Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask review-Best In Every Place

You can ask that, there are so many snorkel masks in the market. Then why you will buy that one? Of course, you need snorkel mask to do snorkeling. But there is the three words- good, better and best in every place. It’s the same thing for snorkel mask too. You may choose something which is good, but there can be some better option for you. How is Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask better than the others? You must be crazy! What is not in there?A wide watching range, a very warm and huge room to breathe naturally; design for not making the mask foggy- all you will get here in one thing.

A wide watching range, a very warm and huge room to breathe naturally; design for not making the mask foggy- all you will get here in one thing. Even, its size will make you visible to the others too. So any type of crush won’t happen while driving. What? Do you want to know more about this one of the best full face snorkel mask? Let’s go for this easybreath snorkeling mask review then!

Important features of tribord snorkel mask

Wide 180-degree view

The most important thing for which you must buy this awesome full face snorkel mask is that it will give you the opportunity to enjoy a wide view of sea without any complication. You may want to dive for hours within the sea water. But how you can be there for much time if you can’t see enough? Make it easy! Use tribord full face snorkel mask and solve the problem. This sea diving will be one of the best experience of your life.

Natural breathing

Tribord full face snorkel mask is an easy breathing snorkel mask. With it you won’t feel anything different from taking breathe on the land. If you maintain the range of surface mask while diving, which is 5-6 feet, you can enjoy breathing just like the land in the water too. In snorkeling mask mouthpiece creates a problem and taking breathe through the mouth is tough. But you can settle all these matters down through only using easybreath snorkeling mask

Water draining facility

Sometimes water enters into the mask and doesn’t get drained easily. It creates a problem. If the little amount of water which comes into the mask just stay like what it was before it becomes problematic for a diver to take a breath or enjoy the diving. Of course, you can’t move properly or take your breath comfortable with some water into your mask. This snorkel mask has water drainage purge valve which makes sure that water is draining instantly

Dry top

Tribord snorkel has a dry top. So, no water comes from there. If you always face a problem about water leakage and water entering into your mask, you may like tribord mask for your next journey under the sea. It will relieve you from any type of issues like cleaning water from the mask. Besides, the dry top is so much visible that, anyone can notice it from far and can be aware of you. So, any crush won’t happen easily.

Guaranteed Fog-Free

All the people who love to do snorkeling, I bet, they always search for a mask which won’t create any type of fog inside the mask. And guess what? Tribord easybreath snorkeling mask will offer you exactly what you want. It has a double air-flow system in it. So, that prevents the mask from making fog in it. Just think about the crystal clear and wide vision from your snorkel mask under water without any fog. Are you not believing yet? Let’s try it once and check it!


  • Double Air-Flow System, which prevents the mask from fogging
  • It has dry top to prevent water from coming outside
  • Best for beginner or Kids
  • You can use it for long time with good care


Breathe free snorkel mask

What do you feel during underwater? Can you breathe well? Maybe you are laughing listening to my words. How can any person breathe properly in underwater? Yes! You are right. No one can breathe in underwater like on the land. But if you have an easy breath snorkel mask then there nothing to worry about. Now, you may question that what this type of mask really is. The answer is very simple. We can’t take breathe properly underwater only because we don’t have enough oxygen there.

But think of a mask which has a portion of the water which reaches oxygen to the snorkeler. Then everything becomes easy, doesn’t it? The top-rated snorkel mask will give you the opportunity to snorkel, it will give you the opportunity to breathe like you are on the land. So, what more you want? These breathe free full face snorkel mask will also make it sure that your mask is not becoming the prey of fogging!

So, without any tension to deposit fog on the lenses, without any tension of water leaking, breathing problem and anything, you now just can enjoy your snorkeling even after having breathing problem in the mask. So, when are you going to buy it?

What is the Right Size for Tribord?

There will be various sizes for tribord like-XS,SM,ML,L/XL. First, think which one will suit you.For this-

Measure the area between your top of the nose and bottom of the chin,with your mouth closed

  • If it measures less then 10 cm, choose size XS
  • If it measures less then  12 cm, choose size SM
  • If it measures More then 12 cm, choose size ML
  • If it measures More then  13 cm, choose size L/XL

If there is no space between your chin and the mask's  skirt, you've got the right size.


Question: Can I do deep dive with this mask?

Answer: No. If you go more than 5-6 feet, you will feel pressure. So, it’s better to stay close to the surface.

Question: Do they have Go Pro camera on the mask?

Answer: No. Though they have some mask with Go Pro camera, this model doesn’t have anything like this.

Question: Can I detach the breathing tube?

Answer: Yes, you can. It is detachable.

Question: From where it is manufactured?

Answer: It is manufactured from China.

Question: can I wear the mask with my beard?

Answer: Yes, you can. But it would be better if your beard is within 1-2 inch.

Question: Can I wear glasses with it?

Answer: No. You can’t wear any glasses with it. Otherwise, it can cause leakage.

Question: Does this snorkel mask has any secure lock?

Answer: Yes, it has a secure lock.

Question: Is tribord snorkel mask an original one?

Answer: Yes, it is the original tribord.

Question: Does this mask have any anti-fog quality?

Answer: Yes, it has.

Question: which sizes can feet women most among the different sizes of this mask?

Answer: Mostly, medium size can fit for women

Final verdict

Too much thinking is harmful to both mental and physical health. But thinking for something, which you will use for a long period of time, is a kind of investment. Full face snorkel mask is also something like that. Before buying it you should do proper research about it. But from where you get the information is, it will tell you clearly that tribord easybreath snorkeling mask is one the best mask you can ever get in the market. From kid to elder person, male to female- all can use it. Besides, you can enjoy many more facilities with it too. Want to make the best use of your money and get the most special experience underwater?

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