Pole Spear Vs Speargun: Which Is Best or Spearfishing?

Watching divers on videos throwing a pole spear to hunt fish is thrilling. Spearguns are also common in the spearfishing community. But which one should you choose between pole spear vs speargun as a beginner? We will get on that in a moment.

Pole spears are very simple. You just need to hold the band at the back of the pole or shaft to use it. But a speargun shoots spears with a trigger mechanism. They come in many different types.

In this write-up, we will explore the features of both these tools and help you choose the right one. Let’s get started.

What Is Pole Spears?

Pole spears tend to be the simplest fishing tool. A pole spear has three main parts, the shaft or pole, the tip, and the band. The shaft can be made of various materials. Some pole spears have a single tip, while others might have tri-tips.

An elastic band is positioned at the back so that you can stretch it and use it as a slingshot to throw the spear. When used properly, pole spears can hit a fish very quickly and effectively. If you are a beginner, you might need a bit of a learning curve to use pole spears.

What Is Speargun?

A speargun is nothing but a mechanical version of a spear. A long barrel is used in spearguns to house the spear. The trigger mechanism at the back of the gun works like that of a rifle and fires the spear instead of bullets.

Using a speargun will also take a bit of a learning curve, but it is convenient for beginners. They can quickly hit a fish with spearguns. The spears used in these guns have the same tip as pole spears. Let’s see what the features of this spearfishing gear are.

Features of Pole Spears

Here are some of the most common features a pole spear will have. Let’s introduce you to them.

  • A pole spear is very easy to use, even for absolute beginners. No complex mechanism is required for hand spear fishing.
  • Taking multiple shots is very easy with pole spears. If you can carry two polespears at once and hold your breath, you can quickly throw one after another.
  • It is easy to move under the water with pole spears. Though they are very long, the lightweight shaft will let you swim around easily without fatiguing your hands.
  • As there are no complex parts in a pole spear, it will require no maintenance. And the chances of it getting bad while fishing is almost zero.
  • Polespears are available at a very affordable price. As their construction is very simple, you will find a standard pole spear at a lower price than other fishing tools.
  • Though the length of pole spears is large, some models have collapsible sections to make transportation easier.
  • The range of pole spears is limited. So, you might not target a fish that is far away from you.
  • Lastly, if you don’t have enough practice, you might not hit the fish at all.

Features of Speargun

A speargun looks like a long-barrel rifle, but it actually fires spears with a trigger mechanism. Here are its features.

  • Spearguns usually have a long shooting range. So, you can catch fishes that are far away from you.
  • As the spear is fired with a gun, in this case, it will have great accuracy and hit the target fish at the right spot if you are good at shooting.
  • Taking sudden turns underwater is very easy with spearguns due to their smaller length. You can quickly move in any direction with one of these in hand.
  • Different types of fishing spears are available for spearguns. Some have floppers to hold the fish in place so that you don’t lose the fish due to movements.
  • As you don’t need to throw the spear with your hands over and over again, you can do fishing for longer with spearguns.
  • You need to maintain the speargun properly so that it doesn’t get jammed while fishing.
  • Spearguns are usually pricier than other spearfishing gear for beginners.
  • Taking more than one shot might not be possible with spearguns. You need to load the gun each time before shooting.

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Pole Spear Vs Speargun: What Are the Differences?

We will differentiate pole spear vs speargun based on several aspects. Check them out.


Spearguns are more accurate in hitting a fish when the fish is roaming at high speed. The shots will be more powerful than using a pole spear. Pole spear fishing tips usually have a single flopper. But the harpoons used in spearguns can have multiple floppers.

Number of Shots

It is possible to throw an additional pole spear just after shooting one quickly. But multiple shots aren’t possible with spearguns as you need to load them prior to shooting.


As spearguns throw spears at higher power, they will have a longer range than pole spears. Spearguns can perform excellently in deep water, while pole spears will be suitable for shallow water spearfishing.

Cost and Maintenance

Pole spears are very simple, with no moving parts. So, they will require no maintenance. You can buy them at a lower price than spearguns. But spearguns have some mechanisms inside, so they will cost more than pole spears. You should also maintain them properly to get good performance.


Using a pole spear for a long time will fatigue your hands. As spearguns hold the band of the spears, you can go fishing with them for longer.

Which One You Should Have?

Which one should you have between pole spear vs speargun? The answer will depend on several factors. You can definitely go for it if you have the budget to buy a speargun and enough knowledge to operate it. A speargun will make your spearfishing experience awesome.

And grab a pole spears if you are already familiar with underwater fishing and have the stamina to use spears. Using them might require some practice, so make sure you have a good hand at shooting spears.

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