Best Rash Guard for Snorkeling Reviewed [2021]

Looking for the best rash guard for snorkeling?  Well, you aren’t alone in this. For, we’ve been going to extremes of length to find the top products in the market. Now, we’ve already done the hard work of going through all these products.

So, all you’ve got to do is read the reviews of the best options we found out there. Now, we’ve decided to stick to a particular brand. Once you are done with the article, you will know why. Also, check out the buying guide we’ve introduced so that you can ensure the perfection of your buying decision.

Our Recommended Rash Guard for Snorkeling Reviews

Here is best rash guard for women and men that we found in the market. All of these four products are perfect in every aspect. Read on to find out why I’m saying so.

1. O'Neill Men's Basic Skins UPF 50+ Long-sleeved & tight fit Rash Guard

O'Neill Men's Basic Skins UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard, Black, Large

This is a highly rated product that we are talking about. When it comes to the quality of build, nothing can beat this rash guard. Now, it's always fun to wear long-sleeved clothes. And if it’s a rash guard made by a renowned brand, then you can imagine how much comfort it has in store for you.

Now, since we are dealing with a tight fit one over here, you want to wear it for surfing and things of this nature where you have to go through some challenges every once in a while. The rash guard will save you from harm’s way by protecting your skin from UV.

I loved how this thing reaches to my midriff so nicely. Yes, they’ve been brilliant with its length, I must say. For, now I can wear it even if it’s cold out there. That's why this is the best snorkeling rash guard for men and women.

And when it comes to the production of this amazing product, you will be happy to see that they've introduced spandex and polyester mix in it. These materials are known to be as sturdy as you can imagine. And at the same time, they provide you with the utmost comfort.

I would recommend you to wear this garment when the weather is mild. But, it will serve some new purposes during winter also. Now, if you want to know about the little feature that made this product so great, it’s the zipper. Yes, they don’t make them so smooth anymore.


  • Durable materials
  • Very breathable
  • Great UV protection
  • Smooth zipper


  • Only if the collar seam was on the outside

2. O'Neill Men's Basic Skins UPF 50+ Long-sleeved & loose fit Sun Shirt

O'Neill UV 50+ Sun Protection Mens Basic Skins Long Sleeve Tee Sun Shirt Rash Guard, Pacific, Medium

I loved this product for the incredible comfort it offers. They’ve designed it so brilliantly so that the upper part of the body can be in bliss while wearing it. The brand always seems to take the comfort thing very seriously. It shows in its products. The awesome sketchiness, softness, and all- it’s brilliant.

And that’s why it’s the best women’s rash guard for snorkeling. For, it's a must that women's clothes are soft and stretchy. Now, the product we are reviewing is made to have a loose fit, so it’s also the best rash guard for fat people.

Also, it can be an excellent option for moms who aren't comfortable with tight fits anymore. Besides, if you are looking for additional breath-ability, this garment will provide you with that.

However, you should wear this rash guard for casual occasions, not any serious one. For loose-fitting rash guards might cause you trouble when you are taking on huge waves. But, if it's for swimming or beach walking, you are cool.

In terms of UV protection, this long sleeve model is too good. And what’s also great about it is that it won’t annoy you with the seams, which might not be the case with other options out there. So, it could be the rash guard for you if you put on life jackets from time to time.

Now, the UPF rating of 50+ is incredible for a rash guard. It will allow you not to use sunscreen frequently. So, this is a cloth that ensures extreme comfort for you while serving the purpose of protecting you from UV.


  • Amazing UV protection
  • Very stretchy
  • Nicely breathable
  • Great materials


  • Might be a bit long

3. O'Neill Men's Basic Skins UPF 50+ Short-sleeved & tight fit Rash Guard

O'Neill Wetsuits Wetsuits UV Sun Protection Mens Basic Skins Short Sleeve Crew Sun Shirt Rash Guard, White, X-Large

Here we are talking about a product that you can wear while both surfing and swimming. Once you see the design of this rash guard, you will know why it’s on our list. The brand has done it yet again with this product. It’s amazing how it continues to make the best sun shirts for snorkeling.

