Jet Fins vs Rocket Fins : What’s the Difference?

If you have ever thought of scuba diving, you should know one thing. A good scuba diving experience mainly depends on the swift and controlled movements in water, and such moves can only be possible with a perfect pair of scuba dive fins.

In this article, you will get a brief discussion on Jet and Rocket fins, the two most widely used fins globally.  Moreover, you will also get to know a comparative analysis on “ jet fins vs rocket fins.” Finally, you will get a proper guideline to choose the best fin for your diving experience.

So, without any delay, let’s dive into the world of two world-class diving fins.

What Is Jet Fins?

Jet fins are considered one of the first choices of scuba divers. It was first launched in the mid of twentieth century by SCUBAPRO manufacturers. 

In different scuba diving sectors like research vessels, dive boats, military diving, tech diving, and even in remote diving places, you will find Jet fins. Diving becomes more enjoyable with Jets for its excellent design and construction. 

Jet fin has got a longer blade. These fins are made up of rubber materials that give more extended durability.

Furthermore, Jets are specially designed to pass the water through vents. Jet fins come in different colors like black, white, green, pink, red, etc. Besides, various Jet fins are also available in M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL sizes.

In addition, the Jets have got rubber and spring heel straps. Both of these straps are self-adjustable. The spring straps are stainless. These straps help to keep a perfect fin position while moving your legs.    

How Do Jet Fins Work? 

Jet fins have a special working mechanism. The rubber construction material helps the divers quickly move the fins in the water.

Along with this, the unique vented design makes the upward dragging easier while providing more thrust on downstrokes.

This flexible and efficient up and down stroking process helps to move further smoothly.

Moreover, the adjustable heel straps provide ease in movements. 

What are Jet fins used for?

Jet fins are used for various types of work in different fields.

However, Jets are primarily used by deep-sea divers, military, commercial divers, tech divers, diving instructors, and tourists divers for recreational purposes.   

What Is Rocket Fins?

Rocket fins are another renowned scuba diving fin. It was also launched in the mid-20s in  North America. AQUA LUNG manufactures rocket fins. Primarily, these fins were used by military scuba divers. But at present, a large volume of divers in the versatile sector use it. 

The rocket fin has got a stiffer blade. Furthermore, rocket fins provide less flexibility than Jet fins. These are mostly suitable for people having larger feet. Rocket fins have an adjustable rubber strap. They have rectangular vents. Some rocket fins have a single hole on the tip. Their design material is rubber and comes in black color in different sizes.

How Do Rocket Fins Work?

The working principle of rocket fins are almost similar to the Jets. But due to the fin length and horizontal vents it is more suited to side stroke, breast stroke and flutter type swimming. 

Comparison chart

Among the large variety of diving fins available in the market, you might get confused to choose the best one for yourself. Among the different type of fins, jets and rockets are widely used in the world in multiple sectors.

However, if you have searched a little bit then these two might have already come to your suggestions. For your easier understanding a head to head comparison chart of  “jet fins vs rocket fins” is given below. The chart includes both similar and dissimilar properties.



Jet Fins

Rocket Fins






Blade Size




Vent Design Structure

Arched vents with horizontal holes

Rectangular vents (with single whole in some fins)


Heel Strap Material

Rubber and Spring

Only Rubber


Heel Strap Adjustability

Yes (for rubber strap only)




More than rocket

Lesser than Jet



Way more than rocket

Lesser than Jet


Color Variation

More variation than rocket

Only black


Size Variation







Rocket fins vs Jet fins: what are the key differences?

In a Rocket fins vs Jet fins discussion, the key differences between them are the most important thing. Although both the fins have got a number of similarities, there are some major differences. Let’s have a deeper look.   

Key Difference in Features :

  1. Durability: The main feature difference between Jet and Rocket is in durability. Jets have got way longer durability than rockets. Though both of them are made up of rubber, the quality construction of the design material makes the difference.  

