What to Wear Under Wetsuit: A Definitive Guide for Beginners

Have you ever asked yourself why divers wear under-garments under their wet-suits? If you have then you should know you aren’t alone. This is typically the one question most people who know something about diving wonder. I did for close to two years.

Thankfully I finally got to understand it and that’s all that matters. But it isn’t a good experience. Therefore, in this post, I want to give you the reasons why divers do what they do. I also want to show you a few ideal examples of what to wear under the wet-suit.

What to Wear Under a Wet-suit For Man And Women

What women wear under their wet suit is not always the same as what men wear. Because of this, it’s very important that you understand what suits you. Gender would be an ideal point to start from.

For Male

If you are a male, there are quite a number of underwear you could use with your wet suit. The most ideal ones include the following.

Diving Shorts

Mens Diving Shorts

The first one is diving short. Diving shorts are also known as fitted bicycle shorts. They are extremely useful if worn under any wet-suit.

Diving shorts provide an extra layer if you are diving in say colder temperatures. It will also allow you to wear and remove your wet-suit easily.

More importantly, they are easy to wear and you hardly notice any discomfort. For the best results though, a diving short that’s made of neoprene will be ideal. Neoprene shorts are known to be highly buoyant and pretty light in weight too.

Nonetheless, they are thick enough and will easily provide the added warmth needed under cold temps. So always look for a stretchy foam neoprene rubber. These ones don’t wrinkle and can go for a unisex design in case you want to gift someone.

Upper Body Rash Guard

Upper Body Rash Guard

Shorts work for the lower body alone. Bet when scuba diving, you need to keep your upper body warm too. A rash guard will be perfect for this job.

Well, you don’t necessarily have to go with it as there are many undershirts available out there. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something good a rash guard will carry the day. They double up as compression shirts, and the more reason to buy.

Like the diving shorts we just saw, they also provide the extra layer of warmth you need. Additionally, they also protect you from wet-suit chafing.

Don’t worry about the sleeves. The shirt is designed with both short and long sleeves. You can, therefore, choose your style depending on your preference.

Note: If you are wondering what to wear under a wet suit for snorkeling? This is also a great option. Choose a short sleeves rash guard to enjoy a much more comfortable fit. Look for a lightweight material.

I recommend a combination of polyester and spandex so as to get a lightweight, friction-less, and extra thermal protection.

Full Body Jump Suits

Full Body Jump Suits

Again, if you haven’t found what to wear under wet suit you can opt for a fully body jumpsuit too. This is often for people who don’t get excited by the two options that I have listed right above.

It is super cool if you are looking for fully body coverage and also if you want additional warmth. Go for an ultra-thin design as it will provide you with super comfort and natural insulation.


Speedo Aquablade Male Brief Tech Suit

Briefs are my least favorite since they provide limited warmth. Nonetheless, there are quite a number of people who don’t mind.

If briefs are what you prefer, then I would recommend diving in warm waters. This will help you so much as you won’t require additional layers of fabric to keep warm.

Fortunately enough some briefs will also come in thin Lycra material. This makes them super lightweight and extremely comfortable when worn under exposure suits.

For Female

If you are a lady asking what do you wear under a scuba wet-suit? I have the right options for you too.

Diving Shorts

Diving Shorts

Like men’s diving shorts, there are a number of diving shorts that are specifically designed for women.

They are designed to provide a little extra warmth than regular diving shorts. If you choose to go with women’s diving shorts then make sure to choose a smooth design. Lightweight materials with high absorbent rates and extra insulation such as polyolefin fleece material is also super cool.

Smooth designs are easy to wear. They also make it easy for you to slip in and out of your wet-suit.

Sleeveless Vests

Sleeveless Vests

Unlike men who use rash guards, women will use sleeveless vests. I guess these are preserved for women because they are stylish.

Well, I am not saying women can’t wear compression shirts, they can. However, if you are looking for more freedom especially around the shoulders and the arms a sleeveless top will be ideal.

 They are usually thin in design and are also quick-drying. The fact that they are lightweight fabrics they can easily double for water sports, swimming, and general outdoor sports. That is when you aren’t layering them under wet-suits for diving

Body Suits

Body Suits

Women also have their versions of full-body suits. Female bodysuits are often buoyant and light in weight. They provide more warmth and come with different thickness levels. However, I would suggest looking for naturally insulating fabrics than going with the thickness.

When buying bodysuits for women always look for thermally bonded knee pads; in addition to that, look for ankle seals too.

One-Piece Swim Suit

One-Piece Swim Suit

One-piece swimsuits are for the women who want lesser coverage and maximum freedom of movement. Don’t go for your regular one-piece swimsuit though. Because it is to be used as an undergarment for diving it must have extra thermal padding. A combination of Lycra and Spandex material is awesome.

Additional Tips

Like I promised, I want to point out a few reasons why you need an undergarment when using a wet-suit. They revolve around these five tips.

  • Additional protection
  • Decency
  • Additional warmth
  • Comfort
  • Provision of hygiene


So how does a wet-suit keep the wearer warm? It is simple really. Wet-suits if used with an undergarment usually maintains the existing body temperature. This is because the material they use will prevent any loss of body temps and basically retain what is already situated.

After looking at this post, I hope you have found what to wear under the wet-suit. You can also share with your loved ones so as to keep them warm when diving.

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