US Divers Snorkel Set Review : Why Are They The Best ?

When it comes to snorkel gear, we can easily say that US Diver is easily the best brand out there. Why?

Just because it offers the best relation between quality and price when it comes to snorkeling items, you can say it is a brand that deserves this spot.

But that’s not all this brand offers. Among the many different brands out there, this one comes with a wide variety of features you won’t find anywhere else.

If you want to know more, then dive into this article to read our US diver snorkel set review.

Why Should You Buy US Drivers Snorkel Set? 

For everyone who wants to explore the sea, coral reefs and see in first-hand how beautiful ocean life is – a snorkel set is the best choice.

Similar to scuba diving, a snorkel set allows the user to dive in deep to be closer to sea animals and other beautiful beings. However, a snorkel set is much more affordable & more straightforward to use than any scuba set.

 When it comes to US diver products, you get a broader array of advantages no other brand offers. Among them, you can find these.

4-in-1 Sets

You won't only have the snorkel barrel or the snorkeling fins, you will get the complete set of things you need for a better experience.

From the goggles to the carrying bag, respirator, and the swimming fins. All you need for a fuller and more enjoyable snorkeling adventure with US diver sets.

More Durability

All US Diver snorkel sets offer excellent durability, thousands of hours of use, and incredible experiences throughout a lifetime.

You won’t have to worry about these sets breaking or wearing out sooner than expected. Each item is correctly made to improve your experience exponentially, for years.

Safer to Use

Many plastic products nowadays may be toxic or slightly damaging to human contact. Herein, all US Diver products use totally safe & healthy materials that won’t cause any harm to your body.

Apart from that, they are made conveniently to avoid problems when using and further difficulties that could put the user in danger.

US Divers Admiral Snorkel Set vs Cozumel Snorkel Set

Both models are on the same price range and offer similar features. However, they also have several differences that may or not improve how users see them apart.

For example, the Admiral set is 100% submersible with a Pivot Dry Technology, while the Cozumel only offers a Hydro-Adhesion tech with a splash-top design that keeps most water out.

Another difference is the snorkeling fins design. While the Cozumel comes with a full-pocket for the feet without adjust ability, the Admiral set comes with straps to adjust to the user’s needs.

The fin is also wider on the Admiral set, perfect for stronger flapping, while Cozumel fins are thinner for softer flaps.

Apart from that, the goggles are both made with soft silicone and boast a double-window design while having a similar adjusting system. Both sets also come with a mesh carrying bag.

We can say that if you are looking for more submergibility, the Admiral set is your choice, especially for the Pivot Dry Technology and broader fins. Otherwise, the Cozumel may fit your needs entirely, keeping water out while being slightly softer for less diving demands.

Our Top 5 Picks for US Divers Snorkel Sets

Everyone wants the perfect product for their adventures – and what better to know which is the right one than learning more about each?

With our US Diver snorkel set review, you will be able to tell which one fits your needs better and why – read further and find out!

1. U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set Review

Offering seven different colors and designs, this 2-window goggle with splash-top snorkel will help you get the most out of every adventure. The snorkel coming with the one-way purge valve allows superior protection against water leaks while offering an excellent silicone build for longer durability.

Apart from that, the goggles are entirely adjustable to fit any user. It promotes a stress-free experience and comes with the fantastic Sea-breeze Pro-flex tech, to keep the device reliable at all times. In addition, it works for anyone from beginners to experts, due to how easy it is to use.


Splash-Top & Hydro Adhesion Tech

The snorkel barrel of the Cozumel set is just amazing. With the splash guard, any splashing water on the surface will stay out of the barrel at all times. Also, the Hydro-Adhesion tech prevents water from going down, with the one-way purge valve.

Complete Vented Thin Blades

Fitting entirely in your foot, you won’t be able to adjust the fins to your liking, yet they are entirely reliable and much more durable than others. The fins are also thinner, which means you will not have to spend as much energy flapping to move in the water.

Comfortable & Adjustable

The Pro-Glide technology of the goggles allows users to keep the item on for longer without wearing out or feeling uncomfortable. You will be able to stay for hours watching coral reefs without having to adjust the goggles every 15 minutes.


