Best Snorkeling in Thailand: Top Snorkeling Locations to Go With

All over the world, there are great snorkeling locations that you can visit. So, if you are in love with snorkeling, carrying your best snorkeling gears whenever you are on a trip would be an awesome choice to make. You never when a scuba diving opportunity could knock. If you happen to visit Thailand, here are super cool locations that you can easily enjoy the best snorkeling in Thailand from.

Koh Nang Yuan

Found in Koh Tao the Koh Nang Yuan actually consists of 3 major islands that sit at the northeastern side of Koh Tao’s tip.

At Koh Nang Yuan, the coral reef is usually the perfect combination of soft and also hard coral. The area has shallow reefs and has been hailed as one of the top snorkeling places in Thailand.

However, be ready to spend a little extra as the island is privately owned. Nonetheless, many people who have been here before agreeing it’s a small price compared with the type of experience that you will walk out with.

Ao Mae Yai Bay

Located in Koh Surin Nuea this cool bay forms one of the five outstanding islands that actually makes up the famous Surin Islands.

Ao Mae Yai Bay is in the Andaman Sea and is indeed one of the most remarkable dive sites all over the world.

It is also under the supervised protection of marine experts usually from the nearby Marine National Park, Mu Koh Surin.

Once you get here, you can never have enough of the awesome surrounding coastlines and beaches which have actually remained pristine.

And while every area is cool for snorkeling around here, one island that stands out is Ao Mae Yai Bay as a striking home of the notorious clownish.

Maya Bay

The girlish name must have been sought after a beautiful maiden, or so I want to believe. This bay is simply breathtaking.

It is known as one of the favorite shooting spots form some of the blockbuster movies in the world and has been frequented world over.

It is the one place that will guarantee you the best snorkeling in Thailand in December, and thanks to its easy to find the geographical location in the Koh Phi Phi, almost everyone can find it too.

The beach enjoys a great stretch of over 200 meters long. It is made up of nothing but coral and is uniquely surrounded by the best towering cliffs that you will witness in a long time.

The cliffs are covered with greenery and foliage on their three sides which makes the site quite remarkable.

Aow Leuk Beach

For the best snorkeling in Thailand 2019, many people who came to Thailand knew better than to go back without a peak at the Aow Leuk Beach.

This was another cool snorkeling spot for people who happened to be in Koh Tao. Known as the turtle island, Aow Leuk Beach will present you with the most memorable opportunity for the turtle lovers.

All you have to do is be in the right place at the right time. In fact, you should start this memorable trip by visiting the southwest coast.

There are usually many areas around the beach where you can grab some snorkeling gears at a low cost and hit it off with this super cool beach.

And since the coral reef is one of the shallow ones, you can also use this opportunity to enjoy your very first ever snorkeling lesson right beneath the crystal clear water surface.

Ao Niang Bay

This is without a doubt Koh Kradan’s most famous snorkeling location. It is literally a pretty small island that sits at the southeastern part of the Koh Lanta.

It is one of the most spectacular sights that you will behold whether under water or out of it. Typically, the island forms part of the Hat Chao Mai National Park.

Due to this, the bay is indeed natural, untouched, and unpolluted. This makes it super ideal for every visitor who needs the quietest island in Thailand and the best snorkeling in Thailand cost.

It is a coral galore that comes with so many marine life to behold especially for people who just want an experience of a lifetime.

Best Snorkeling in Thailand In June

However, if you a guy who wants to take some time off around the midyear, Thai’s snorkeling locations don’t leave you to dry. There are many other ideal places that you can also look out for. They include the following.

Koh Lan

Koh Lan; best known as the Coral Island, is indeed the largest and possibly most stunning snorkeling beach.

You are good to go any time of the year and you will get tons of enjoyment even with the city too. It is celebrated and with a history of memorable snorkeling experiences.

 This one might take you slightly under one to find if you are using the ferry but once you do, the party will never end.

Kata Beach

Snorkeling in Thailand Phuket has never been easier. Thanks to Kata Beach you can always have an all-year-round snorkeling experience to die for.

The beach is located at the Phuket and ideally takes the trophy home for the most revered snorkeling experience around Phuket.

It has the very best underwater views that you really don’t have to break the bank to actually enjoy.

Its spectacular white sand is naturally decorated by palm trees for a secluded beach experience away from the hassles of life.

 Believe it or not, but if you need some time to think, this mile-long beach will actually give you the serenity to do so.


Choosing the best snorkeling in Thailand in November isn’t such a big deal as there are many locations to visit; same to other months of the year. Just remember to get the best snorkeling gear and keep yourself safe under water. I suggest taking a few lessons prior to visiting Thailand for the most memorable snorkeling on Oahu.

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