Best Kids Snorkel Set : Quick Reviews and Buying Guide (2022)

Snorkeling is an event that has a lot of fun both for adults and children. However, you need a snorkeling hardware to have the best experience for the event. Finding that hardware isn’t easy.

Furthermore, the snorkeling set for an adult cannot fit a kid.

One thing you also have to note is that if you look at any hardware for kids, you need to remember that kids are smaller and they are still growing.

You also need to make sure that you get the best equipment that is most comfortable for your child so they can make the most of their snorkeling experience.

Below we have compiled a review on the top best snorkel sets for kids. Also, we've included a buying guide that will help you know exactly what you should consider when buying one for your child.

Best Kids Snorkel Gear Comparison Table 


Lens Quality

Size For


1. Sevenger

Single-lens Mask

10 Years Old & Up

2. Us Divers

Tempered glass mask

6– 12 Years Old

3. Cressi junior

Tempered glass mask

6 – 13 Years Old


Tempered glass mask

5 – 11 years Old

5.Yitu Kids Snorkel

Transparent tempered glass lens

4 to 9 year old

6. Speedo Kid's Aqua

polycarbonate lens mask

3 to 8 year old

7.Promate Junior Snorkeling

Tempered glass lens

5 to 10 year old

8.Panda Superstore Kids

Tempered glass lens

4 to 12 year old

Our Recommended Best Kids Snorkel Set Reviewed 

When buying the best snorkel set for children, safety should be the primary concern. Poor quality hardware can result in water breach into the snorkel. This may cause your child to swallow water when snorkeling, which can lead to panicking.

I know you would prefer not to risk this with your child. So why not consider the below products.

1. Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set

At the point where the water is clear, you would prefer not to waste your time searching for the required hardware, and this is not different when it comes to your kids.

The Seavenger junior Snorkel Set accompanies a design merely packaged for its storage so that your kid can hit the shoreline in style. When on the beach and need to snorkel removing or accessing the mask, fins, and snorkel will be simple.

Seavenger’s junior Dry-Top Snorkel and Single lens Mask are the definitive snorkeling partner for your kids, no matter where they go.

With this, your kid will be able to drift to the surface for a gorgeous view of the ocean floor, or dive more in-depth for a more critical look – in any case; they need.

It should be considered among the perfect starter pack for children and adults. The first dive of your kid is an unimaginable ordeal that you must never overlook. To make the most of her/his memories, buy the high-quality, practical snorkeling gear that will not let you down like this one.


Quick Release Fin Buckles : No compelling reason to change the straps for each use: quick-release buckles keep the belt length your kid will set.

Single-lens Mask : Its mask is a single lens made from tempered glass that is Shatter-proof,  provides a bright, full field of view, while the flexible silicone skirt ensures a snug, comfortable fit.

Natural Feel : Its full flex segment will curve around the face of your kid to make the mask feel natural.

Ortho-conscious Mouthpiece : Flexible, hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece with nibble tabs for a secure fit.

Swivel Masks Buckles and Adjustable Strap Placement  : This implies that it will be possible to be adjusted where it is needed regardless of whether it was worn on low, high or just above the center of the head.

Snorkel Holder with Quick Release Button  : When your kid would want to separate the snorkel from the mask strap, it will use the quick release button.

Thumbs Up

  • Good field of vision
  • Comfortable to wear for a longer time
  • Fitting fins
  • Low price package

Thumbs Down

  • Shorter fins
  • Less claustrophobic

2. U.S. Divers Youth Buzz Junior Snorkeling Set

This snorkeling combo from US Jumpers includes everything your kid should do in his snorkeling ventures. The set consists of an array of Proflex fins that give your child the flexibility, development, and tolerability they need in the sea.

The splash guard embedded in the snorkel tube ensures that no water gets into the snorkel. Your kid will also find the pocket of the fins extremely comfortable to wear.

The snorkel is perfect for kids with smaller heads. It is equipped with a dry top technology that keeps the water out and retractable.

The set comes in different colors and sizes. The combo set also comes with a work bag, which is extremely useful for keeping most of the equipment in one place, which is excellent for traveling and storage.


2-Window Mask  : The 2-window treated glass lens mask includes a hypoallergenic skirt for extreme comfort and 3-way Pro-Glide buckles for easy in-hurry changes.