  • Very reliable splash-top and hydro-adhesion tech in respirator barrel
  • Highly energy-efficient & comfortable fins
  • Outstanding silicone built for durability & resistance
  • More comfortable and adjustable goggles design
  • Very convenient travel bag with mesh design


  • Goggles may cause too much fogging
  • Does not offer submergibility capacity

2. U.S. Divers Admiral Snorkeling Set Review

Another 2-window goggle alongside excellent respirator – the Admiral set is a fantastic choice from top to bottom. One of the things that stand out in this set is the hypoallergenic soft silicone of its construction, providing not only a healthy material but more comfort as well.

It is a set that will promote superb comfort in every way, especially when you add the Pro-Glide buckles in the goggles and fins. Also, it comes with a 100% submergible technology not many snorkeling sets offer, all of that for a really affordable price. The design of all items is totally ergonomic while also being highly reliable so you won’t have to worry while using.


Patented Submersible Technology

The Pivot-Dry technology of the breathing tube will keep all water out while snorkeling without problems. It is specifically designed to stay dry even when you submerged below 1 meter or at the surface.

Short yet Strong Fins

The short design of the Trek fins provides a more compact storability and ease of use. However, they are slightly wider than other models; this promotes a stronger and efficient flapping experience.

Totally Comfortable Set

From the soft silicone construction to the easy-to-adjust buckles in the goggles and the Comfo-Strap in the fins, this set stimulates comfort in every way possible. The Pro-Glide buckles offer total adjustability on the goggles, while the Comfo-Strap on the fins helps users to fit them according to their needs.


  • Excellent silicone material and build entirely
  • Superb submersible design and technology
  • Much more comfortable and reliable than most sets
  • Convenient and long-lasting travel bag
  • Exceptional fins design for storability and efficiency


  • Goggles may feel too tight for bigger-headed people

3. U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkeling Set

Everyone wants a product that delivers versatility and convenience, and when it comes to US Diver snorkel sets, the Lux Platinum is precisely that one. Coming with a four-window design and for a panoramic view, a correctly adjusted google builds, and superior silicone material – this one is not an option to overlook.

The snorkel barrel is also totally submersible with the dry-top design. You also get a Go-pro camera mount for more handiness, and perfect dual-composite fin blades for faster swimming using less energy. And if all this is not enough, you also can get a heavy-duty travel bag made of nylon, for portability and even more convenience.

Exceptional Versatility & Compatibility

One of the things you won’t find with many other snorkel set models out there is having the chance to use GoPro or Purge Valves.

This one, with a GoPro mount and one-way purge valve availability, you will be able to record your adventures while avoiding an excess of water.

Superb Comfort

Both the goggles and the fins come with handy adjusting system that allows the user to fit each more comfortably. The goggles come with the Pro-Glide system, for faster and smoother adjust.

Meanwhile, the fins come with the Comfo-Strap, perfect composite material strap for a soft feeling and reliable operation.

Dryer & Wider

While the barrel comes with a dry-top design that closes when submerged to avoid water leaking in the respirator, the mask comes with a 180º panoramic view.

This means you will be able to enjoy more of the marine landscape while being underwater, comfortably and stress-free.


  • Much better soft silicone construction with 13 color designs to enjoy
  • Outstanding panoramic view and submersion ability
  • Really convenient Go-pro mount for recording adventures
  • Excellent adjusting systems offer comfort to users
  • The additional carrying bag is pretty handy, reliable and long-lasting


  • The mask may leak from time to time
  • Purge valve does not work as expected

4. U.S. Divers Diva Women Snorkeling Set

Compact, light, and entirely ready for any vacation or quick-trip to the beach, the Diva snorkeling set is easily one of the best choices in the list. It is entirely adjustable to any woman, incredibly ergonomic to provide more comfort, and increasingly convenient entirely.

The full face snorkel provides excellent leak-free performance while being outstandingly easy to adjust & use. Then you have the barrel which can be used underwater easily with its pivot-dry tech. And of course, its silicone construction provides durability and resistance entirely.


Women-Designed Set

From the mask to the snorkeling fins, this set is wholly designed for women to use. The Diva LX mask, for example, fits perfectly to feminine heads, both for its design and high-quality Pro-Glide buckles.

The fins, on the other hand, are short fins with wide style, yet come with the Comfo-Strap design for more adjustability and comfort.

