Easy Snorkel Mask 180° Full Face Mask Review-Enjoy Your Marine Life

Which countries have you visited till now? Have you gone to the beaches of those countries? Does your country have any sea? Have you gone for it anytime? Maybe, you are laughing in your mind after listening to these questions. But, wait! There is no funny thing here. Maybe, you have gone to the beaches. But I bet, you will realize how much you missed it, the beauty of it after doing your snorkeling with the Easy Snorkel Mask! What type of mask is it?

I guarantee you that it is the best type of the market. And yes, maybe it is that type of mask what you wanted to get from your first day of snorkeling.

Important Features Of Easy Snorkel Mask

The full vision of the sea

Do you want to get the full vision of the sea? Do you want to be in the water like you are a part of it? Then, Easy full face Snorkel Mask will make you at home fully! This diving mask will give you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the sea and sea animals properly.

Breathing facility

Are you getting fear from the sea mask only for that, you can’t breathe naturally? There is nothing to have tension. Just, put the mask on your head and yes, you don’t have to do any practice before that! You can enjoy the natural breathing through both the mouth and nose. Isn’t that amazing to get breathing facility underwater just like you used to get on the land? This awesome mask will let you enjoy this thing too!

Dry snorkel

Think a situation, where you are underwater and suddenly you get hit by anything. Maybe you find out that the tube through which you were taking the air is full of salty water. Now, what you will do? And if the first incident happens with you, you will not get the opportunity to do anything! So, for your better safety, this full face mask has dry snorkel system in it.

This technology will provide you air in any case if your snorkel mask is full of water. You don’t have to panic. It will support you till you won't be out of the water and be safe. So, what can be the best opportunity to be safe underwater than that?

Anti-fogging structure

Yes, the irritating thing what you always face during snorkeling, you will get the solution of the problem to the Easy full face Snorkel Mask. You don’t have to worry about fog deposit into the mask during the sea traveling time. You are in the sea water to enjoy the view of it and easy snorkel know it the best.

They have tried to create breathing chamber through which it can help the diver to get rid of this problem. If you use this mask, there will be no fog in the mask during your snorkeling. You can swiftly take you're breathing and be in the sea as long as you want!

Longtime snorkeling

Isn’t that boring if you have to go out of the water within some moment after getting into it? Thus, you won’t be able to enjoy the water, the sea, your snorkeling or anything! So, now just get out of all these things and be in the water as much as you want through the Easy full face Mask 180° mask.

This will provide you now 33% increased time frame to be underwater. Is not that awesome? Yes, it is! And with it, this won’t take much from you! So, just enjoy more fun time within the water with your family!

No leaking

Every snorkel mask has a problem with the simple issue of leaking. Full face snorkel mask is for not to get drowned by water, isn’t it? But, the problem happens if you get leaking problem with the breathing tube or any portion of the mask. But I ensure you that, the mask quality is very good. You don’t have to get panicked about leaking!

Easy to use

Everyone wants something simple, something which will be easy to put in. who wants to wait in front of blue sea water? Here Easy full face snorkel will help you out. You just have to put it on your head. There are no buckles, hair issues or anything. Even, it’s materials are good, you will get the skirt soft. So, you won’t feel any problem during snorkeling

For Whom is this product designed?

Easy Snorkel Mask is designed only for you! If you are reading this article, obviously, it will make you feel that the snorkel mask is appropriate for any person who loves to do snorkeling.


  • Easy full face Snorkel Mask 180° full face snorkeling mask gives a very wide view
  • It is an anti-fogging mask
  • You can easily breathe in it
  • It won’t leak
  • It is easy to use
  • You will have so many options in it
  • You can be in the water longer
  • It has a dry snorkel in it


  • You cannot drive freely
  • Takes a lot of space


Question: How long I can dive with it underwater?

Answer: you can dive 8 to 10 inches with it.

Question: Can I use my prescription glasses into the mask?

Answer: No, you can’t do it. Otherwise, the mask will leak.

Question: Can I detach and attach the snorkel during my traveling?

Answer: Yes, it is easy to detach and attach

Question:  If I have a 1-inch beard, will the mask start leaking?

 Answer: It is not that type of problematic regarding beard. But, you can tighten the strip, so that any problem doesn’t occur.

Final verdict

In the market, you may have choices. Choices about everything else, choices about snorkel mask too.You may heard about ocean reef or seaview and of course those are quality product bt it is that one which has earned the heart and good review from every user.

It’s definitely tough to make everyone happy with your product, doesn’t it? But Easy full face Snorkel has done it! For me, that is the awesome thing. It may be the best mask I have ever used till now. Though I had to ensure that it properly fit my face! I am happy with Easy Snorkel Mask. What about you?

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