Top Dry Technology  : The junior snorkel set with dry-top technology is entirely underwater applicable. An easy-to-clean valve allows children to clean the snorkel easily. 

Hinge Flex Jr. Fins  : Like their adult partners, they highlight the Pivot-Flex technology, which reduces the level of vitality required - providing Snap and Push, while eliminating any leg problems usually associated with traditional fins.

Bag  : The accompanying carrying bag safely transports the snorkel set and also has a different mask pocket to protect the lens from scratches.

Thumbs Up

  • The energy saving dual blade fins
  • Great visibility from two mask window
  • Perfect for smaller feet
  • Quick and easy to adjust buckles

Thumbs Down

  • It leaks when not worn properly
  • Poor splash guard that can sometimes leak

3. Cressi Junior Rocks toddler snorkel set

If you have been looking for a snorkeling set that is affordable as well as the one of high quality, then don't bypass this set. The set comes with a tough tempered glass lens masks that are designed to last. Its adjustable buckles on the mask will also aid in achieving the perfect fit.

The set has an included splash guard that will help prevent the entrance of water that can suffocate your child. Splash guard will also help your loved one breathe freely and easily.

What about its fins? Your kid will find it easy to use as they are designed to short yet strong enough to deliver the required underwater impact.

With their open heel design and an adjustable strap that will make it fit your child, they are a guarantee to a powerful kick that will make your kid focus in water.

The set also comes in a bag that can be used during storage or while traveling.


2-Window Mask   : The mask has two windows embedded in a beautiful edge silicone skirt.

Tempered Glass Lens  : Lenses for the mask are made from tempered glass that guarantees a wide field of view.

Nose Pocket That Is Easy To Use  : This will help easily achieve ear equalization.

Splash Guard  : This will prevent water entry into the mask.

Soft And Replaceable Mouthpiece  : This will make it comfortable to snorkel underwater for several hours.

One Way Valve In The Mouthpiece  : This makes it easy to drain any water in the tube.

Easy To Use Snorkel Keeper  : It has an easy to use keeper that can be attached to straps.


Thumbs Up

  • Designed to fit both adult and children
  • Flexible fins
  • High quality tempered glass lenses
  • Properly working splash guard

Thumbs Down

  • Doesn’t last
  • Its fins slide off on a heavy kick

4. ELEMENTEX Naga Kids Snorkel Set

Being made and distributed by a well-known company, its quality cannot be doubted.  NAGA is a very famous brand when it comes to making snorkeling gear of high quality.

The Elementex set is one of their quality snorkeling gears. A set that comes with a tempered glass lens mask which is strong and lasts long. The mask is also designed well, to give the required protection from underwater debris, small stones, sand and objects from injuring your beloved one.

It has an inbuilt anti-fogging system that will ensure your kid achieves the best and clear view while underwater.

Designed to resist any scratching effect and with its design of single lens guarantees un-interruptible view underwater.

It is very small in size and can suit those who need it for traveling. Furthermore, it accompanies an easy to dry carrying bag that can be used for transport, organize the set or during storage.

Moreover, what makes it worth buying the product is that it has a backup of 90-day money back guarantee magnified with I year warranty. Below are some of its top-notch features.


Adjustable Silicone Straps  : They can be adjusted to fit any shape, face or size.

Silicone Mouthpiece  : Your kid will find it comfortable to hold on the mouth.

Short And Powerful Trek Fins  : The set comes with trek fins that are short yet powerful. They are designed to give the required resistance necessary during underwater movement. The fins also have adjustable straps that can be tightened to fit even those with small legs.

Tempered Glass Lens Mask  : This will keep the eyes of your kid protected while underwater. Furthermore, tempered glass lasts more.

Thumbs Up

  • Its fins are adaptable
  • An excellent purging system
  • Easily adjustable mask straps
  • Anti-fogging capability

Thumbs Down

  • Poor adjustment straps that can’t last
  • Not well designed

Our best snorkel set for 5 years old kids– Reviewed

We know, in the long run, they will grow into adults, and you will have to buy new equipment eventually. However, that cannot be an excuse not to buy a kid-specific snorkel set. Right?

Below you will find the best snorkel set for 5-year-old kiddos.

