Water Socks vs. Water Shoes: What You Should Know

Have you ever stepped on a sharp pebble while strolling barefoot along the beach? If you have then you must definitely understand why it’s important to protect your feet out there. In this post, I will point out two very much important beach footwear.

I will look at water socks vs water shoes and basically explain the main difference between the two. In addition to that, I will leave you with the basic tips when buying them. So take a back seat and let’s get started.  

Water Socks vs Water Shoes: The Design

I will start us off with an obvious concern most people have when buying either of the two. I will start with the main differences between water socks and water shoes. They are simple and we should be done in no time

Water Socks

Water socks are also known as aqua socks. They look more or less like your everyday socks. However, unlike the regular socks that might be made out of heavy cotton fabric aqua socks aren’t.

On the contrary aqua socks are often made out of long-lasting materials such as lycra or neoprene. They will also be available in different heights. Personally, I have used the ankle-high design.

However, I also know of high-tops designs. Water socks are really cool and some designs will even come with adjustable ankle cuffs. Such cuffs are super cool and will help you to adjust the sock’s fit.

They will also help you to hold up your socks while walking along the beach or even when swimming.

Water Shoes

Water Shoes are slightly different from the aqua socks. They come with soles which are made out of rubber and also mesh top.

Their sole are often designed from flexible rubber. They are designed to promote the ideal comfort and excellent traction, especially when on wet surfaces.

And since they come with mesh tops, water shoes are known to provide epic breathability. The mesh top also allows water shoes to dry pretty fast.

The holes around the meshed top will also allow water to quickly flow in and out of the water shoes so that they never remain water-logged at any time.

NOTE: Water shoes also come in some of the simplest designs to use. So, in case, you don’t want anything sophisticated you can always choose the slip-on design. These are usually perfect for walking and swimming.

And if you are into intense activities such as hiking, crossing streams, and even shallow rocky rivers, you will find the laced-up water shoes.

The Use/ Purpose

Water socks and water shoes are used for some specific purposes and also activities and this brings about another difference.

Water Socks

Water socks were primarily worn by the snorkelers. They were used to prevent their main snorkeling fins from ever rubbing against the skin of their feet. This is because excessive rubbing would easily result in chaffing and finally extremely painful blisters.

 In addition to that, high-top water socks were also designed to be worn together with the low-cut water shoes so as to provide additional protection. Most people used them to keep jellyfish stings at bay and any other similar hazards

Water Shoes

Water shoes are worn when strolling along the beach. They will also work well when swimming, paddle boarding, or when hiking on wet rocky areas.

They are best for water activities and out of water activities too. More importantly, water shoes are the all-round gear and that’s why they are recommended for kayaking and other camping trips.

Buying Guide : Water Socks and Water Shoes

When it comes down to buying the perfect water socks and water shoes there are a few considerations you will have to make. They include the following.

Understanding Your Needs

Depending on what you are looking at, it’s important to understand that these two water gears offer various features. From long-lasting use, better comfort level, to the warmth underwater it is important to know what you need. Assess your needs and finally come up with what is suitable for that.

Check the Quality of the Gear

High-quality water gears are important. They will perform better and more importantly provide you with better traction. They will keep your feet safe and leave you with a long lasting buy. Therefore always buy quality.

The Size of Your Feet

Irrespective of the water gear that you buy, you will always require the perfect fit. It is therefore very important that you get the right size. Check the size of the footwear in case you are buying online. Also, take a look at the manufacturer’s specifications before buying.

Find the Right Price

It doesn’t pay when you milk your pockets dry simply because you needed water socks. Well, I appreciate your passion for the sport. However, it is very important that you purchase wisely. Make sure you always find hind end designs with the most affordable pricing


Now you have it all laid down for you. the main difference between water socks vs water shoes. You also have an easy guide on how to choose and buy the two. So don’t wait anymore, walk out there and get your first water socks today.

One thing though; make sure that you take your time to choose. You can always buy online where prices and designs are easy to compare. 

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