Comfortable & Fatigueless

The whole ergonomic design of this set is simply outstanding. From the mouthpiece to the mask, you will be able to enjoy superior comfort while snorkeling.

Even the Trek fins with the perfect compact size and overall build will help you watch the marine landscape while using less energy.

Totally Submersible

Coming with the patented Pivot-dry tech, the barrel will help you submerge without any water coming your way. Alongside that, you get a re-designed snorkel clip which allows more convenience when using.

Merely go below the surface and enjoy your snorkeling without breathing any water.


  • Perfectly designed set for women: ergonomic and reliable
  • Excellent submersible capacity with pivot-dry barrel tech
  • Much more comfortable features for less fatigue
  • A wide array of feminine colors
  • Highly convenient mesh travel bag


  • The mouthpiece may feel too soft for some users

5. US Divers Youth Snorkel Set

Perfect for kids under fifteen, the US Diver Youth set is a fantastic choice without a doubt. If you want to let your children enjoy the wonders of the sea safely and comfortably, then this set is what you’re looking for.

The whole device is hypoallergenic, thanks to the silicone material. Both the goggles and the fins can be adjusted to fit any kid’s needs – and the barrel is totally submersible as well.

 This means you get a product that works for both beginner kids and experienced ones in snorkeling. So, it is a product that can last a lifetime without a doubt

More Adjustability Entirely

The 3-way adjusting buckles in the goggles with Pro-Glide tech compose one of the most convenient designs in the market. Your kid will be able to snorkel for hours non-stop without fearing the device coming off.

The same happens with the Comfo-Strap in the fins, allowing children to use it comfortably while avoiding the fins to come off when least expected.

Perfect Barrel for Kids

Apart from having the Pivot-Dry technology that prevents water from coming in the barrel while submerged, there are other features to take into account.

While the whistle allows kids to feel more secured by blowing and making a sound, the ergonomic mouth-piece reduces fatigue and promotes more comfort.

Handy & Reliable Pivot Flex Tech

A dual-material construction in the fins allows any kid to get more strength and efficiency while flapping in the water.

It also helps to get more comfort and increase the overall durability of the fins. You are getting a top-notch product for your kid, that is comfortable and magnificently reliable.


  • Perfect design for kids offers more comfort and fitting options
  • Works really well with a snorkeling vest
  • Pivot Flex tech makes the fins much more reliable and durable
  • Submersible & built-in whistle barrel allows kids to feel more secure


  • Clips that attach the barrel with goggles are not easy to use for children

Frequently Asked Questions

While many people buy snorkel gear without even caring about little details, we recommend not to do it like that. That’s why here we are going to answer some common questions that will help you make a better choice

Q: Can I use one of these snorkel sets with a snorkel vest for non-swimmers?

A: Especially if it is for a child, we totally recommend using a snorkeling vest for a better and safer experience. Even though it may reduce versatility and submergibility, an inflatable snorkel vest will improve how safe and comfortable a kid will feel while snorkeling.

Q: Is it safe to submerge with one of these sets?

A: They are not really made for submerging, but due to a particular construction in the barrel that prevents water from coming in, some of these sets offer excellent submersibility.

Q: How long can one of these snorkeling sets last?

A: As long as they are properly stored and are used correctly, a snorkeling set can last a lifetime. Most of these US Diver products come with a high-quality silicone construction that lasts for years before showing any sign of wearing.

Q: What is the difference between a 2-window and a 4-window goggle?

A: The difference is that a 2-window goggle only offers frontal vision, maybe slightly panoramic view depending on the design. In contrast, a 4-window goggle provides a full 180º panoramic view with two additional windows on the side, perfect for a better visual experience.

Q: What is more important, safety or convenience?

A: These sets are really safe overall, some more than others, but nothing that could make too much of a difference while using. However, some of these sets may come with advantageous features such as Pivot-Dry barrel for more submersibility. These options with more features will improve your experience much more than entirely safe sets.

Conclusion – Choosing a US Diver Snorkel Set!

With our US Diver snorkel set review, you must already know what you’re looking for or at least have an idea. This will undoubtedly make it easier to buy the right product for your needs, and avoid getting the wrong one.

Whether it is about snorkel fins review or the best snorkeling life vest, if you take into consideration our info and advice, you will have a better chance of picking the right product. So, don’t hesitate and choose the best snorkel set for your needs now!

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