Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask Review: All In One Snorkel Mask

We will talk on a snorkel mask and the topic of 180 snorkel mask will be missing- can’t be done! So, there is the  seaview 180 snorkel mask only for you. To feel more comfortable and cozy, this snorkel  mask is the perfect one. It will offer you a comfortable breathing system through which you can easily enjoy the inner beauty of the underwater sea.

Besides, as you can see in the name of the mask, this seaview snorkel mask will let you see the total sea with a 180-degree angle, which is the best length any snorkel mask can ever offer you. If you love the different creature and plants under the sea more clearly, this snorkeling mask will offer you the best one.

Besides, you will get the opportunity to capture the underwater matters too. so, enjoying the present and capturing them for the future- both you can do with seaview snorkel mask.

Important Features Of Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask

180-degree view with the camera

The Seaview full face Snorkel Mask is unique compared to the other snorkel mask of the market because of its view length. It gives the opportunity to explore much more than the others. You can enjoy the inner sea with its 180-degree glass. So, that would obviously be more fun. Besides, you can also capture what you are watching. A Go pro mount will be integrated there. Through attaching an extra go pro camera you can easily capture all the underwater moments you love to keep.

Salt resistant

Of course, you won’t ask for anything which will give you less clear vision or will make any complexity during the diving. So, going for any snorkel mask which is salt resistant. And guess what! Seaview 18o degree full face Snorkel Mask has everything you need. It is salt resistant

Fog resistant

This awesome seaview 180 has the technology to prevent both salt and fog. It has a breathing chamber in it that helps to let the inner breath go out. So, nothing foggy situation occurs. So, without any further tension about your sea traveling, you can enjoy your dive.

Surface snorkeling

This mask is only for them who are interested in exploring the sea by not going much deep. You can enjoy surface snorkeling with the help of seaview 180 snorkel mask. So, if you are planning something serious and going 6-8 feet deep inside the sea, then change your plan. Because seaview snorkel mask is for surface diving.

Exciting and easy

Seaview full face snorkel mask has less complicated technologies in it. So, you can easily handle it. People who don’t like to breathe through using a tube, foggy and salty outlook and narrow scene in front of them, Seaview Snorkel Mask can make all of them happy through its awesome design, which is both exciting and easy.


  • It has a 180-degree angle
  • Salt resistant technology
  • Picture taking ability through GoPro camera
  • Adult and kids both can use it
  • Anti-leak design
  • Comfortable with natural breathing and tough against big waves


  • Can’t use for deep dive (more than 6-7 feet)
  • Sometimes fog and salt resistant don’t work. Then, the glass may turn foggy.

Solution: But actually, it isn’t a problem. You can easily solve the problem if you keep some clothes with you during your diving. You can use baby shampoo to cover the inner part of the mask. Thus it will become less foggy

What is the Right Size for seaview 180

There are various sizes for seaview like-XS,SM,L/XL. First, think which one will suit you.
Measure the area between your top of the nose and bottom of the chin,with your mouth close

  • If it measures less then 8.5-10 cm, choose size XS
  • If it measures less then 12 cm, choose size S/M
  • If it measures more then 12 cm, choose size L/XL


Question: Is that not really possible to dive more than 6-8 feet with this snorkeling mask?

Answer: No. you can’t go more than 6-8 feet with this seaview snorkel mask. 

Question: will it create fog during the diving?

Answer: no. it won’t. this full face mask has some technology which makes the inner breath go outside. So, fog can’t be created.

Question: if any parts of seaview snorkel mask is lost or broken, can it be replaced?

Answer: yes, but you have to buy it.

Question: can little kid use the snorkel mask?

Answer: it depends on his/her face size.

Question: how long I can be underwater with the snorkel mask at a time?

Answer: there is a top of the tube. You should keep it out of the water. You can breath till it is out of the water.

Question: how deep I can go with seaview full face snorkel mask?

Answer: you can go 6-8 feet under the sea. It is a surface mask. So, after that, you should stop.

Question: Can I use the camera with the mask?

Answer: yes. You can.

 Question: does this snorkeling mask contain any type of breathing tube?

Answer: No. it is the upgraded version. So, you don’t have to face any tube-related problem with it.

Question: what is the difference between Round panoramic lens and GoPro model lens?

Answer: you will find both of them with sea view full face snorkel mask. But the GoPro has Go Pro mount.

Question: will full face mask create any problem with long beard?

Answer: no. there will be no problem with beard.

Final verdict

seaview 180 snorkel mask review is one of the most exciting review what I am doing now. It gave me immense pleasure. I didn’t find any issues with it. I couldn’t feel actually that whether there is any breathing problem or not. My friend who had one also in his face, he had 1-inch beard and that didn’t make any problem. It is easy to adjust with face. If there is any problem with any part of the seaview mask, you can even tell them, replace them. Besides, the awesome view- worthy to remember! Want to enjoy it too? let’s take one

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