It’s always nice when rash guards come with spandex and polyester. In terms of construction, there can’t be better materials. What this combination does is that it allows you to stretch your body any way you like.

And you need such flexibility in your rash guard since it will accompany you in some challenging conditions. Another great thing about this product is that you have it highly breathable.

In terms of comfort, you ought to be pleased with this rash guard. Those soft materials we talked about earlier will make sure that you find it as comfy as ever. Moreover, its UV protection is on another level. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will serve the purpose it was made for.

This rash guard comes with a slim fit that looks quite stylish. And it’s lightweight. So, you will find it useful no matter what the season is.

And if you are worried about the color options, whether you will love them or not; then be so no more. For, choosing a color out of so many options shouldn’t be a problem.


  • An all-season option
  • Incredible fit
  • Multiple color options
  • Breathable


  • A little small

4. O'Neill Men's Basic Skins UPF 50+ Short-sleeved & loose fit Rash Guard

O'Neill UV 50+ Sun Protection Mens Basic Skins Short Sleeve Tee Sun Shirt Rash Guard, White, X-Large

If you are into loose-fitting products, then we have another excellent option for you. I would recommend this product for dads and moms who are well past the ages of wearing tight-fitting rash guards. You see, with this type of fit, you won’t face any embarrassing situation.

They've done a neat job by making this product with spandex and polyester. With this type of production, you can hope that the garment will last long. And when it comes to comfort, we know how these materials are. They are as comfortable as you can imagine.

I loved the way this rash guard offers me the flexibility I always look for. Therefore, it would be an excellent option for both swimming and hiking. Moreover, loose-fitting clothes are known to be incredibly breathable, and that's precisely the case with this model.

What I also liked about it is that it won't get all sweaty; even you are wearing it for intense workout sessions. This is because of the materials that are used in making it. It gets dried very quickly. So, it can be an excellent option for anyone. You won't regret buying it.

Just make sure that you've got the size perfect. Yes, it's a loose fit, but that doesn't mean it has to look weird on you.


  • Great size options
  • Very breathable
  • Comfy during hiking
  • Dries quickly


  • A bit tighter than it was supposed to be

Before You Buy What to Look for

There aren’t too many things you need to consider before going for the purchase. If you can manage to go through these few points, your buying decision will be a great one. And these are the features we gave special attention to while writing these reviews.


It’s a must to have feature for a rash guard. For, if the product isn’t properly breathable, you can’t keep it fresh. On the other hand, a highly breathable garment will make sure that you are fresh all the time. Also, it plays a role in making the cloth comfortable.

 And it shouldn't be challenging to find a breathable rash guard, as brands take this feature very seriously


It won't suffice for the cloth to be functional only. You must have it comfortable to wear. And if it's for women and kids, you need to consider it more seriously. For, a delicate skin won't go with an uncomfortable rash guard that comes with any harsh material.

Some materials make the cloth extremely comfy. You need to learn about these so that you don’t end up buying the wrong rash guard. Now, we have seen how much comfort polyester and spandex offer. I found these two materials to be most appropriate for the purpose.

The Type of Undergarments

You must make your mind about ​what to wear under a rash-guard​​​, and then choose a product that will go with the undergarment nicely. This is where many buyers commit mistakes. They go for a product without considering what to wear under the wet-suit.

UV Protection

Make sure that the types of rash guard you like come with sufficient UV protection for your skin. For, this is the reason why you are wearing a rash guard in the first place.

If the product is only soft, stretchy, and breathable without providing you with the UV protection it was supposed to offer; then there’s no point. Now, you will find so many options that are incredible in this aspect. So, buying that best rash guard for snorkeling with excellent UV protection shouldn’t be a problem.


Final Words

There you are. All learned and informed about rash guards. So, what are you waiting for? It's time you purchased that excellent product you've been looking for.

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