Octobermoon snorkel mask review: Should You Get It Or Not?

The interesting thing is, this awesome full face mask doesn’t have any link with October. But yet, you can go for octobermoon full face snorkel mask. This snorkel mask also will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sea view with the 180-degree angle. You will get the opportunity to take the pleasure of wide view. And that is also under water! Its design will let you be more comfortable underwater without any problem while breathing. It obviously feels better to enjoy the water in front of your eyes without the fear of getting water in you, isn’t it? And if you are a sea lover, that will certainly make you feel good to be around with your favorite place, a favorite creature with some new adventure every day. You have known so much about the octobermoon mask. But before choosing anything permanently, you need to know it much more, much better. How? Let’s take a look at the octobermoon Snorkel Mask review.

Whom is this product designed for?

This new type of full face snorkel is designed for the surface divers. Both adult and kid can use it.

Important features Of Octobermoon Snorkel Mask

Wide view underwater

Like the other 180 degrees wide front side, you can watch the sea life very carefully with this full face diving mask. A wide view of 180 degrees! What more you want to have your full face snorkel mask? If you want to go close to the inner life of sea for some moment, it can help you regarding the issue. You don’t have to snorkel with a mouthpiece. You will be able to breathe using both nose and mouth.

Fit for everyone

It becomes a matter of pain when you can go for a diving, but your little kid can’t go. It becomes risky for him/her to go to the sea without any perfect snorkel mask. But guess what? You don’t have to think much about it now. From now with the new snorkel mask, you can enjoy the wave and view of the sea with your kid too. octobermoon full face snorkel mask fit to the kid’s head too. you can fit it like how you want.

Anti-fog technology

Like the previous full-face snorkel mask, octobermoon snorkel mask also can work as an anti-fog product. It won’t let you feel any foggy view in front of you. You can see the clear view of seawater for hours and hours. For this, you just have to keep your tube over the water. Then, your breath will go up with the pipe and nothing like fog will be there.

Comfortable design

This full face mask will make you feel so much comfortable that, you will forget the presence of anything around your face. For all these, you just have to choose the right shape of the mask and put it into your face. That will make you feel like, you are under the water and without anything more on your face. So, choosing it for you may be a matter of confusion in many ways, but the octobermoon full face mask will, of course, give you the more comfortable.

What We liked

  • It is kids friendly.
  • No issues about holding the mouthpiece
  • It has a self-drain system
  • It has a fog-resisting design
  • You can’t even feel about your mask

What We didn't like

  • Over tight. It makes the mask to leak. So, don’t over tighten it.
  • No salt preventing technology. So, the salty water may do harm to your mask
  • It doesn’t have best underwater viewing
  • You can only do surface diving through the mask


Question: Does it do any problem or leak with facial hair?

Answer: No, it doesn’t leak for facial hair. You can use it safely with facial hair.

Question: Is the snorkel has a dry too?

Answer: Answer: yes, it has. So, no water can get in..

Question: How many sizes are there of octobermoon full face snorkel mask?

Answer: It offers both small for the kid, medium (mostly for women) and L/XL size for men. You can adjust it to your face when you will want.

Question:  Can I wear eyeglasses with it?

 Answer: Yes, you can. But that will depend on which type of glasses you are wearing.

Question: Does this mask have any option to fit Go Pro camera with it?

Answer: Yes, it has.

Question: Can I fold the snorkel?

Answer:  You can fold the main shaft. But if you want, you can fold the mouthpiece

Question:  Does this snorkeling mask has any Go Pro mount with it?

Answer: No, it doesn’t have.

 Question: Is it difficult to remove snorkel for transport?

Answer: No, you can remove it very fast and without any complex.

Question: Can I go for a free dive with this snorkeling mask?

Answer: No, you can’t. you can only do a surface dive with it.

Question: How much deep I can go with this mask?

Answer:  You can go deep, but it would be risky. You should dive in the surface

Question: can my 6 years child wear any mask of you?

Answer: No, normally the face of a six-year child doesn’t fit with the mask.

Final verdict

Life is a matter of options and of course, you will get so many options here to enjoy. You have to choose from them that which one you will get and which one you don’t want. Maybe, that can make some difficulties in your life, maybe your choice is not fully perfect for you. But it is only the matter of trying. You can try. The same word goes for the octobermoon full face snorkel mask too. It is a very simple snorkel mask rather than the others. But with it, you can also enjoy your sea traveling in full swing! So, yeap! After reading this octobermoon Snorkel Mask review you can keep this full face snorkel mask on your list too!

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