology on this is incredible in keeping you as comfy as possible. The outer layer is elastic, so when the pressure increases as you dive deeper underwater, the stretchable material copes with it, and you don't feel any of it.

The second layer is made of a breathable material that keeps you from feeling overly hot or cold. The breathable material is programmed to adjust itself to the heat and cold that surrounds you. Aside from that, the layer is windproof, so when you emerge from the water, you won't be as chilly as you expect to be.

Finally, your skin will be bonded to the third layer. So they've made sure you don't become itchy by designing a special material that moisturizes your skin and offers you a homey feeling.

Nevertheless, you can always find a proper cloth to wear under wetsuit that helps you not to limit your movement underwater.


We've answered a few questions to help you learn more about these brands. The responses are as brief as possible.

What does chillproof in Sharkskin mean?

Sharkskin chillproof fabric keeps you cool when you're in hot water and warm when you're out of it. It's also a suit that's taken the place of the traditional 3mm wetsuit.

Does salt water affect the suits?

Both brands have designed their suits to be chlorine-resistant, so it will not impact them.

Sharkskin Socks versus Lavacore Socs, who provides the better socks?

Sharkskin is seen to provide better socks as per the reviews. However, the experience can vary from person to person.

What is titanium proof in these neoprene suits?

The suits are made of FIR reflecting technology, which reflects and stores the heat energy emitted by our bodies.

Sharkskin vs Lavacore: Which One You Should Take

Sharkskin vs Lavacore is really a difficult choice. Both brands have a great competition going on between them. What you need in a wetsuit really boils down to that. Lavacore is an excellent choice if you want better underwater movement and also spend the least on a wetsuit.

However, if you dislike cleaning and are anxious to wait for it to dry, Sharkskin is the way to go. Both have the same three-layer protection that is the most important and distinguishes them from other wetsuits.

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