1. Yitu Global shop Kids Silicone Snorkel Set

At number two, comes a professional diving gear from the global shop. Kids Silicone Scuba snorkeling mask is suitable for kids between the age of 4 to 9 years old. Having a transparent tempered glass lens, strong and resistant to break, this anti-fog snorkeling mask is what you need for a kid.

The scuba diving snorkel mask has adjustable silicone strips that can cling to the head more firmly. Furthermore, there is a white buckle on both sides of the mask that can be applied to fix the strap. On opening the white clasp, you can adjust the strap, and on closing the buckle, the belt will be fixed.

It comes with non-toxic silicone nozzle and bleeds valve that gives comfort and helping escape of excess water. This scuba snorkeling mask is well equipped with the suction mechanism that keeps the entire mask dry.

Furthermore, it is designed to allow easy spiting of water out, if they somehow got in during snorkeling. The mask is made to take tortures with durable nylon build. You can rest assured passing it to your little champ.

However, its latching mechanism is not that best. There are some complains that after some use, it slips loose. Additionally, with its clear snorkel holder, if it gets off in the water, you may lose it.

Thumbs Up

  • Non-toxic silicone nozzle escapes excess water making it comfortable
  • Adjustable silicone strips make it more form fitting
  • Comes with sturdy, resistant and anti-fog tempered glass lens
  • Made of high-density nylon for durability

Thumbs Down

  • Though it is stripped, it does not fit well

2. Speedo Kid's Aqua Quest Snorkel Set 

The Speedo Kid's Aqua snorkel mask is ideal for any young water enthusiast of age between 3 to 8 years. Being a member of speedo dive family of products, what you get will be high-quality construction, perfect fit, and comfort for all-day water activities.

If your kid loves water activities, love to spend some time hanging out at the beach or poolside, you need a product that is fashionable to break the monotony, comfortable for all day activity, fun and functional.

Luckily, the Speedo Kid's Aqua snorkeling mask is what you need looking for such qualities. It is a high-quality mask made with the latest technology suitable for your kid.

With this bright colored Speedo Kid's Aqua snorkel mask, your kid is guaranteed to have many hours of enjoyment while diving and exploring underwater objects. Nonetheless, it is made from plastic thus does not allow free movement. This can cause uncomfortable experience for some kids.

The Speedo Kid's Aqua snorkeling mask for kids is not only for race suits and competitive swimming but also for leisure and family activities. Even if your kid is an elite swimmer or just an amateur, comfort, fitness and more fun is what she/he will get from this mask.

Thumbs Up

  • Comes with an elastic band to ensure perfect fitting
  • Comfortable for all-day activity
  • Good for race suits and swimming competition

Thumbs Down

  • The bands are made of hard plastic, and when adjusting for the perfect fit, it can be difficult.

3. Promate Kids Snorkel Gear

If your kid got injured when participating in water activities and you have been looking for the solution, then Promate is what you should buy. The Promate snorkeling mask is 100% dry snorkel reinforced with tempered glass for safety. Herein, a low profile valve automatically seals to create a fully dry mask.

It is a high quality, stylish looking snorkeling mask that comes with a durable and lightweight blade. Its drag reducing jet vented open heel design, and small-sized silicone mouthpiece makes it comfortable for kids between the ages of 4 to 9 years.

Furthermore, its adjustable silicone mask strap with quick reset buttons makes it secure for kids. Most snorkeling masks has a problem of purged bubbles that interfere with the direct and clear view, but with the patented channel skirt design, the purged bubble in this mask will be directed away from view.

It also offers a comfortable fixture from its over-molded soft frame and excellent visibility from its ultra-low volume single lens design.

Storing this mask after water activities will not be a problem as it has foldable buckles that can be adjusted for compact storage. Furthermore, the buckles are user-friendly, and your kid will find easy to fold.

Thumbs Up

  • Small sized mouthpiece to fit kids under the age of 10 years
  • The over-molded soft frame provides a comfortable fixture
  • Excellent visibility from its ultra-low single lens design
  • 100% dry snorkel

Thumbs Down

  • This mask is tough to loosen or tighten. Furthermore, getting it on or off is also difficult for kids.

4. Panda Snorkel set for 4 years Old Kid

To end our list, here comes a perfect backup snorkel mask for kids of between the ages of 4 to 12 years. This dry gulf snorkel has a hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece suitable for this age of users.

