Can You Breathe Underwater With A Snorkel Mask?

Snorkeling, the art of diving under the sea depths to enjoy that beautiful world that lies under the great water bodies. Have you dreamed of the same? Who hasn’t! I dreamed of going to the depths of the sea since I was a little boy. Thanks to my snorkeling father, I now have over 7 years of snorkeling experience under my sleeves.

But snorkeling isn’t easy and no one should lie to you that it is. While it’s a pretty cool experience when you have mastered the art, learning how to snorkel and reaching such pro levels requires patience, practice, and the desire to learn.

You will not only learn how to dive deep but also how to use the snorkeling gears properly. Additionally, you will learn how to choose the right snorkeling gears plus how to keep them in the best condition of their lives.

This is all important lessons that would be very easy if you read my previous article “How to Snorkel: Beginner Guide to Snorkeling" and learned a few vital basics of snorkeling that could easily save your life under water.

Nonetheless, that’s not our topic for the day. So let’s take a look at what we are here for - Can You Breathe Underwater with a Snorkel Mask?

Breathing Underwater with a Snorkel Mask

Since I became a trainer, I have received a number of questions that first-time snorkelers will usually ask. One very interesting one is this. Can You Breathe Underwater with a Snorkel Mask?

Yes, you can breathe underwater with a snorkeling mask. I have created this post to help you understand every word of it. So let’s hit the road!

Types of Snorkeling Mask

We have two types of snorkeling masks namely the traditional snorkeling mask and the full face snorkeling mask. Both of these masks will allow you to breathe underwater if you want to and here is how.

Breathing in a Traditional Snorkel Mask

Sincerely, I have seen quite a number of people drop snorkeling since they couldn’t master this art of breathing underwater. They were either scared to try or pushed themselves too hard to the edge.

If you are using a traditional snorkeling mask, you will have a breathing tube stuck up your mouth all through the time and you won’t be able to breathe normally too. This makes it difficult for many people to breath underwater using a traditional snorkeling mask.

It’s because of this that a full face snorkeling mask was designed to make things much easier for snorkelers to enjoy the underwater scenery while breathing much more effortlessly, comfortably, freely, and naturally

NOTE: A traditional mask uses a tube stuck in your mouth with its end above water. You have to inhale and exhale via this tube. Because of this, it is never uncommon to see water entering accidentally through the tube and choking snorkelers or newbies suffering jaw fatigue.

Breathing in a Full Face Snorkel Mask

Simply put, the full face snorkeling mask has been designed with an advanced technology that allows you to breathe normally (the same way you would breathe when walking along the sandy beaches with no mask on). Yes, you got that right!

The mask is designed to cover your entire face and that’s how it gets its name. This technique allows you to breathe easily through your nose and mouth and even do whatever you like. It is the modern mask technology that has taken snorkeling to a whole new level and made it easy for those who want to learn how to snorkel do it fast.

So has the tube been ditched?

Well, the tube is still intact; in any case, it’s the only way to get air to reach the mask. However, the tube is connected to the top of the mask rather than inside your mouth. This makes it easy to use. No more jawline fatigue, you can smile and take a photo, and absolutely no cases of chocking.

NOTE: The full face snorkel mask is the best for any newbie snorkeler. Indeed it is easy to use and you can control the air easily. Plus you have the freedom to move around without having to keep all your mind and concentration on the tube. Let’s just say it is the best option yet.

Can You Choke When Wearing a Full Face Mask?

Well, I wouldn’t call it choking but an accident and apparently, it is the one phobia that has pushed so many people away from learning how to snorkel.

Nonetheless, here is what you should know. A full face mask uses a dry anti-leak-seal at the top of the breathing tube. This seal will prevent water from getting in through the mask and thus keeping you safe.

Nonetheless, here is what you should know. A full face mask uses a dry anti-leak-seal at the top of the breathing tube. This seal will prevent water from getting in through the mask and thus keeping you safe.

How does the anti-leak seal work?

There is a ball that sits at the very top of your full mask snorkeling tube. It keeps the air valves sealed when you enjoy the underwater scenery and prevents any water from coming through. But if any water sips through, there is usually a drainage system under the mask that will expel it immediately.

This ensures that your breathing isn’t interrupted and that your mask will remain dry all through the experience.


It is true, a full face snorkeling mask will prevent you from choking but it doesn’t make you an immortal creature under the sea. While it will keep you breathing underwater normally and for long, you should use it properly (as instructed by the manufacturer). Use the full face mask for more freedom.

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