  2. Flexibility: The blades of Jet fins are less stiffer than Rockets. For this reason, the Jets get more flexibility than the Rockets while moving. 

The difference in Vent  Design

One of the significant design differences between Rocket and Jet fin is their vents. Vents are designed for smooth, easy, and powerful  movement in the water. Jet fins vents are arched. Usually, 3-4 arches are present. There are some small holes horizontally aligned below the arched vents. Through these holes, water can pass while kicking. 

On the contrary, the rocket fin vents are rectangular. In general, 3-4 vents are present in a fin. In some rockets, there remains a single hole at the tip of the fins.   

The difference in heel strap

Another design difference is the strap. Although both have got a rubber strap which is adjustable with the feet size, only Jet fins have a spring strap.  

The difference in size and Color

The Jet fins have longer paddles than rocket fins. Jets also have more color variation than Rockets. Rockets come only in black.

What size jet fins should I get?

People often ask, “How do I know my fin size ?”. The answer is you have to match your feet size with the fin's standard size. Jet fin varies from Medium to 3XL which corresponds with the US men's size of 8 to 14. On the contrary,  the Rocket differs from shoe sizes 9 to 12+. 

Frequently Asked Questions

People often ask different questions related to a different type of fin diving, scuba diving, bodyboarding and snorkeling experience. Following questions and their corresponding answers might be helpful for you. 

What fins do Navy Seals use? :

Navy Seals use different type of fins. Among them Voit UDT Duck Feet Swim Fins , IST Deep sea scuba diving military fins – rubber Rocketand AquaLung rocket fins are notable.

How should rocket fins fit?

There is no special way to fit the rocket fin to your feet. The one and only option is to manage a fin which goes with your feet size. But mostly, rocket fins are suitable for larger feet. 

What are the best brands for jet fins and rocket fins?

Actually there is no straight forward answer to this question. Even you can Grab a Snorkel fins and it might fulfill your purpose. Because every brand has their own unique specialization. 

However, mares fins, Scubapro go fins, Scubapro Twin Jet Full Foot Split Fins, Aqua Lung Rocket Quick Release Diving Fin, Aqua Lung Rocket II Scuba Diving Fins, etc are widely used branded jet and rocket fins.

Which is the best fin for small feet?

For tiny-sized feet, Jets will be preferable. Because it has a spring heel strap as well as an adjustable rubber strap.

Suggest the best type of fin for bodyboarding and snorkeling ?

Churchill Makapuu, Kpaloa Waterman,  Viper Vector V5, Air Hubb and  Hydro Tech 2 etc are the best fins for bodyboarding. 

And for snorkeling Mares Superchannel Snorkel Fins ,Aqua Lung Express Snorkel Fins  , Scubapro GO Travel Snorkel Fins , Cressi Palau Short Fins, Mares Quattro Power Snorkel Fins, Sier Snorkel Split Fins  etc are renowned and  mostly used.

Which one should you buy ?

Firstly you should get the point that both Jet and Rocket fins are popular and widely used fins. Either of the fins will give you good experience while diving. Therefore, while you are going to buy you have to calculate based on your desired criteria and then decide. 

If you want to use the fin for a long period of time or you need a colorful fin or your feet are smaller in size then you should go with Jet fins. 

On the other hand, if you have larger feet and you want to use the fin for  sidestrokes, breast stroke and flutter type swimming then you should go for rocket fins. Furthermore, you can include and customize other criteria  for your own decision-making.


In the Jet fins vs Rocket fins discussion,  specifically one type cannot be declared as the best. On one side, we get Jet fins that are more durable, flexible and color variant. On the other side, we have rocket fins with movability, smaller in size with stiffer blades. Jet is suitable for tiny feet, and the rocket is good for longer ones.

Ultimately, you can only give your final verdict after using the fins practically.  Therefore, grab the fin you like based on our above analysis and dive into the new world !! 

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