It arrives in a set with 2–window diving mask having expanded top-to-bottom viewing with the 100% submersible dry top Gulf snorkel. The panda snorkel set comes in a compact design that can be folded to fit in the pocket or small carrying bag easily.

The comfort of this snorkeling mask comes from the contoured barrel, which is ergonomically shaped always to ensure correct positioning. It is equipped with a hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece suitable for kids of under the age of 4 to 12 years. This means a plus for kids with allergic issues.

From its full-flex section and one-way purge valve, the snorkel will always be clear adding to the comfort experience of the user. Your kid will have no purged bubble or obstacle interrupting in his view.

Its ergonomically shaped contoured barrel guarantees correct positioning at all times during water activities. That is what the manufacturer claims. But in reality, there are complaints that it is not good enough for proper positioning.

Thumbs Up

  • Clear snorkel mask from its full-flex section
  • Ergonomically shaped contoured barrel
  • Hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece
  • Compact design for easy storage

Thumbs Down

  • Contoured barrel is not enough for correct positioning

Things to Consider while Shopping

Below are the main things to keep in mind while buying for a snorkeling set for your little kiddos.


You can get the best snorkel set for kids of different sizes. They are designed for different age groups.

It is very crucial to choose the set that will fit your kid.  Settle on the one that fits well and causes no leaking.

Choose A Fitting Snorkel

A well-fitting snorkel is essential as it is the hardware that keeps water out of your mouth. You may need to consider getting a self-cleaning set that will enable your kid to clean any water that comes in unintentionally. Another alternative is to buy a dry snorkel that keeps the water out.

Also, you have to put in mind that your kid is still growing and with time will not fit in that set. So when choosing, don't settle on the one that is too tight.

The Flexibility of The Fins

You also need to think about the flexibility of the fins. Why this? Because the flexible one will help minimize the water resistance, thus suitable for beginners.

Mask Frame

In most cases, you can find two types of snorkeling mask for kids; namely frameless or framed.  When you choose a framed mask, you will easily disable and repair in case of a problem.

Mask Skirt

This is another point of consideration; the style of the skirt will determine how well it will fit your face. The better the fit, the fewer holes you have.

You will find that good quality snorkeling masks have got aprons made of silicone material. Silicone is known for having good recovery quality.

Mask Bands and Buckles

The mask is often worn with a silicone tie to hold the mask and ensure a good fit. I would recommend you to replace it with a neoprene "whip" so it does not break out of your hair and get in and out more easily.

Cheaper snorkeling masks in most cases come with cheaper buckles and to adjust some of them is hard.

You have to know that, the key application of the straps is to make it easy when tightening or loosening, so in case of too tight or too loose, it can leak.

Defogging Feature

For better viewing of your boy when underwater, you need to consider a set with the defogging feature. Remember the primary intention of diving underwater is to see and experience the underwater world. So if there is an unclear view, it will result in a bad experience.

Lens Quality and Visibility

Again as I said, the primary reason why your kid might want to dive in the amazing underwater life. If the aiding equipment has poor visibility through water, your kid will not have the actual underwater experience.

So you need to choose the set with high-quality lenses which are in most cases made of plastic or glass.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any particular way to clean snorkeling gear?

No special ways. To clean your gear after every use, rinse off using clean water. You can also use light washing detergents that are easily found at home. Leave your gear to dry before storage.

2. Is snorkel set right for diving?

Yes, if you know how to snorkel that is possible, though this depends on the quality of the set you have. For good quality, will prevent any water from entering the mask and you can dive as much as you can.

3. How much is a snorkeling set?

There are many sets with different features that decide the price. So depending on your specification for fins, mask, lenses and carrying bag, you will pay differently.

4. Where can I get the best snorkeling set?

The best snorkeling gear can be purchased through online. Though read reviews before making any decision.

5. How can I know if the mask will fit my kid?

The recommended thing to do is to take your kid to the shop and taste if the kit fits. For the online purchases, consider the size prescribed by the manufacturer.

Wrapping up

Here we reach an end of our recommended and best snorkeling sets for kids.

Though you might be having other preferred sets that are marketed for junior or kids, the above will remain to be the best according to those who have used it.

One thing you have to keep in mind as a parent is that, some brands are cheap and can confuse your decision. The safety of your kid is paramount. Herein, the above kits will guarantee the safety of your kids, and you can also consider our reviewed snorkeling vests.

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